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    Volume 2014  |   Issue 32  |  October 22, 2014     Visit Children Youth & Family Home

Justice: Love and Neighbor

Excerpts from Homegrown Faith & Justice, a publication of the UCC. See Karen for a copy of this publication.

As we continue with our Justice theme this month, here are some conversations you and your children of all ages can have about justice and reaching out to those around us.

3-6 years old:

Watch Mr. Rogers - Maybe you watch Mr. Rogers regularly or maybe you want to see his famous song "Won't You Be My Neighbor" on YouTube (http://to.pbs.org/1aLUPpv). Either way, with this song in mind, talk with your child about who your neighbors are. Who do you wish could be your neighbor? How can you show God's love to your neighbors?

7-10 years… Read full article >

Become a Church School Teacher!

You have heard me ask, now let me tell you more about what's involved . . .

ELEMENTARY CHURCH SCHOOL - 3 week commitment (Approx. 10 hours total)

Teacher Job Description

       1. Choose a month and tell Karen or CY Board member when you want to teach.

       2. Come to a 1 hour meeting after church 2-3 weeks prior to teaching to team build with co-teachers, learn about church school procedures and Faith Practices curriculum.

       3. Co-teachers create three 30-45 min lessons from Faith Practices for grades K-2, 3-4 OR 5-6. User friendly curriculum provides a range of activity options connected to theme and scripture.

       4. Teach on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month you choose at 11:15 am.


… Read full article >

Day of the Dead Invite

The NW Detention Center Resistance is putting together a Halloween/Day of the Dead event Oct 31-Nov 2.

Emmanuel Mancilla, one of our social justice interns, invites you and your family to come and participate on Saturday, Nov 1st, along with members of the Plymouth Immigration Ministry team.

"Come out to the NW Detention Center for the Day of the Dead as well as the Geo House of Horrors installation! NWDC Resistance group is using ceremony, celebration, music and satire as a poetic juxtaposition to the detention center itself that separates families and tears apart communities. There will be alters calling for reunion and a place for families to share stories… Read full article >

OWL Weekend

The second OWL weekend is coming up this Friday. The Our Whole Lives teachers are busily preparing for another great weekend of teaching our middle school youth about healthy sexuality and sexual expression. Let us hold them in prayer this weekend as they do this good work.

We are a downtown church

We would all love to think we are safe at church, even when cars are broken into in our parking garage and we are reminded of our downtown location. Though we have companions on Sunday morning who are trained to attend to those in need who come through our doors, parents should be aware of where your children are at all times, particularly at non-program times. We are glad that children feel comfortable here and encourage them to always have a buddy or be in touch with an adult - please help keep our children safe by encouraging these behaviors in them, particularly while at church. Thank You!

PNCUCC Annual Conference Men's Retreat

Dear Men of the PNCUCC Family, 

No matter where you are on your masculine journey, you are welcome and invited to attend the Conference Annual Men’s Retreat, January 30, 2015. You may also sign up for the “Day of Silence” which begins on Thursday, January 29. Register here: www.pncucc.org (o to Register for Camps). 
The retreat offers an opportunity to engage with other men in meaningful discussions, worship and song and reflection on life’s transitions. The schedule allows for sharing as well as solitude. 

Dates: JANUARY 30 – FEBRUARY 1, 2015 

Location: Pilgrim Firs Conference Center 

Cost: Weekend - $140 Silent Retreat and Weekend - $195 

3rd-4th Justice Outing

During church school on Sunday, October 26th, the 3rd-4th class is going to make justice real and give away food to those in need around Plymouth. Their teachers, Caroline Becker and Honah Thompson (one of our interns) wanted to engage the kids with the topic of food justice in a way that would not only be memorable and real for the kids, but would also make an impact in our community. The kids will put together bags of snacks in their classrooms and then walk within a defined perimeter around the church, offering food to those they meet who are in need. Parents should look for a permission slip in their email.

Earth Justice with SU Students

In late November, seven Seattle University students will teach our elementary children the first of three lessons about Earth Justice and Faith. These students are part of Enactus Seattle U, an organization that helps university students reach out to their communities. "Seattle Enactus is a team dedicated to serving the community through the promotion of free enterprise and the support of entrepreneurial endeavors of all individuals. Through the projects of Seattle Enactus, we strive to empower people in need, inspire environmental sustainability, and generate a positive profit to encourage responsible economic development in a sustainable… Read full article >


This Sunday at Plymouth

October 26, 2014 - Working for Justice

8:45 am Childcare (First Floor Classrooms)

9:00 am Worship for All Ages (Hildebrand)

9:45 am Soul Choir - youth welcome (Chapel)

     Children's Choir (221 & 225)

10:00 am Coffee (Hildebrand)

     Adult Forum (Lounge)

     PreK Church School (First Floor Classrooms)

     Youth Forum (322)

10:30 am Middle Youth Forum with Briana Frenchmore (222)

11:00 am Worship for All Ages (Hildebrand)

11:15 am Elementary Church School (320, 321, 221)

12:15 pm Hospitality Hour (Lounge)


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