Dear CASLPA Members,

Two weeks ago we sent you an email to let you know that we had submitted a letter of complaint to the CBC ombudsman on March 5, 2013 regarding the Marketplace segment on the high cost of hearing aids. CBC has 20 business days to respond to our complaint. We are now a little more than halfway through the waiting period and have yet to receive a response; we will continue to keep you posted as things move forward.

New Infographic Highlights Cost of Hearing Loss Versus Value of Hearing Aids 

As promised, we have developed a new tool to help you field questions about the cost of hearing aids. This infographic highlights the value of hearing aids rather than their cost. Instead of answering the question: "What is the price breakdown of a hearing aid?", it encourages people to think about the implications (financial, social and medical) of not purchasing a hearing aid. Essentially, this infographic is a cost-benefit analysis laid out in an easy-to-understand format.

We developed this tool specifically for CASLPA members and we encourage you to share it with your patients, clients and friends.

You can share it digitally via:
  • Email
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
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  • Your website
Please note that, at this point, the infographic is only meant to be shared digitally as the file is not set-up for printing on regular-sized paper. That said, if there is sufficient interest by members, we will consider doing a print-run for those who would like to have a display copy. Printed copies would measure 11 inches wide by 40 inches high and would cost approximately $10 each. (This price includes taxes and shipping.)

Help us gauge interest by participating in this short poll. (The poll will be open until Wednesday, March 27.)

In closing, we would like to mention that CASLPA's Executive Director and Director of Audiology and Supportive Personnel have met with numerous MPs over the past two weeks and at these meetings they have provided MPs with a copy of the complaint we filed with CBC. One of the MPs we met with is actually a member on the Standing Committee on Ethics. The response from everyone has been incredibly encouraging and they support CASLPA's proactive response to this situation, agreeing that the spread of such misinformation is a disservice not only to audiologists and their clients but to everyone in Canada.

Thank you once again to everyone who contacted us to share their stories about how the CBC Marketplace episode affected you, your patients and your practice. Your experiences and insights have helped us make informed decisions as we continue to respond to the issue on a daily basis. 


Krystle van Hoof
Director of Communications and Public Affairs 
1.800.259.8519 x 241

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