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    Volume 2013  |   Issue 29  |  November 6, 2013     Visit Children Youth & Family Home

Thinking About Stewardship at Home

Stewardship Stew


• Bible
• paper
• pens or pencils

There are many ways to practice stewardship, so it is possible to think of it as a stew of various ingredients that provide a healthy and substantial main course for a household. Daily, set aside a specific time for scripture reading with your household. Invite God to enlighten your household regarding Deuteronomy 8:7–18, specifically with new understandings of stewardship. Read aloud Deuter- onomy 8:7–18. Scripture is meant to be heard. Discuss all that God provided for God's people. List God's expectations.

Sit in silence for a time and then ask questions such as: What new… Read full article >

Breakfast on Sunday

This Sunday if you come for breakfast, please go up to Hildebrand Hall for a hot meal!! Recovery Cafe is presenting at the Forum this week and we want to make it easy for people to go, so we've moved breakfast upstairs. At 9:30 please come in for breakfast; at 10am feel free to go and do you normal activities and if you'd like to stay for the Forum, please do so!

Capital Campaign Vote

November 17 right after church is your opportunity to cast your vote about whether to proceed with the capital campaign. There will be childcare after church and the confirmation class will be returning from their retreat at noon, before the vote so that leaders and parent drivers can participate. Please note this on your calendars and be present! For more information, see this week's Herald.

Childcare is Available!

If you're new to Plymouth or just didn't know or didn't remember, we do have child care every Sunday for children through 2nd grade or older based on availability and need! Childcare providers are available in first floor clasrooms beginning at 8:30am until Toddler/PreK church school starts at 10am, and then again from 12:15pm until 1:30pm.  Child care can also be arranged for special Plymouth events on other days/evenings.  Event organizers, help support this ministry by letting Jamie Shilling know that you need childcare and then confirming the need before the event so that Jamie can extend a welcome to parents! Thank you!

Oct/Nov Calendar

Sunday, Nov 10

Elementary begins study of Living Stewardship

Friday, Nov 15-Sunday, Nov 17

Confirmation Retreat at Camp Berachah

Congregational Vote after 11am worship

Sunday, Nov 17

Elementary continues with study of Living Stewardship

Sunday, Nov 24

Elementary concludes study of Living Stewardship

Teaching in the Spring

The CY Board is currently recruiting teachers for the spring! The teaching teams that have formed thus far have had enthusiastic energy around this task and have had a fun time getting to know each other better, getting to know our kids, and planning lessons that help kids learn how to practice their faith. Elmo is excited and I hope you will be, too!

This spring the kids will be learning:

March - Blessing and Letting Go

April - Lent/Easter The kids will mostly be in worship, but there may be some opportunity for a project if someone feels inspired by the theme.

May - Playing and Living Joyfully

Please contact Karen Hollis if you have… Read full article >


This Sunday at Plymouth

Sunday, November 10, 2013 - Stewardship

8:30 am Worship for All Ages - Killian Noe Preaching - (Chapel)

               Childcare available Infant - 2nd grade (First floor classrooms)

9:30 am  Hot Breakfast for All Ages (Hildebrand)

10:00 am  Toddler-PreK Church school (First floor classrooms)

               Children's Choir & Bells - grades K-6 (221 & 225)

               Confirmation - grades 7&8 (222)  

               Youth Forum - grades 9-12 (322)

               Plymouth Forum - Recovery Cafe - (Hildebrand)

11:00 am Worship for All Ages - Killian Noe Preaching - (Sanctuary)

11:15 am Elementary Church School (221, 320, 321)

12:15 pm Hospitality Hour (Lounge)

               Childcare (First floor classrooms)


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