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Issue 43 | December 2016
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Welcome to Issue 43 of insidetrack

Following on from November’s ‘Congress Special’ newsletter, this month we close out the year with an insidetrack report dedicated to the 2016 World Automotive Summit, held last month in Palo Alto, California. This year’s Summit was a tremendous conference, delivering the highest quality standard within an excellent environment - this is what members of FISITA’s Honorary Committee have come to expect of this technical leadership event. 

It would be repetitive of me to summarise the key points from the Summit, as the insidetrack report does this very well. What I would like to comment upon is the nature of the collaborative spirit that is evident whenever we bring the FISITA technical community together. We have been fortunate this year to have held the Congress and Summit within a few weeks of each other and I have been honoured and flattered to have played a role within each. For me, what is obvious is the continued relevance of FISITA in an ever-changing technological landscape, and how the international community of engineers, brought together by FISITA, uses the platform to innovate and collaborate on many shared challenges and opportunities - which the rapid advancement in areas of technology such as autonomy, connectivity, safety and emissions are bringing to the fore.

I would like to close 2016 by thanking you for your continued support of me and the staff team and ultimately our shared agenda. As we look forward to 2017 that shared agenda is clearer than ever: ‘Engineers deliver solutions, FISITA will continue to support them to do so’.

All the best to you and your families at this time.
In this issue of insidetrack...
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An outstanding World Automotive Summit in Silicon Valley
Our 7th annual FISITA World Automotive Summit took place in Silicon Valley, United States, in November where over 100 technical leaders from around the world gathered to participate in this year's event, entitled ‘Leading Disruption in the Automotive Industry'.

During the two-day Summit, delegates received 15 innovative and inspiring presentations from a range of respected individuals and organisations from automotive and partner industries including Facebook, Ford, GM, Stanford University, Toyota, U.S. Department of Energy and the California Air Resources Board. They provided thought leadership and guidance around what is expected to be a historical period in the automotive mobility landscape. New to the Summit this year, the World Café concept generated excellent discussion and debate, while the inclusion of a graphic artist enabled us to record discussions using a visual approach - see below for more on these new features.

As part of the social programme, delegates were taken to the world leading research and teaching institution, Stanford University, where they dined at the famous Faculty Club. On the second night, Summit attendees were taken to the Computer History Museum, at the heart of Silicon Valley, where they attended a strolling drinks reception and received the Closing Remarks from the Museum President & Chief Executive Officer, John C Hollar and Pamela Fletcher, Executive Chief Engineer, General Motors.

Chris Mason, FISITA CEO, said: “We were delighted to be in Silicon Valley for our fantastic World Automotive Summit - a fitting location to lead discussions surrounding our innovative and diverse industry. A series of inspiring speakers delivered unique, often provocative, yet consistent messages, while our international delegates brought significant contribution and vision to our World Café session.”

Thanks to those that completed the Summit survey - the results of which are currently being analysed, and initial feedback is extremely positive. If you have any further comments, please email these directly to Kelly Williams at

We now look to 2017 and the Summit Programme Committee met in Silicon Valley to discuss the options for next year. We'll be confirming these details early in the New Year, so look out for save the date information coming soon.

Click below for the photo album from the event as well as the Summit presentations that we have permission to publish.
View a selection of Summit of presentations here
Click here to view the Summit photo album
World Café concept introduced to Summit
This year, a significant innovation to the Summit programme involved a World Café concept, in order to allow more peer-to-peer discussion and creative collaboration. Summit attendees were split into tables of ten and were presented with the three questions below, to which they were asked to share their thinking:
  • The 100 plus year-long journey of the automotive industry is a success story despite significant changes, economical challenges and multiple evolutions. What has made this industry and its products successful?
  • Based on your own insight and the information shared by the subject matter experts during this Summit, what are the most significant, most disruptive challenges to mobility systems going forward?
  • How can FISITA take the learnings from this Summit and provide guidance to the world’s engineers to achieve their goals and create solutions which continually push the boundaries of technology and improve society, especially where they relate to mobility, safety and the environment?
The session proved to be extremely successful and we gained significant and thought-provoking insight into the industry, which was recorded by the graphic artists and included in the FISITA White Paper. It also provided a fantastic networking opportunity for the technical leaders attending, enabling them to connect and share best-practices.
Summit White Paper
We are pleased to have published the FISITA Summit 2016 White Paper, which summarises key dialogue and discussion from the event. The World Café provided excellent industry insight among Summit attendees, which is included in the White Paper.

While delegates agreed cooperation and competition has brought success to the industry, mobility systems engineers face significant challenges including:
  • An engineering talent gap
  • The speed of technological change
  • New competition
  • Maximizing the mobility asset
  • Transportation being used as a service
  • Commoditization of MaaS
A common sentiment among delegates was that greater communication, collaboration with regulators and promoting engineering education will support to resolve some of these issues within FISITA membership.

These key summaries and subsequent actions will be used in the future by FISITA for industry, societal and academic activity, including important stakeholder communications. The outcomes of the Summit will also be used as guidance for the recently formed FISITA Industry Committee as well as pre-existing Committees and activities.

This White Paper is intended to be used as a valuable resource to the community so please do share with your colleagues and within your networks. Click below to download a PDF version or if you would like us to send this to you directly, please email

Click here to download the White Paper
Graphic artist at the Summit
For the first time this year, Summit presentations and World Café discussions were all recorded in real-time by graphic artists. The visuals that were captured will create lasting graphic interpretations demonstrating the flow of thought and brainstorming ideas generated by the in-depth Summit discussions.

As soon as the graphics were finalised after each session, they were displayed around the Summit meeting rooms and became a talking point for all attendees. These graphics are a fantastic addition to the Summit and have provided us with rich content that we are happy to share with our members and others among our community.

All of the graphics produced at Summit are available to download, by clicking the button below. If you would like us to send you any of these graphics in a different format please email

View all of the Summit graphics here
Closing remarks at the Computer History Museum
We were delighted to host the Summit Closing Remarks at the Computer History Museum - the world’s leading institution exploring the history of computing and its ongoing impact on society - where their President & Chief Executive Officer, John C Hollar, gave an inspiring presentation to delegates.

We were honoured to host Pamela Fletcher, Executive Chief Engineer, General Motors, who closed the Summit sessions with her presentation on autonomous and ride sharing. Following her presentation, Pamela commented: “It was a pleasure to speak at FISITA’s World Automotive Summit in Silicon Valley. Our industry is transforming at an unprecedented pace. It was great to experience FISITA’s continued support of the engineering community to connect and collaborate in order to maintain this period of rapid innovation.”

Conclusions from the World Café were also presented to delegates within this session using the graphics as visual aids, before the final remarks were delivered by FISITA CEO Chris Mason and FISITA President Dan Nicholson.
Further information about the Summit here
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