Indeed, we are in unprecedented times. The covid-19 pandemic and its ongoing complications have had this year’s biggest effect on the market landscape. Video conferencing has replaced customer visits, many of our customers have not been able to sell their products as traditional outlets are temporarily unavailable and overall confidence in some of the industry’s major markets is impacted. The new normal for our customer’s office staffing arrangements has added a level of complication of this year’s contracting period.
We experienced historically high sales during Q1, only to have it calm in April. Generally, customers have delayed their decisions to get a better handle on their business fortunes and likely requirements. Patience and temperament is being tested on all fronts and experience has been the key to finding the path between the highs and lows. Green & Gold is very grateful for the confidence of our world wide customer base to partner them in these challenging times.
And once again, Green & Gold has been able to achieve deliver contracts that:
  • Place Suncoast Gold in a very well-sold position across its entire range, and
  • Achieve the prices necessary to fulfill its financial objectives.
Suncoast Gold has only just started to ship 2020 season crop and as the saying goes, we would be grateful for the wind to be at our back (yours and ours) as we execute the next phase of the 2020 season.
Brian Loader 
CEO and Sales Manager


Bookings are essential, however we can work with all growers to arrange a time that best suits.
Please get your delivery bookings in ASAP be sure to include your preferred date and time  
Click Here to email your booking request
For Bookings Contact Rob
Mobile 0427 646 939
Or contact your Grower Services rep

FACTORY UPGRADES - watch this space!

We have some exciting things happening at Suncoast Gold with a number of upgrades underway. 
Our Operations and Maintenance teams are busy planning for major upgrade works to the Value Add, dicing, packing and warehouse buildings.  We are carefully coordinating major works with cranes etc to be done outside of delivering hours so that Deliveries of Nut is Shell are not interrupted and for the safety of all involved.    More information and updates on the progress will be available soon!


The Annual General Meeting of SGM has been postponed due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  Pending regulatory approval and expected easing of restrictions, we now expect to be able to hold the meeting in Late July - further details will be released as they become available.


After using the same basic sorting line for close to 30 years, Geoff and Narelle Chivers decided that it was time for an upgrade. Geoff said that the main stimulus for upgrading his shed was the purchase of a new Monchiero harvester. Whilst happy with his fingerwheel style Nutnabber harvester, he had seen great potential in the sweeper style Monchiero harvesters and was convinced by their speed and efficiency. Geoff’s initial assessment was correct, having recovered significantly more nut with the new harvester, and he was happy with the performance of the Italian engineering. However, there was one downside that he hadn’t encountered before, NIS was arriving at the shed mostly in husk accompanied by a substantial amount of stick and rocks. This was exacerbated by the fact that he had also decided to shake the mature trees for the first time last season and the debris was fairly extreme, needless to say, the workload in the shed increased and throughput decreased. Previous to this, the old system was able to sort 2T of dehusked NIS in a day which was acceptable though time consuming for the large volume of nut that the orchard produced, however, this steady pace was compromised and something had to change.
The new sorting line was mainly designed by Keba Engineering in Gympie with consultation from Jeremy Brown from Suncoast Gold. The 2T receival hopper was fitted with a grid over the top designed to screen out larger debris. This is periodically lifted by a hydraulic ram that tips the waste into a nearby bin for disposal.
The nut continues on via an aspirator that removes leaves, dust and any lighter contaminants. The next phase of cleaning is done by a vibrating stick belt made of mesh which allows nut to fall through but then ejects unwanted material out the back of the shed. The nuts are then passed over a variable angle, inclined, tilted belt that allows the NIS and NIH to travel to the next conveyor but further removes unwanted items from the load. The nut is then processed by Keba’s dehusker, known as the 'Dehuskinator’ which does an excellent job of gently removing the husk utilising a system of 2 slick tyres which allows for extensive and easy adjustment if needed. The dehusked nut then travels through a 17mm trommel that removes any small nut from the batch. In the next stage, the NIS is passed through a vacuum aspirator which is a scaled down version of the Dichwee used in various locations at the Suncoast Gold factory. This equipment removes any nut that is lighter than it should be for its size i.e. less dense or misshapen including rat eaten, old, broken and immature nut. Finally the nut is passed over a rolling conveyor illuminated by an LED lamp that enables a person sorting to easily identify and remove any nut that made it through the process that is undesirable such as slightly insect damaged nut.
The process is now a lot more efficient, with much higher throughput and the quality of nut is remarkable and nearly 100% debris-free.
Paul Hibbert
Grower Services Bundaberg


FOR SALE – a flexible nut sorting/drying line designed for farms with three phase power.  It has max flexibility and modules can be replaced to further increase capacity and the needs of the grower/shed layout.  The line is set up with minimum dehusking machinery as we dehusked nuts in the field during harvest.   The line comprises a receival hopper and tipping bin, trash rock remover, sorting table to remove damaged nuts and unhusked nuts for dehusking, trommel and elevators to take nuts to drying chambers and load for transport.
Additional separate equipment includes steel safety ladders, elevators, large trommel and dehusker that can be sold separately.        Contact Marc with enquiries on 0428 61 8822.
For more photos see AMS Classified listing.


The Bromet Family has ceased growing macadamia nuts and is in a position to offer up their Suncoast Gold Macadamias (59,000) and Marquis Macadamias (9,900) shareholdings to other growers.  Growers interested in small or large parcels and the best price they are willing to offer are requested to forward details to Bruce Doyle in a sealed envelope to PO Box 154 Kenmore, Queensland 4069, alternatively by email to by no later than 9 June 2020. It is anticipated all transfers would be completed through June.

Contact Us to find out more about becoming a shareholder of Suncoast Gold Macadamias


Maximise your crop potential and bee prepared for this years pollination season.
It is accepted that bees and other insect pollinators play a crucial role in the pollination of macadamia trees.  In the lead up to the flowering season the NSW DPI have released a new Primefact dedicated to bees in the orchard with some great hints and tips for looking after pollinators
  • Where possible, place hives evenly throughout the orchard rather than banking up in one area.
  • When choosing crop protection products, choose the least toxic option available, there are usually a number of options for most pests and diseases, talk to us to find out more.
  • During the pre-flower and flowering season, spray pesticides only late in the afternoon or evening when bees are not foraging and pollen is not present, aiming to finish 6 hours prior to bee activity restarting.
  • Some spray adjuvants can be toxic to bees - always read the label.
  • Cross pollination between compatible macadamia varieties increases nut set (Find out more here - this factsheet on maximising pollination includes compatible variety chart)
    For more info check out the Bee Aware website 

Be sure to check our website and facebook page to keep up to date with whats happening at the factory and around the regions.   You can find our address details, check opening hours or leave a review on Google 


We are proud to be a GOLD sponsor of Ausmac2020 - October 20-22 2020
Join us at the premier event on the Australian macadamia industry calendar on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast. Internationally acclaimed growers, researchers and industry experts will share the latest ideas, results and technical information about key macadamia research, best practice, on-farm innovation and management.
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