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    Volume 2013  |   Issue 4  |  January 31, 2013     Visit Children Youth & Family Home

Workshops for Parents/Guardians of Youth

This year we will be hosting a series of workshops for the parents/guardians of youth.  Each of these workshops will:

be for the parents/guardians of Jr./Sr. High students focus on practical issues you and your teen may already be talking about (i.e. stress, alcohol, sexuality, etc.) integrate the Christian faith into the discussion include a presentation from someone working in the particular field and will include time for discussion with other parents

The topics, presenters, and dates of each of these workshops is listed below:

"Substances, Your Teen, & Faith" with Kevin Haggerty from the UW. // Feb 3rd, 12:30p - 1:30pm (Super… Read full article >

So, what is Family Worship?

Family worship is an opportunity to worship together as a FAMILY in a more intimate setting than our traditional Sunday morning worship. I am working on recruiting kids to do some leadership and music pieces, and am building in several opportunities for participants to share in their family groups, as well as addressing the whole group. Rosemary Hashimoto and Jamie Shilling and I have been imagining, planning and preparing music and experiences that we hope will be fun, engaging and worshipful for all ages.

We get to worship together on Transfiguration Sunday, which celebrates the day that Jesus, having taken his disciples up to the… Read full article >

Spiritually Healthy Children - Forgiveness (83)

Families who are a part of faith communities often ask, what can I be doing at home? How can I help my kids grow into their own spirituality? Honestly, there are very simple things we can do as a family that will naturally encourage spiritual growth . . . things that a lot of which families do anyway. Still, it's nice to know that the things we do are helping our kids in this way. Nancy Bostrom wrote a lovely little book called, 99 Ways to Raise Spiritually Healthy Children, from which I will share exerpts weekly to plant seeds, share ideas, and offer encouragement for families of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES.

"Be kind to one another,… Read full article >

February Church School Calendar

Sunday, Feb 3 - Church school regular schedule begins again.

FOCUS with intern, Phil Vestal (grades 3-5) (No focus planned for K-2)

Parents of youth - meeting after church

confirmation/mentor meeting after church.

Wednesday, Feb 6 - Annual Meeting - childcare provided

Saturday, Feb 9 - Leadership retreat (for everyone on a board) at church - 9am-2pm. Please let me know if you need childcare

Sunday, Feb 10 - Family worship at 10am (No 10to10 this Sunday, and yes, this was moved from the 3rd)

FOCUS with intern, Phil Vestal (grades 3-5) (No focus planned for K-2)

Wednesday, Feb 13 - Ash Wednesday - 6pm dinner, 6:30 service.

Sunday, Feb… Read full article >

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Memories

I had the pleasure of participating in the LWW book study during the month of January with our elementary kids. We ate Turkish Delight, met the White Witch and played statues, pretending to turn people to stone. We met Aslin and received gifts from Santa (to be used for a great purpose). We discussed the difference between the witch's power (false power) and Aslin's power (true power), and found that these powers are true in our lives, too. False power, we found made us feel good for a short time, but we ultimately felt bad. And it made other people feel bad. True power, on the other hand, makes everyone feel good. We have a choice all the… Read full article >


This Sunday at Plymouth

February 3, 2013 Focus Scripture Luke 4:21-30 - Jesus in his hometown.

8:30am: Sunday Worship for All Ages (Chapel)

8:30-10:00am: Childcare Available (Room 122)

9:00am: Children's Choir with Rosemary H. (Room 225)

9:00am: Plymouth Soul Choir (Lounge)

9:50am: Grades K-6 gather (Chapel)

10:00am: Church School for Toddler-PreK - High School (Various Classrooms)

10:00am: Adult Forum - Marcia McFee - Vital Worship! (Hildebrand Hall)

11:00am: Sunday Worship for All Ages (Sanctuary)

11:15am: FOCUS - grades 3-6 - The Lord's Prayer with Intern, Phil Vestal (Room 221)

12:15pm: Coffee Hour for All Ages  (Lounge)

12:15pm: Parent Meeting with Brandon Duran (Lounge)

12:15pm: Mentor/Confirmand Potluck (Room 222)


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