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This nonsense of killing off 99.99 percent of the bacteria is hugely destructive be it in the mouth or the gut. I've recommended ayurvedic toothpaste which discourages the bad bacteria, and supports the good bacteria. Why should most of us have to go through teeth cleaning every six months? Try an ayurvedic toothpaste (see or and let me know the results. I've been having great results.


Jaipur Vaidyas

Late in 2017 a friend recommended an ayurvedic clinic in Jaipur. I've been using their herbs and recommendations since Christmas with excellent results. A decades old imbalance has cleared up. I'm quite astounded. Now one swallow (the bird) doesn't mean that it is Spring but these Vaidyas seem to know what they are doing. They consult via email at no charge and though the shipping is expensive the cost for my herbs including massage oil for a three month supply including shipping has been $80.00 C per month.

The herbs were customized for me.

Let me know if you are interested in their contact info. I will want to follow up to see your results.

They are ISO certified and everything is packaged to Western standards.

Also client are having great results with woman from Vancouver who has studied with Vasant Ladd and become a vaidya. Both men and women have consistently given excellent reports.



I've been making 'bread' via an offshoot of one Chandika's recipes.

  • Homemade yogurt

  • Ground pearl or pot barley. (This doesn't have to be ground to flour)

  • Salt

  • Ghee

  • Water

Mix; pour into a cast iron pan; let sit over night on top of the fridge.

Bake in the morning for 15minutes at 350 degrees (depending on the thickness of the bread)

I eat some warm, with breakfast, and toast the remainder on the following mornings.

I've used cornmeal, oats, the ancient grains with good results.



I post on fb, see The Aging Reversal Course. I'm having very good responses to the very informative articles I post. Also I post on Non-Victim Astrology for those who follow jyotish.



I have raised Jyotish fees to $225.00 C. The yearly progression fee I have kept at $150.00C.

Currently we have exalted Mars until November 5th which is an unusually long transit for Mars and I think for most of us an unusually good transit.


Best wishes,


Paul Colver



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