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Ayurveda Notes November 17th,2015
Bringing Ayurveda into
your Cooking
Saturday December 5th
10am - 3pm
In Parksville
Doors open at 9 for breakfast  
Chai to be served
Help prepare Lunch and Enjoy
Learn to make Ghee, Paneer, Dahl, Chutneys and more.
Determine your Taste Requirements.
Create Personal Spice Churnas.
Wellness, Vitality and Weight Management
are also a focus of the day.
Bring an apron, notebook, food containers,
Knife, cutting board, and comfortable footwear.
Small Class Size. To register email
Course Fee $100.00.
 (See Recipes from previous courses on )
All readers are welcome to phone in for a brief conference call later in the month on Resetting Digestion. At that time decide whether to engage in three days of eating light meals at specific times in order to rekindle the digestive fires. Everyone is welcome to the call from anywhere on the planet as the resetting is done in the privacy of their home.
Contact Paul Colver at
see below
Rekindling Digestion
This is a good thing to do for yourself even if digestion is strong and normal. What is required is to follow fairly light diet and have available three days where activity is light and rest is possible. Friday for example could be a work day and then Saturday and Sunday to complete the process.
I’ll set up a conference call for those interested to find out what is involved. For those that want to go ahead I’ll talk with each of you in a private call. email 
Rekindling is done in the privacy of your home.
A few weeks after the New Year I’ll do another conference call for those interested in learning a mild but very effective cleanse. This cleanse could be done without doing the Rekindling but I recommend you do both if possible. The minimum time required is 5 days but it is better to schedule a week where activity is light and rest is possible. (Yes a week is a long time to be on slow mo but how long does a sickness last? Once you have learned how to do the Rekindling and the Oleation you can repeat them on your own each year or as necessary.
Cost for Cooking Class is $100.00.
The conference call is free other than your long distances charges.
The fee for the Rekindling is $75.00. The fee for the Oleation is the $75.00.  
I recommend all three of these for maximum benefit but any of the three is far better than none of the three.

VIU Aging Reversal course began Thursday, November 5th and is another exceptional group of participants. What fun.   
This will be the 12th time I have taught the Aging Reversal course at Vancouver Island University Elder College and my experience has been that the most passionate and committed to health people show up for the class. Over the course of six weeks these folks make tremendous strides in understanding how to pleasantly manage their physiology. They feel better. They look better. Next Fall email  regarding the Aging Reversal course.
I m not sure if there will be another newsletter this year. If not, best wishes throughout the holiday season and for a Happy New Year.
Paul Colver

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