, Cooking Class, Workshop on Breathing, Cleanse,Aging Reversal Course

This month
·        Cooking Class
·        The ONO Cleanse
·        Courses at VIU Elder College
·        Shift in Action Group
·        Power bar
Cooking Class
Hope you can join me for an Intro to Ayurvedic Cooking, October 26th here in Parksville. The course info is posted on This is a fun day but bring a notebook even though recipes will be emailed at the conclusion of the course. Please note that Ayurvedic Cuisine is not ‘East Indian Cooking’. It's principles may be applied to any type of cooking.
The ONO Cleanse
Conference Call on the evening of November 1st. This ½ hour call will outline the Overnight Oleation Cleanse. Requirements are that you have either taken the Aging Reversal Course or worked through the book, and are eating a fairly satvic diet. This is a gentle cleanse (as all cleanses should be) that I have had very good results with. Contact me for the call in info.
Courses at VIU Elder College
The latest offering of The Aging Reversal Course just wrapped up in VIU Namaimo. The class was small but it seemed to me that everyone incorporated more ayurveda into their lives than any other class – and this is saying a lot.
The course begins again at VIU Parksville on October 31st see  to register.
I am moving to the Okanagan and this the last time I will teach the course on the Island (this is what I think anyway). Class is full but I have asked VIU to up the number of participants to 32. (I taught 32 a few years ago and it was an excellent class – we finished with 31.) If you have trouble registering let me know.
Shift in Action Group
I will be presenting at the Shift in Action Group on the evening of the 24th here in Parksville at the Community Center. This is a great group of moving forward people. Hope you can join us.
Oct. 24th " Natural breathing for a Rich and Healthy Life: An Ayurvedic Approach"
7 pm. Parksville Community Centre. By donation.
Speaker: Paul Colver
Natural breathing brings Life into the body. It calms the emotions, and cleanses and invigorates.

“The breath is the pulse of the mind,” is a Buddhist saying which reflects the importance of proper breathing.

We will explore how to breathe naturally. Breathing techniques for restful breathing; exercise; effective speaking; and for inviting Silence will be presented.

Paul Colver, author of The Aging Reversal Course: An Ayurvedic approach to Wellness and Vitality.
Paul will be teaching at VIU College again beginning Oct.31st to Dec.5th. 
Power Bar
I’ve been developing a recipe for a power bar to be had with lunch when traveling, or anytime for that matter. No leavening agent – I’ve been using yogurt – and no sugar. I’ve been using wheat flour but will develop a gluten free bar also. Has anybody a recipe for such an item? The last one I made included prunes and coconut and was quite tasty. I thought I’d have a recipe ready for this newsletter but I don’t – so, I'll include it in the November newsletter.
Best wishes,
Paul Colver
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