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    Volume 2013  |   Issue 19  |  May 16, 2013     Visit Children Youth & Family Home


RECESS MONKEY is coming to Plymouth! They are playing a show in the sanctuary on Friday, May 17 at 4:30pm!

Take the edge off of your week with a crazy fun Friday afternoon dance party with Jack and Drew! It's a rare duo show- your chance to be the percussion section (and the church choir)! Let's bounce our way into the weekend! FREE!!!



We are looking for people to help with hospitality at the show from 3:45 - 6ish. Here's what we need help with:

Collecting names and email addresses BEFORE the concert for the raffle (1-2 people)

Greeting families and showing them into the sanctuary BEFORE and into Hildebrand… Read full article >

CY Conversation about Next Program Year

Over the past year some of us on staff have been in conversations with Plymouth families and visitors about how our Sunday morning is challenging for families. There are a few families that we know of who visited and decided not to come back because of our schedule. As this does not bode well for a church that is trying to grow with young families, the CY Board decided to take a look at what we might do differently. Here is a snapshot of the ideas and conversation. You can find a power point presentation on this topic here.


Initial idea:

What if we shaved an hour or so off of the morning by having children’s choir/bells during the 10am… Read full article >

End of the Year Calendar

Friday, May 17 - Recess Monkey Concert! Doors open at 4:15, concert starts at 4:30.

Sunday, May 19 - Pentecost Sunday, Bluegrass worship service

TPK Teacher meeting after church - TPK classroom

All Church Picnic! Molly Food and Potluck!

Wednesday, May 22 - Confirmation Write Night for Confirmands & Mentors

Sunday, May 26 - Memorial Day Weekend

Parents of Youth meeting after church "Teens & Stress" - Lounge (this is the correct day - my email blast this week is wrong)

Sunday, June 2 - Youth Led Worship, Recognizing Seniors

Sunday, June 9 - Confirmation Sunday, Teacher Appreciation, Children's Choir Singing, Last Day of Program Year

Read full article >

Pentecost Sunday (This Sunday)

Children's Choir/Church School: Rosemary will be taking the children's choir to Horizon House to sing, so we will be starting church school at 10:15. You can drop kids off in the chapel with Karen at 10am and they will go to class when the choir arrives.

Worship: Prepare yourself for a celebration on May 19, the birthday of the church! Show up in festive red and bring your youth along for a worship experience with great music!

Fellowship: After worship we will continue the party with the All Church Picnic! Molly will provide a main course (yay!) and we will potluck the rest! Details to come . . .

937 Marbles

How many weeks are there in a child's life between birth and the age of 18? The answer is 937. This is the number of weeks parents have to raise their child before he/she is a legal adult. Of course there is still parenting, but these are the formative years. What if you had a marble for each week of your child's life. What if you moved a marble from one jar to another as the weeks passed? Would it change your perspective on parenting and how much time you have? Would you want to be more intentional about how to make each moment count?

The church has even fewer hours and weeks to spend with the children in our community. On average, leaders… Read full article >


This Sunday at Plymouth


8:30-10:00am: Childcare Available (Room 122)

8:30am: Sunday worship for All Ages (Chapel)

9:00am: Children's Choir with Rosemary H. (Room 225, Field Trip to Horizon House)

9:00am: Plymouth Soul Choir (Lounge)

10:00am: Church School for Toddler/PreK, Confirmation & High School (Various Classrooms)

10:00am: Adult Forum - Youth Forum - Mission Trip to Portland (Lounge)

10:00am: "10to10 Gathering time" for K-6th grade (Chapel)

10:15am: Church School for K-6th grade - Give time for Children's Choir to return from Horizon House (Various Classrooms)

11:00am: Sunday Worship for All Ages (Sanctuary)

12:15pm: All Church Picnic (Hildebrand Hall)

12:15pm: Toddler-PreK Teacher Meeting (TPK Classroom)

12:15-1:30pm: Childcare Available (122)


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