, Natural Breathing Workshop Nov 21st: Ayurvedic Cooking Class Nov 10th Parksville
The November 10th cooking course is a go with 6 enrolled and room for 4 more. This is the last cooking course I will be teaching in Parksville (as far as I know) as I am moving in December.
Also included below is a poster for the Natural Breathing Workshop Nov 21st at BareRoots Health and Yoga Center. While it is true that food is a large component in creating vitality, the breath is equally important. BareRoots is beautiful, new facility put together by Crystal McMillan. Hope to see you on the evening of the 21st.
 Best wishes, for a super Holiday season, Paul Colver
Ayurvedic Cooking
With Paul Colver
Author of The Aging Reversal Course
Sunday November 10th in Parksville,
10am - 2pm
Enjoy Breakfast
Cook and enjoy Lunch at 1pm
Chai will be Served
Course location is in Parksville. Course Fee $60.00.
Small Class Size – Bring a Friend – Register at or
Discuss individual taste requirements
& the Key principles of Ayurvedic Cooking
Create Personalized Spice Churnas
Learn to cook Ghee, Paneer, Dahl and more
Discuss wellness, vitality and weight management
Visit for recipes  
Bring an apron, notebook, food containers,
knife and cutting board, and comfortable footwear.
Recipes will be emailed after the course.
(See Recipes from the last course on the website.)
Without proper diet medicines are of no use
            With proper diet medicines are of no need.
                                                             Ayurvedic Proverb

·        Cooked apple/and or pear, raisin, spiced with whole cloves
·        Barley with sweet spices and milk
·        Blanched almonds
Chutney (to be decided)
       Carrots  and Fennel in whey with spice churna
       Red lentil dahl with spice churna
       Basmati rice with cilantro, raisins and cloves
       Paneer and Greens
       Roti, and fritters
       Lime water
Yogurt or buttermilk lassi spiced to suit: cumin, salt , saffron, or honey etc.
       To be decided. Likely fruit and whipped cream.
(Menu subject to change - if there are allergies and/or taste preferences let me know well in advance.)
Classes are small – max 10, currently 6 are registered.
Natural Breathing for a Rich and Healthy Life: An Ayurvedic Approach
Natural breathing calms the emotions, and cleanses and invigorates.
During this evening workshop look for fatigue to dissipate and the mind to become clear.
Join us November 21st, 7 to 9 pm for an evening with Paul Colver,
Author of The Aging Reversal Course:
An Ayurvedic Approach
 to Wellness and Vitality.
Bare Roots Natural Health & Yoga Center
203-891 Island Hwy W (at the French Creek Shell Station)
Register early at Bare Roots to ensure your space!
250 954 2273
$16 per person
•     We will explore the body’s instruction manual for breathing.
•     Breathing techniques for restful breathing; assimilating nutrition; exercise; effective speaking; and for inviting Silence, will be presented.
•     The Buddhist saying, “The breath is the pulse of the mind,” is particularly relevant to this evening’s presentation.
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