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    Volume 2014  |   Issue 35  |  November 12, 2014     Visit Children Youth & Family Home

OWL Weekend Coming Up

This weekend our OWL class will have their third out of four classes. They'll meet Friday night until Saturday afternoon in the YF room. They're having a great time, as you can see from the picture! Please join me in keeping them in prayer as we approach the weekend - may you all be safe and have fun!

Shoe Swap

Here's a great family activity related to this month's theme: Discovering Gifts of Ministry, from Faith Practices!

• strips of paper
• pens or pencils

One way we discover our gifts is through the other people around us. This activity may help you begin to practice recognizing gifts within your family.

Gather everyone in the household and sit together in a circle. Invite each person to take off one shoe and put it in the center of the circle. Give everyone several strips of paper and a pen or pencil. Next, invite everyone to spend the next few minutes
thinking about the special gifts and talents each person has and write on a strip of… Read full article >

Carbon Footprint

We're all looking forward to welcoming our Seattle University students into our midst on November 30, as they engage our elementary children in a lesson on our Carbon Footprint! We will learn about the natural carbon cycle and how it relates to the human-altered carbon cycle, we will explore how the things we do every day impact the earth positively and negatively, and we will talk about how we can make choices that increase and decrease our carbon footprint. To open and close the class, we will examine our faith and how we are called to relate God's earth, plants and creatures as family and friends on the journey. May we continue to grow… Read full article >

Talk with Your Kids!

Plymouth Church is committed to keeping kids safe from sexual abuse through things like our 2-teacher-in-a-classroom policy and education through the Our Whole Lives program. Today I came across a series of short videos that give practical information for talking to our kids about sexual abuse, how to prevent it and how to deal with it, should it unfortunately happen. Whether you are a parent or work with children, I encourage you to watch the videos - they're short, informative and I hope you find them helpful. Above all, talk with your kids, even if it's uncomfortable - the more we keep the conversation open, the more they will come to us when they need to.

Poinsettias to Horizon House!

Each year during Advent the 3rd-6th grade children take a pilgrimage to Horizon House (a retirement home located on the other side of Freeway Park affiliated with the UCC) to deliver poinsettias to Plymouth members who are less mobile and have a hard time getting out. On Dec 7 at 11:15, Karen Hollis will gather the 3rd-6th grade children in the lobby outside Hildebrand to make the pilgrimage once again to Horizon House with poinsettias in hand. We will be greeted at Horizon House by co-chaplains, Kizzie Jones and Terry Taigen, and several residents who will shepherd the children around the building. Parents, we will need at least 5 of you to… Read full article >

Advent Church School

During Advent, Beverly Harding Buehler and friends will be working with the elementary classes to make felt blankets for children in need. With a very simple pattern and many busy hands, they will use the Sundays leading up to Christmas to bring love and warmth into the world.

On Dec 7, the older elementary children (grades 3-6) will take Poinsettias to Horizon House at 11:15 while the younger children (grades K-2) start on making blankets. All elementary children will be together, crafting their blankets on Dec 14 & 21.

November Calendar

Nov 14-15 (Fri-Sat) - OWL Overnight #3 of 4.

Nov 16 (Sun) - Stewardship lunch after 11am worship with a kid activity table (no childcare), TPK teacher meeting at noon-ish.

Nov 23 (Sun) - Baptism at 11am, 3/4 class give away food to homeless.

Nov 30 (Sun) - SU Students teach Elementary about Earth Justice at 11am (kids won't come to worship) , Thanksgiving Weekend.


This Sunday at Plymouth

November 16, 2014 - Discovering Gifts of Ministry

8:45 am Childcare (First Floor Classrooms)

9:00 am Worship for All Ages (Hildebrand)

9:45 am Soul Choir - youth welcome (Chapel)

     Children's Choir (221 & 225)

10:00 am Coffee (Hildebrand)

     Adult Forum (Lounge)

     PreK Church School (First Floor Classrooms)

     Youth Forum (322)

10:30 am Middle YF (222)

11:00 am Worship for All Ages (Hildebrand)

11:15 am Elementary Church School (221, 320, 321)

12:00 pm Stewardship Lunch (Hildebrand)

     Toddler/PreK Teacher Meeting (1st Floor Classrooms)


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