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  • An unrelated note on cholesterol
A few days ago I completed a second book The First Requisite: Natural Breathing. The book is being formatted and edited but prior to publishing I’m looking for feedback on the content as well as input on the title.
While diet is important what has been largely overlooked both in the East and of course the West is the importance of proper, natural breathing. Without effective breathing the efficiency of assimilating nutrition, hydration and rest are impacted. Life and daily living are disturbed.
I was simply amazed when this relatively simple insight became clear to me – proper breathing support everything – improper breathing diminishes everything. Headaches, worry, anger, toxicity, lack of energy, poor sleep, all stem from improper breathing!
In addition to the importance of this synergy of breathing, hydration, assimilation, and rest, natural breathing infuses Life into physiology, as well breathing removes toxicity.
But the book is not just theory: there are a number of protocols for proper breathing, as well as breathing exercises (for weight loss, and another for cooling physiology), and a chapter on Vedic Exercise. The book is only about 15,000 words.
If you are interested in contributing a pre-read and providing feedback I will send you an e- copy.
A Note on Cholesterol
I’ve told everyone on the planet about my cholesterol level dropping significantly a few years ago. My doctor was amazed that after 10 years of high normal levels it dropped about 10%. He quizzed me on what I was doing differently. My answer was that I was doing everything pretty much the same: exercise, diet, life style, relationships.
Some time later I was talking with a friend about the change and it occurred to me that I had switched from homogenized milk to non-homogenized milk, or, as it is coming to be known, cream top, or standard milk. (This is highly recommended in Ayurveda but I stubbornly about it being nonsense.)
Recently I had the yearly physical and another unusual reading came up. My genetic background is one that results in low “good cholesterol” readings. It is a commonly held belief within the medical profession that low readings are a given and not going to change. My good cholesterol went up 17% over this past year. This is good news for me of course, but it is good news in what it implies about cream top milk. It is also good news in what it implies about managing genetics.  
My very best wishes to you and to your families during the Holiday Season and throughout the New Year.
Paul Colver
November 28, 2014
Qualicum Beach, B.C.
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