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Issue 22 | January 2015

A message from FISITA President, Paul Mascarenas

Welcome to the 22nd issue of insidetrack and our first of 2015. Let me start by wishing you all a happy and successful new year, one in which I'm sure we will continue to see progress and change in our industry at the rate we have been accustomed to over recent years - improved safety, fuel efficiency and emissions, connected cars and maybe even cars that drive themselves! Along with the technological advancements, we should also remember that purchasing and owning a vehicle is an emotional experience. For many families around the world, vehicle ownership is still an aspiration, along with the freedom and utility that the personal vehicle provides. 

At FISITA, we continue to focus on supporting the industry. Through our 38 member societies and 60 Honorary Committee member companies around the world, FISITA seeks to share knowledge and help guide the future direction of the industry in the ongoing quest to provide safer, more efficient and more affordable mobility solutions.

As reported later in this issue, I recently had the opportunity to present the 102nd Thomas Hawksley Lecture at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers headquarters in London. It was a perfect stage to present the work we do at FISITA and to put into context our various STEM education programmes and initiatives to help promote careers in automotive engineering. "Your Future in Automotive" has never offered so many opportunities, and as I said in my lecture, "It's never been a more exciting time to be an engineer!"

Dan Nicholson, Ted Robertson and Paul Mascarenas at the FISITA World Automotive Summit, 2014

It's been my honour to serve as FISITA President since June 2014 and my term runs until September 2016, when I handover to my successor, Mr Daniel Nicholson at the FISITA World Automotive Congress in Busan, Korea. Until that time, Dan, myself and the rest of the Executive Board have committed to work with the talented FISITA HQ staff, led by our recently appointed Chief Executive Chris Mason, to develop a comprehensive vision and plan for the future, embracing the foundational vision of the organisation whilst allowing for change in line with the needs of today's industry. 

We will continue to reach out to all our key stakeholders, both directly and through the various committees that are led and supported by our dedicated and committed band of volunteers. To all who have supported FISITA over the past years, I offer my personal thanks and appreciation. I look forward to working with you over the coming year as we continue to serve our industry members. 

Finally, on behalf of myself and the entire FISITA team, let me again wish you a happy and successful new year. I hope to see you at one of the many events I plan to attend throughout the year ahead, and I encourage you to engage with us in any way that you can.  

Paul Mascarenas
In this issue of insidetrack...

Looking back on 2014

2014 was one of FISITA's most successful years to date. Click on the image below to join us on an interactive journey through the events of the past year. 

FISITA President Paul Mascarenas is awarded an OBE

At the beginning of this year, FISITA learned the excellent news that our President Paul Mascarenas had been awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in Her Majesty the Queen's new year honours for services to the automotive industry. The honour recognises British citizens who have made an outstanding contribution in their area of activity or service, either locally or abroad. 

Of his award, Paul said, "To be recognised in this way is not only a tremendous honour for me personally, but it's a testimony to the many talented and committed people that I have had the opportunity to work with over the course of the my career. I hope that it will help inspire the next generation of engineers, while at FISITA it will encourage us to continue expanding the reach of our STEM programmes and promoting careers in automotive engineering."

The award acknowledges many years of service to the industry. In his career with Ford, Paul amassed extensive experience in Product Development, Program Management and Business Leadership, while on assignments in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.

FISITA Chief Executive Chris Mason commented that, "This honour reflects Paul's commitment to the automotive industry throughout his long an accomplished career. His current role as FISITA President demonstrates his contribution and status within the automotive engineering community. For Paul to receive an OBE is a fantastic personal achievement for him and also a great opportunity for us to demonstrate how the modern motor industry can provide talented engineers with fabulous career pathways." 

The full press release for this announcement can be found at

FISITA CEO Chris Mason visits Japan

In December, Chris Mason visited Japan on a number of FISITA related activities. The FISITA Finance Committee met and approved the operational budget for 2015, and Chris spent time with colleagues at the Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers (JSAE) and FISITA Honorary Committee members Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota. 

The visit to JSAE enabled FISITA to learn more about the positive and progressive work that our member society is participating in, including a yearly programme to engage school children in engineering, and an initiative promoting diversity in engineering that has led to the establishment of a female engineers committee within the JSAE structure which is growing fast and is set to contribute to the JSAE agenda. If you would like to read more about the work of JSAE you can download their 2014 Yearbook here:

The visits to FISITA Honorary Committee member companies generated excellent discussions and enabled Chris to learn how the relationship between FISITA and the business community can be developed for mutual gain. A priority activity supported by discussions in Japan is FISITA's continued role in advocating automotive engineering as a career choice for young people. This will see FISITA develop a trial student exchange programme that will provide Honorary Committee companies with the best new engineering talent.  If you are interested in discussing and supporting this development activity please contact Chris directly at

FISITA joins the #ConnectedCar debate

In December of last year, FISITA participated in the Connected Car conference in Brussels, organised by the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA). Over 200 delegates attended the conference to hear industry and policy experts discuss ways in which automotive connectivity technologies will transform personal mobility and the auto industry as a whole in the next few years. 

