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Africa Transformation Network Happenings

Kumva 2016 
Our biggest event of the year is coming up.  It is our biannual conference which will be held in Tyler, Texas at the Glenwood Church of Christ from the 3rd to the 5th of June.  It is called Kumva Rwanda which means to: listen to or to hear Rwanda.  This year’s theme is Celebrating Partnership.  We invite you all who have partnered so deeply with us through the years to attend this conference and see the BIG PICTURE of all the great things God is doing here in Rwanda.

Cultural Center
On ATN’s property in Bugasera, things are developing rapidly.  Rwanda is quickly becoming an African Culture tourist destination.  Not to be left behind, ATN has now developed a cultural center on its property that tourist can soon begin stopping at to get a taste of rural African life.  This is part of our efforts to move towards greater sustainability within ATN and we are sure it will be a big hit in 2016.

                                                                 Come have Rwandan tea with us and experience rural African culture!

Sports Development
It has been a discouraging start to 2016 for us as we lost the opportunity to compete in the Rio Summer Olympic Games.  On the positive side, though, Rwanda Taekwondo Federation now has legal status in Rwanda as a local non-profit.  With this comes support from the government for the national teams and the development of the sport.  Additionally we were able to open up a district center for Taekwondo about 45 minutes journey outside of Kigali where we have our national junior team attending school and training daily.  More importantly a spiritual harvest is beginning to take place among the many Taekwondo players.  One of them, Savio Nizeyimana, you have heard much about  over the years.  He just fought the match of his life against the deadly enemy, malaria, and prevailed.  He really wanted me to thank all of you for your prayers!
Muhanga gym

 Savio healed!

Community Development 
This year has begun with another new well that will serve our communities near ATN’s property.  This well can provide clean water for up to eight hundred people and only cost $1600 to drill.  Additionally farmers are reporting bumper harvests from their banana and corn crops after being trained in our farming God’s way program.  One farmer even reported having tripled his yield from changing to the no-till farming methods!

Bumper crop

Vocational Training 
Our vocational training school is taking orphans and other vulnerable young men and women and training them in welding and construction.  This program is now producing iron and wood furniture that is now selling on a commercial level as well as some artisan iron works.  This has great potential to assist ATN to serve and bless Rwanda for years to come as part of our efforts towards sustainability.

Peace House/Ndabona
We continue to assist young men and women who have been relegated to the streets with our Peace House and Ndabona initiatives.  These works help the older young men and women train at our vocational school and the younger ones are assisted to return to primary school.  We seek to reintegrate all of these youths with their families and assist them in a transformative journey.  Many of the young ladies that had turned to prostitution are now off the streets and working jobs as seamstresses. 
Street boys no more!  These young boys are now back home with their families!

All of these efforts are empty social programs without the invitation to become a disciple of Jesus.  At this time the numbers haven’t been tabulated from last year’s growth, but in all we are looking at more than 290 groups now meeting in Rwanda.  As you know our vision statement is Kingdom Communities of Obedient Disciples Transforming and Redeeming Rwanda.  Rwanda is a relatively small nation, roughly the size of West Virginia, but with more than ten million inhabitants.  We could not be more thankful to God for this DMM, this Disciple Making Movement, that continues to expand God’s Kingdom in Rwanda and bring healing and transformation. 



Family Update ...

Our family is scattered now with Tucker in Oklahoma and Taylor in South Africa and the other four of us in Rwanda.  We continue to fare well and we keep up with each other through Facebook and Skype.  It has been a challenge but we knew it would happen eventually.  With Tanner and Trevor remaining with us in Rwanda we try to take in as many opportunities as we can such as recently attending the African Soccer championships held in Kigali.  We will all be together this summer and really look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming Kumva Rwanda in Tyler, Texas the first weekend in June.

The boys and Marty at the African Championships for soccer

Prayer requests and Praises:

Monday:  Love of Christ to defeat fear, hatred, and distrust in Rwanda,
Tuesday:  God to protect the current churches
Wednesday:  All churches to plant an additional church this year,
Thursday:  God to bless our family with perseverance,
Friday:  God to protect and bless ATN’s workers and disciple makers for their sacrifices,
Saturday:  Africa Transformation Network to mature in its self-reliance and financial structure,
Sunday: All churches to serve and transform their communities.

Monday:  Progress of Rwanda as a country of peace and hope,
Tuesday:  Great Rwandan leaders to work in and run all programs for ATN,
Wednesday:  Success of Rwanda Taekwondo and its impact on Rwanda,
Thursday:  Success of Ndabona service to ex-prostitutes that has now given around 100 faith in Jesus, work, family, and new lives,
Friday:  Success of Peace House to  get young men off the streets and reunite them with their families,
Saturday:  ATN able to accomplish great transforming service to Rwanda,
Sunday:  God has started a disciple making movement that will spill over to all nations around Rwanda.

We thank God for all of you and your partnership in the Good News of Jesus.
Marty, Louise,
Tucker, Taylor, Tanner, and Trevor Koonce

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