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    Volume 2014  |   Issue 29  |  October 1, 2014     Visit Children Youth & Family Home

Blessing of the Animals

This Sunday we bless our precious animals at both the 9 am and 11 am worship services! Children and families are invited to bring their family pets and/or stuffed animals who are alive in our hearts. Those with pets will be invited to gather on the porch at the 2nd floor Hildebrand entrance at the beginning of each service before coming through the sanctuary for a blessing. Come and be blessed! If you plan to bring your pet, please call the office and let us know!

Art Show - A Note to Parents

Through October, Plymouth links the church-wide theme, Working for Social Justice with art created by women from OPS, the Organization for Prostitution Survivors. Mediums include clay, photography, collage, spoken word and more. Plymouth’s first collaboration with OPS celebrates a collection of work made by survivors at weekly OPS facilitated art workshops.

Note to parents - Some of the images in the art are explicit. As Sunday approaches, we will discern how best to make Hildebrand Hall an appropriate worship space while displaying this important social justice art show. Most images would not likely catch the eye of a child, unless… Read full article >


Welcome, welcome! From our K-2nd and 3rd-4th classes in the 3rd floor hallway!

OWL This Weekend

This is a big program weekend for Plymouth Church! In addition to the Women's Retreat and YF Retreat, Plymouth hosts the first OWL class of the fall. Here at the church, Friday and Saturday, six youth and two adult leaders will begin to explore and learn through values taught through UCC's Our Whole Lives: Sexuality and Our Faith program.

Please keep all those who will be on retreat this weekend in your prayers that we may all stretch and grow within the safety of our church community.

Please Pick Up Your Children

We tried returning children to worship after class and it's not working. Parents are confused about where to find their kids and teachers are stretched to get the lesson done before noon. We are now providing snacks in class since breakfast is only first Sunday of the month. So, I've made an executive decision that children will remain in class until worship concludes.

K-2 class - Parents please pick up your children from class (room 320).

3rd-4th & 5th-6th classes - Parents are welcome to meet children at the classroom - we will release your child with a buddy to hospitality hour (rooms 321 & 221 respectively).

Questions or comments?… Read full article >

Meditation on Hospitality

From The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, poet, philosopher and author.

"At heart, hospitality is a helping across a threshold." - Ivan Illich

In Dante's Divine Comedy, Virgil lovingly guides Dante through the hell of denial and the purgatory of illusion, up to a passage of fire that Dante must cross alone, beyond which he becomes authentic. Earlier in history, Aaron guides his brother Moses off Mount Sinai back into the world, where the prophet must live what God has shown him. Even in Eden, if we can get past the punitive tellings we have heard so often, God ushers Adam and Eve to the threshold of the world and offers them the bruised and… Read full article >

Bring Your Bibles!

We give Bibles each year so children of Plymouth will have their own Bible at home and at church, they may read and understand. Children in 3rd-4th and 5th-6th classes are particularly invited to bring their Bibles to class, as their teachers will be incorporate the use of Bibles into class. So, October 12, please bring your Bibles!!

October Calendar

October 5 - Children in Worship

                 World Communion Sunday

                 Blessing of the Animals (9 & 11am)

                 YF Retreat ends

                 Women's Retreat ends

October 12 - Begin theme: Working for Justice

                 Children's Choir sings in worship

October 19 - Regular Schedule

                 Plymouth Stewardship Campaign begins

October 26 - Regular Schedule


This Sunday at Plymouth

October 5, 2014 - Giving and Receiving Hospitality

8:45 am Childcare (First Floor Classrooms)

9:00 am Worship for All Ages - Families Welcome! (Hildebrand)

9:45 am Soul Choir - youth welcome (Chapel)

     Children's Choir (221 & 225)

10:00 am Hot Breakfast (Hildebrand)

     Adult Forum (Lounge)

     PreK Church School (First Floor Classrooms)

     Youth Forum (322)

10:30 am Middle Youth Forum (222)

11:00 am Worship for All Ages - K & 3rd grade receive Bibles (Hildebrand)

12:00 pm Hospitality Hour (Lounge)

     Childcare (First Floor Classrooms)


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