OAA Covid-19 Educational Series
Part 1:  Acupuncturists Teaching One Another
When:  Wednesday, March 25th,  4:30 - 5:30 PM
Where:  Via Zoom conference calling on your computer or phone
We hope this communication finds you and your families healthy!  We, your Oregon Association of Acupuncturists Board of Directors, are supporting you, our members, and the acupuncture community at large with a four-part series delivered by Zoom conference calling software starting Wednesday.  We hope to do these weekly for the next month, and have Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc on board to teach some herbal methods to help, probably the following week.  We hope to get a telehealth expert on one of the conference calls, and possibly another herbalist as well.  If you have thoughts about a telehealth expert (or if you are one yourself), this might be a way to make a little money or a free year membership in the OAA!  All but the first one will be for CEUs and the CEUs will be for our members only.  The information will be given out in print to anyone who would like it either before or after the calls.  The recordings we hope to make of each event after the first will be available to members for CEUs for free and to non-members for a nominal fee.    

The first in the series will be delivered by your board members, but will consist of finding out what other acupuncturists are doing in Oregon about Covid-19 firsthand from other acupuncturists in Oregon.  We imagine that the topics will span from sanitizing methods to telehealth and other income differentiation methods some of us might be using.  The individual groups will dictate among themselves what they discuss.  This is not a place to get into arguments about whether you should be closing your clinics, please!  Either decision is a hard one, and this is more a place for mutual support and information sharing rather than bashing our colleagues.  Again, this meeting of the minds will not be for CEUs.  We might even start with a short Qi Gong exercise for this one.       

The limit of attendees will be 100 and there will be small breakout groups of 10-15 via the software.  Each group will be moderated by a board member and each board member will report back what their group learned to all attendees at the end.  This is a great opportunity for some group think style brainstorming and community building in support of one another, while still keeping ourselves, our families, and our patients safe! 

We will only allow the first 100 people who sign up to participate due to the limitation of our Zoom license, though there may be a waiting list.  We will then put together a short synopsis of what we come up with and put it out via our member email list and our Facebook page.  After you've signed up we'll send you the invite information via email.  Please don't share this information!  This will result in someone losing their spot that they have signed up for!  You can use a computer with a mic and a webcam.  Most laptops have both.  You can also use your phone, which has both as well.  However, with a phone, we encourage you to turn off your video.  The same goes for a computer with a bad/slow internet connection.  The reason for this is that you can cause the whole call to crash or at least cause your voice to come through all broken up and unintelligible.  

Thanks for reading and we hope to "see" you at one or all of our OAA Covid-19 Education Series of events!

More information to come about how to join in on these events.

Ross McCallum, LAc
President of the OAA
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