The conference included a 'Secure Connectivity' panel discussion that focussed on how the automotive industry might attempt to strike a balance between connection and protection. Speakers from Ford, Daimler and Volvo Cars agreed that cyber-security was one of the highest priorities for all OEMs. Monika Kuschewsky, Special Counsel in Covington's Privacy and Data Security practice, suggested that since technology was moving faster than the law, it would be beneficial for the industry to design a code of conduct for cyber-security. She proposed that the industry might be better placed to provide solutions for cyber security than legislators.

Standardisation and international cooperation for ITS was a hot topic at the conference. The recently announced ITS Corridor linking Rotterdam to Vienna via Frankfurt is one of the most ambitious projects to date because it will be the first to harmonise standards among different countries. Hermann Meyer, Chief Executive Officer at ERTICO - ITS Europe, said that a roadmap for deployment of ITS should be finished within 14 months. 

Connected vehicles are gaining momentum, but there remain several voices in the connected car debate, and the automotive sector must make itself heard. Perhaps Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Renault-Nissan Alliance, ACEA President and 2011 FISITA Medal winner, said it best: "There is little doubt that connectivity is in the future and the market is pushing us there. As we have done in the past century we will reinvent and innovate our way to the future."

For more information about the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association, visit
You can watch the full Connected Car conference at

Driving the future of personal mobility

In December of last year, FISITA President Paul Mascarenas was invited to deliver the 102nd Thomas Hawksley Prestige Lecture at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) in London. Over the years, this prestigious lecture series has covered a diverse range of topics from 21st century space flight to Formula One racing. 

For his subject, Paul chose personal mobility, defining mobility as "safe, efficient and affordable transportation of people, goods and services - whenever and wherever is necessary."

To the IMechE members in attendance Paul proposed that a number of macro societal and economic trends threaten the long term viability of personal mobility. The automotive industry needs to innovate and reinvent mobility solutions to avoid being outstripped by non-automotive companies, and engineers are vital to this process. It's a challenge, but one that the industry can rise to. As Paul put it, "It's never been more exciting to be an engineer."

Paul's presentation of the available data made it difficult to refute the challenges of the future. By 2024, the global population could be 8 billion, with a possible 70% living in megacities by 2050. These statistics show that whether personal vehicles are electric, autonomous or otherwise, if the industry continues on its current curve a state of global gridlock is a very real possibility. 

The auto industry will not be able to solve these problems independently, and the industry as a whole must keep pace with technology being developed by non-traditional players. Solutions will often depend on maintainable infrastructure, so it is important for the auto industry to look outwards to the social and political sciences that will assist the integration of change on a mass scale. 

Engineers are at the forefront of the pursuit of safe, efficient and affordable transportation. They must feel free to innovate, to think big, imagine the user experience, leverage technology and believe in an improved world. The auto industry needs to work with many engineering disciplines - civil, mechanical, electrical, computer sciences, analytics - in order to strive towards a mobility model that works for all. 

You can access the full presentation by Paul Mascarenas at

Flying the flag for young engineers

STEM. You have probably heard about it, but you may not know what it means or how important it is for the automotive industry. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and FISITA is amongst several organisations whose goal is to get young people studying STEM subjects.

For this featured article, FISITA met with STEM Ambassador Stephanie Coates to learn about her outreach work. 

Stephanie is a Project Manager at Fishbone Solutions, a new company based in the United Kingdom that provides engineering and commercial consultancy services to the transport industry. Fishbone Solutions recognise that in order to fill the skills shortage gap, there must be investment in young people. Alongside this, it is vital that people who are motivated and inspired by engineering in their own careers act as mentors for the next generation. 

Fishbone Solutions actively encouraged Stephanie to continue her work as a STEM Ambassador with STEMNET, a network that connects mentors with young people. She has developed her own skills and contributed towards her professional development by spending time in schools and further education establishments undertaking a range of activities, from building potato powered clocks with primary school children, to being on the judging panel for a rail engineering challenge for prospective university students. 

Speaking about being a STEM Ambassador, Stephanie told insidetrack, "As a young engineer and a woman there aren't enough people that I meet who are in a similar position to me. If I were to be at school leaving age once more and I had the influence of organisations like STEMNET, I know it would have made a big impact towards changing my preconceived ideas of what a career as a STEM professional would entail."

When FISITA spoke with Stephanie, she had recently arrived back in the U.K. following a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels. A joint venture between the U.K. group Young Rail Professionals (YRP) and their Dutch equivalent Jonge Veranderaars (JV), they lobbied for better integrated European rail services, an opportunity Stephanie gained through her work in STEM.

"I hope that my work as an ambassador will help, even in the smallest of ways, towards changing the general perception of the automotive and rail industry. It's an exciting place to work with opportunities for fast progression and increased responsibilities with some hard graft." 

FISITA believes that outreach work such as Stephanie’s is part of the solution to the overall problem faced by the automotive engineering community: getting young people excited about the opportunities our global industry offers. FISITA is dedicated to inspiring the engineers of the future through its various education schemes, details of which can be found at 

For more information about Fishbone Solutions visit Twitter: @Fishbone_UK

JSAE 2014 Yearbook available now

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