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The Littlest Pageant Ever!

All families and children from infant through 2nd grade are invited to this "do-it-yourself" Christmas Story re-enactment on December 23 in the Chapel beginning with Christmas Carol singing at 10:00am and the "Littlest Pageant" from 10:15-10:45am. Jamie Shilling has led this simple, engaging sing-a-long for many years.

All ages welcome!

A note to K-1-2 families: Jamie is practicing the music for the Littlest Pageant and for the family service on Christmas Eve (4:00pm) during the Focus program on Dec 9 and Dec 16. Please support the process by encouraging your children to participate in the Focus Program and by being in Sunday School on… Read full

Christmas Eve Schedule

Hear ye hear ye!! The Christmas Eve Worship Schedule is in fact different this year!


4pm - Wee Worship: Christmas Eve worship for our littlest ones

7:30pm - Intergenerational Worship

11pm - Quiet Communion Service

All services will be in the sanctuary.


We will also have the annual Longest Night service on Friday, Dec 21 at 7:30. The Labyrinth will be open from 4-9pm and childcare will be available for the service

Child Leaders at 4pm Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve we are reaching out with wide open arms to families with very young children. We're inviting all of the families at SIDC, as well as those who walk by to see the goats outside the church on Friday! And if you have friends with wee ones, please extend an invitation.

This new service has become an excellent opportunity for our elementary kids to play a larger leadership role in worship. We will have the children's choir singing at this service, as well as children to play animals and still others helping to read the story. They will be the big kids leading the little ones, and being role models for very young worshipers! I… Read full article >


Raising Spiritually Healthy Children (71) Write Letters to Your Child

Families who are a part of faith communities often ask, what can I be doing at home? How can I help my kids grow into their own spirituality? Honestly, there are very simple things we can do as a family that will naturally encourage spiritual growth . . . things that a lot of which families do anyway. Still, it's nice to know that the things we do are helping our kids in this way. Nancy Bostrom wrote a lovely little book called, 99 Ways to Raise Spiritually Healthy Children, from which I will share exerpts weekly to plant seeds, share ideas, and offer encouragement for families of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES.

"I, Paul, write this greeting with my… Read full article >


Talking with Your Children About Shootings

Tuesday's attack in a Portland, OR mall combined with the unfolding horror of today's shooting in an elementary school in Newton, CT break us open. We cry out in shared grief for the loss of so many and with the unique pain that comes with the death of children.

We come to God with jumbled, silent, heavy prayers. Prayers for those families who will face a deep emptiness in their homes. Prayers for those who are wounded and for those who put themselves in harm’s way to protect others. We pray for those that have survived, for the children that will live with horrific memories of this day. We surround them with loving prayers and trust… Read full article >

article >





This January we are excited to once

again tell the story of "Amahl" at Plymouth.

Several members of the church will tell the

story through drama and song.

Check out the synopsis of the story HERE



It’s time to get Plymouth’s annual Snow Camp on your
calendar! It will be February 16-19, Presidents Day weekend at Camp Koinonia.
This year we will be joined by members of University Lutheran Church (where
I am Church Administrator). They have their Winter Retreat the same as our
Snow Camp and have traditionally gone to Grünewald Guild. However, it is more
expensive and less people are able to attend. So, this year they will be joining us!
They usually have a community art project and we will be trying that this year.
What exactly is to be determined. The cost is $108 for 13 year old and older, $64
for 9-12 years old, $53 for 3-8 years old and… Read full article >


Thank You!

Many thanks to our Plymouth Family and Friends! With our wreath, soup and coffee fundraisers in November/December, we raised approximately $2400 for our Youth Forum Mission trip efforts. What an incredible showing of support and generosity!

YF Parent Volunteers – Lori Kaid, Pam Lang, Sara Waterman


This Sunday at Plymouth

December 23, 2012 Focus Scripture Luke 1:39-55 - Mary's Song

8:30am: Sunday Worship for All Ages (Chapel)

8:30-10:00am: Childcare Available (Room 122)

9:00am: Children's Choir with Rosemary H. (Room 225)

9:00am: Plymouth Soul Choir (Lounge)

9:50am: Grades K-6 gather to light the Advent Wreath (Chapel)

10:00 am: Grades PreK-2 Littlest Pageant with Jamie Shilling (Chapel)

10:00 am: Grades 3-6 Create pictures for "Adopt an Apartment" (Rm 321)

10:00am: Church School for Confirmation - High School (Various Classrooms)

10:00am: Conversations with Brigitta about the events in Connecticut (Hildebrand Hall)

11:00am: Sunday Worship for All Ages (Sanctuary)

11:20am: Grades K-2 - singing with Jamie Shilling (Rm 321)

12:15pm: Coffee Hour for All Ages  (Lounge)


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