Harvest is well underway and deliveries of NIS are flowing into the factory.  A big thank you to all our suppliers for following the new rules regarding social distancing to keep yourselves and our staff safe during this time.
At this stage we are not expecting any disruption to NIS deliveries and will keep everyone updated. If you have any questions please reach out to Rob, Megan, Paul, Steve or myself.
While estimates for the Australian crop in 2020 are down on 2019, I am pleased to announce that our initial estimates for deliveries of NIS to Suncoast Gold in 2020 are again up on 2019.  This is a major confidence boost for all, as volumes increases so does the factory efficiency.  We are pleased to continue to welcome back shareholders and suppliers to Suncoast Gold as we remain committed to our ongoing evolution to meet your needs.
We commenced cracking last week and after slowly building up our throughput, are now fully operational. During the shutdown since last season, the operations group completed a wide range of repairs, maintenance and upgrades and we expect the benefit of this work to yield results in the coming months.
Now that the season has reopened, it has been great to welcome back a large contingent of last year’s processing team along with some new faces to bring new ideas.
Green and Gold are continuing to sell through the kernel we expect to produce in 2020 and are achieving pleasing results in what are challenging circumstances.
Due to the ongoing disruption of COVID-19, ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) has provided an additional two months in which to hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Given our financial year was completed on December 31st, normally the AGM would be held before the end of May 2020.  We are now looking at a meeting before the end of July 2020 but will be guided by the rules at that time regarding gatherings.
Regardless of the AGM date we will be submitting our financial results within the required time frame and expect to have this information ready to release once the board has reviewed and approved.

Ben Adams  |  General Manager

Bookings for NIS Deliveries

Bookings are essential, however we can work with all growers to arrange a time that best suits.
With Easter public holidays approaching please get your delivery bookings in ASAP be sure to include your preferred date and time  
Click Here to email your booking request
For Bookings Contact Rob
Mobile 0427 646 939
Or contact your Grower Services rep

Easter Trading Hours

We will be closed for deliveries over the Easter Break 10th -13th of April 

Good Friday - 10 April CLOSED
Easter Monday - 13 April CLOSED 

All other days we will be open as normal 
Monday to Friday  7am - 3pm 
                           *other times by appointment

Precision Technology | Paul Hibbert

Technology is moving at a fast pace and the ever innovative world of agriculture and horticulture is coming up with new and interesting ways to incorporate this technology in order to improve productivity and adhere to the demanding rigors of compliance. 
Two current projects in the industry highlight the move to a higher-tech future for macadamia farming in Australia.  An advance yield mapping project and the Burnett Mary Horticulture 1 on 1 project are...READ MORE

Automation for future efficiency of SGM

A new pallet-stacking robot has improved efficiencies in the finished packing goods line at SGM.
The robot also improves working conditions and employee safety, as well as increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.
It is programmed to repeat continuous movements which makes it possible to avoid work stoppages due to the strenuous physical effort that an employee needs to load a pallet.

For the full story and to watch the video click here   

Leptocoris on the rise

You may have noticed that we now include presence of kernel damage from Leoptcoris bugs on our comments section of the Delivery Report.  
  • Leptocoris stings, particularly those made late in the season, typically can not be seen on the shell or on the fresh kernel but once the kernel is dried the stings are evident as shown below.
  • These insects are active in January and into February, typically when it is hot and dry.
  • Leptocoris can sting through hard shell nut which then held on the tree until harvest.
  • This season the Leptocoris did appear to be drawn to hail-damaged nut which was badly effected, and was often seen in large swarms.
  • Bulldock (beta cyfluthrin) commonly used as pest control in the late season for spotting bug and nut borer DOES NOT control Leptocoris.
  • For more information on monitoring and controlling, please talk to you Grower Services representative.

Crop Protection Compliance

Growers should be aware of product harvest withholding periods for all crop protection products and should always check the product label and the Minor Use Permit if applicable.  Application of crop protection products and inputs is allowed during the harvest period as long as the WHP  is observed and the application is recorded as part of the on-farm recording systems and on the Delivery Waybill.

We're here to help

While it is not possible for groups of growers to get together for meetings at this time, we can assure all suppliers that we are available to troubleshoot on-farm issues by phone, email and text, and in some instances are still available for farm visits where required.  So whether its to ID a pest or disease, troubleshoot an issue in the sorting shed, request a booking, discuss your results or put you in touch with industry information - our Grower Services Team are here to help.

Be sure to check our website and facebook page to keep up to date with whats happening at the factory and around the regions.

Our Easter specials have been very popular and both the
Medium Roast Chips and Roasted Wholes have now SOLD OUT.  

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