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    Volume 2014  |   Issue 38  |  December 3, 2014     Visit Children Youth & Family Home

Saying Good Bye

How does one say good bye after two plus years of ministry? It's never easy and we do it the best we can. This Sunday at the end of the 9 am and beginning of the 1 1am worship services, Plymouth leadership will recognize my last Sunday as your Coordinator of Children & Family Ministry. After the elementary children are released from worship, I will gather with them in room 221 along with Beverly Harding Buehler and Jamie Shilling for a good bye ritual of sorts. Though this good bye is sure to be short and sudden for many of the children, I pray we can be as full in it as possble and say what we need to say to each other so that we can all… Read full article >

Children & Congregational Vote

The congregational vote about fixing the beams in the sanctuary takes place this Sunday DIRECTLY after worship, so what's happening with my kids during that time? Great question, I'm glad you asked!!

PreK Children - Jamie Shilling and childcare providers will make a smooth transition from church school to childcare. You can find your children in the first floor classrooms after the vote.

K-2 Children - They will be in room 221 working on their Advent project with Beverly Harding Buehler and friends. They will continue their projects until attention spans get in the way, and will be released to their parents in Hildebrand. Hopefully the… Read full article >

Children in Church School this Sunday

While it has been our practice this year to have children in worship the first Sunday of each month, with the coming of Christmas, we have a short church school month. So, we decided to shift the program by one week to include the first Sunday. This Sunday, Beverly Harding Buehler and friends will gather K-2 children (while the older elementary are visiting Horizon House) and all elementary children for the following two Sundays to work on a special Advent project! Children will make Tie Fleece Blankets for children of Mary's Place! Children will join two layers of fleece together by tying fringes together with knots. With each knot, the… Read full article >

Thanks to our SU Friends!

The elementary children enjoyed a wonderful Sunday with our friends from Seattle University! We talked first about how we can think of the Earth and created world as friends and family, instead of as objects, using a prayer from St. Francis of Assisi. SU students then talked about carbon footprint and showed videos, to give kids an opportunity to calculate their own carbon footprint and reduce their footprint by turning old bottles and jugs into bird feeders and piggy banks!

We closed the class in a circle and passed out celtic cross lapel pins. The celtic cross is a symbol from our faith of interconnectedness with God and creation; the circle represents the earth, sun and halo often depicted around Jesus' head; the horizontal line reminds us of our connection with each other and with creation; the vertical line reminds us of our connection with God. Finally the Celtic knot often depicted on the cross represents the unending connection between all things. I am struck by the density of symbolism in this shape and the simple call to partnership with all things.

The Littlest Pageant Ever

Sunday, Dec. 21, 10:15 am to 10:45 am, young families and individuals are invited to our annual "do-it-yourself" Christmas Story starring our pre-school children and any children (including visitors!) who would like to participate! Jamie Shilling leads this simple, engaging sing-along. 
This year, little Quinn Seery will be our "real, live, moving around Baby Jesus!" Sing carols at 10 am in the lounge with Puget Sound Brass, then come on down the first floor hallway and join us by 10:15! 
Please arrive early if you need to sit in a chair. Participating children need to arrive by 10 am!

Poinsettia Delivery this Sunday (grades 3-6)!

Hi Everyone! This Sunday is poinsettia delivery at Horizon House! Here's the plan:

The children's choir will sing this Sunday, so when they are finished, children will be released from worship. I will gather with all elementary children in room 221 before taking those in 3-6th grade to Horizon House. We plan to leave Plymouth at 11:15 am. Five adults, including myself, will accompany children on this outing - given our 5:1 child to adult ratio, we should have enough adult support. If you would like to join us, you are most welcome - please send me an email at khollis at PlymouthChurchSeattle dot org. We will release the children to… Read full article >


This Sunday at Plymouth

December 7, 2014 - Advent

8:45 am Childcare (First Floor Classrooms)

9:00 am Worship for All Ages (Hildebrand)

9:45 am Soul Choir - youth welcome (Chapel)

     Children's Choir (221 & 225)

10:00 am Coffee (Hildebrand)

     Adult Forum (Lounge)

     PreK Church School (First Floor Classrooms)

     Youth Forum (322)

10:30 am Middle YF (222)

11:00 am Worship for All Ages with Baptism (Hildebrand)

11:15 am K-2 Church School, Advent Project with Beverly Harding Buehler & Friends (221)

     Grades 3-6, Poinsettia Delivery to Horizon House with Karen Hollis & Friends

12:00 pm Congregational Vote (Hildebrand)

     Hospitality after the Vote (Lounge)


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