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    Volume 2012  |   Issue 21  |  September 6, 2012     Visit Children Youth & Family Home

N-Sid-Sen Video - UCC Teen Makes National News - Jesus Principles - And More!

Greetings friends!

This Sunday we begin the 2012-2013 program year at Plymouth.  It is an exciting time with new staff (you'll meet them this Sunday during the 11:00am worship), new ministries, and a spirit of hope that is blowing through Plymouth.

Here are three notes for church school volunteers and teachers:

  1. Please be present this Sunday during worship for the commissioning of those who care for the children and youth at Plymouth
  2. Also, please remember to complete a Disclosure Form and turn it into the front office
  3. Finally, if you want your room arranged in a particular fashion in the future, please diagram your prefered layout on the blank page provided in your blue classroom binder 

See you this Sunday - Brandon

AgueroI'm looking forward to the start of the program year this Sunday.  I've been thinking about this new begining and I've been pouring over videos with the question, "Where do we begin?"

I found two videos that open with simple questions.  Over the course of their reflections both videos draw me back to reflect again on the person and work of Jesus.  Starting with Christ seemed to be fitting way to begin the program year…Watch the videos.

Food, Education, and a Home

As we begin another school year I think about the students I've had the pleasure of teaching in China and in Venezuela.  In each context there were differences in form but at the core there was a uniformity in the eyes of children who came back to school with hope.

This week's UCC newsletter, "KYeP," reminded me of the Global Ministries Child Sponsorship Program and the hopeful children it serves.  Perhaps this could be a year you help another child prepare for school.

Just Food

In the Pacific Northwest Conference we are fortunate to host the Environmental Justice Center at Pilgrim Firs.  This is only one of the "justice centers" in the UCC across the nation.

The Franklin Center at Bricks in North Carolina focuses on justice advocacy and leadership development.  Check out what the Franklin Center is up to around food related justice issues… Read full article >

Fill the Pews!

Looking for some way to earn community service hours?  Have we got a project for you!  The cards, envelopes and pencils in the back of the sanctuary pews need updating.  Great Sunday project!  (Although I wouldn’t recommend during the service).  He He!

Contact Diane djacobsen@plymouthchurchseattle.org  in the church office for more information.  Let’s fill the pews!

What faith and justice projects are stirring?

In can be inspiring to hear about the ways other UCC churches are leaning into hope, peace and love.  I often find mustard seed ideas when seeing how the spirit is moving in other faith communities in our area.

One way to learn about the ministries of other local churches is to subscribe to the e-newsletter of the Pacific Northwest Conference.  Each issue includes a reflection by our Conference Minister, the Rev. Mike Denton.

This month's issue has links to Becky Withington's Ordination, the Jesus Seminar at Eagle Harbor University's… Read full article >

UCC Teen Makes National Headlines

Julia BluhmWhen I first heard about this story about a teen challenging a magazine around issues of body image, I thought, "That sounds like something a UCC teen would do."  I was happy to learn that my instincts were right.  This is another reason why I am proud to be part of the United Church of Christ.

Check out this great story… Read full article >

N-Sid-Sen 2012 Video

NSS_2012This won't win any awards for best short documentary, but I think it reminds those who were there of some good memories and it gives a glimpse of what we do at N-Sid-Sen for those who have yet to go.

Watch the video.



This Sunday at Plymouth

September 9th's Scripture: Mark 7:24-37

8:30am: Sunday Worship for All Ages (Chapel)

8:30-10:00am: Childcare Available (Room 122)

10:00am: Sunday School for Toddler through High School (Various Classrooms)

10:00am: The Forum: Robert Taylor (Hildebrand Hall)

11:00am: Sunday Worship for All Ages (Sanctuary)

12:15pm: Welcome for Associate Minister of Youth & Young Adult Ministries (Lounge)

12:15pm: Youth Forum Ministry Kick-Off "Mock - B -Que" (Hildebrand Hall)


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