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Ayurveda Notes December 2013
This Month
·        Kichadis – December 14th Cooking Class in Vancouver
·        Chutney Mania
·        Cooking for Kids and Grandkids
         Menu and advert for Cooking Class

Kichadis are quick, simple, nutritious Ayurvedic ‘stews’.
There are recipes for ‘warming kichadis’, ‘cooling kichadis’, kichadis to improve the strength of various organs – the liver, lungs, kidneys, etc. Typically kichadis are a combination of 2 easy to digest grains, ghee, salt, spices and 2 vegetables – similar to the recipe for ‘jiffy dahl’ in Session 8 of The Aging Reversal Course.
The December 14th cooking class in Vancouver will be held at the Hansen’s Homestead where the focus will be on these easy but wonderfully tasty dishes. (The usual discussion of the Ayurvedic principles as applied to all types of cooking will be presented.) There is just one remaining spot available for this class.
The recipes for the kichadis cooked in this class will be posted on the website. I will post a link to a cookbook which presents them very well.
Chutney Mania
I have become a chutney junkie. Chutneys are quick and simple to make. Usually chutneys are a blend of a nut and fruit along with water, oil or ghee, possibly spices (such as a generic churna or your personalized spice churna), lemon or lime juice, and salt.
Recently I blended peeled almond (soak them in hot water for a few minutes and then peel), dried coconut, water, almond oil, raisins and 2 prunes, lime juice and salt. I blended everything together but a few almonds and the almond oil. When the ingredients were pureed I added the remaining almonds and the oil and blended them just enough to allow for some ‘crunch’.
Cooking for Kids and Grandkids
My grandkids like Grandpa’s Apple Pie for breakfast. This of course is the stewed apple or pear from The Aging Reversal Course and included on
I haven’t tried out the chutneys on the grandkids but I have a feeling a walnut, cranberry chutney may be big hit at Christmastime. Often kids are about shy about new tastes. I will begin with the walnuts and cranberries and skip the other usual ingredients.
Cinnamon has to be a winner for most children. My granddaughter Julie at a young age was a fan of lemon, cinnamon and honey in water that had been boiled. ‘Warm juice’ she called it.
I will begin gradually introducing the 'sweet spices' and have the kids involved in sniffing and tasting. If they don’t like something I’ll remind them that Grandpa doesn’t like cucumbers – which they find verrry odd.
Regarding the recipes - I’ll post those from the class shortly after the 14th. Email if you would like to book the last remaining spot in the class.
Best wishes for a happy holiday season, Paul
Cooking Class Advert
Ayurvedic Jiffy Cooking
With Paul Colver 
Author of The Aging Reversal Course
Visit  HYPERLINK "" for previous recipes and details
Saturday December 14th 
10am - 2pm 
Enjoy Breakfast 
Cook and enjoy Lunch at 1pm 
Chai will be Served
Location: Hansen Residence, North Vancouver. Address given upon registration. Course Fee $60.00.
Small Class Size – Bring a Friend   
Discuss individual taste requirements
& the Key principles of Ayurvedic Cooking
Create Personalized Spice Churnas
Learn to cook Ghee, Paneer, Dahl and more
Discuss wellness, vitality and weight management
The focus is on quick, satisfying meals
Bring an apron, notebook, food containers,
knife and cutting board, and comfortable indoor only footwear or indoor slippers.
Recipes will be emailed after the course.
(See Recipes from previous courses on the website.)
Without proper diet medicines are of no use
            With proper diet medicines are of no need. 
                                                             Ayurvedic Proverb
Cooked apple/and or pear, raisin, spiced with whole cloves
Barley with sweet spices and milk
Blanched almonds
Chutney (to be decided)
Kichadis are nutritious ayurvedic ‘stews’ each designed to promote healing in a specific area of the physiology.
Saffron – Asparagus Kichadi 
Kichadi for the Lungs
Kichadi for Spleen- Pancreas
Kidney, Gallbladder, Liver, Kidney and other areas.
In the class we will cook 2 or 3 Kichadis depending on the number of participants and their maladies.
To be decided. Likely fruit
(Menu subject to change - if there are allergies and/or taste preferences please let me know well in advance.)

Register at  HYPERLINK "mail to: or
Classes are small, fun and nourish the soul but space is limited so register soon 
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