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Issue 23 | February 2015

Welcome to Issue 23 of insidetrack

EuroBrake 2015 is the first major event of the year and with registration now open is rapidly approaching, so it gave me great pleasure to see the launch of the Daimler Student Innovation Competition last week. This competition is new to the EuroBrake event and I fully expect it to become a part of the landscape for many years to come, as FISITA develops its strategy to engage with young people and promote automotive engineering as a career pathway of choice. I hope you will be able to support this initiative through promoting it within your organisation or to your own members in support of our industry's continued push to engage with young engineers in a meaningful way. Please find the competition e-flyer here

Our colleagues from SAE-China have provided us with an excellent case study which will be delivered to you in two parts. The study provides insight as to how they drew on their experience of hosting FISITA 2012, combined with over twenty years events experience, to help them develop and grow their own SAECCE events. For me, this case study demonstrates much of what is great about the FISITA community, with SAE-China being transparent in sharing their learning with the wider FISITA membership in order to support others. I look forward to insidetrack delivering the second part of this case study next month and I encourage you to talk with us about sharing your own experiences through this newsletter. 

It is also great to see FISITA promoting iTEC organised by SAEIndia, and SIMEA organised through the Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineering. SIMEA is an established and successful event which already benefits from FISITA Patronage, and topical for me as I enjoyed meeting the new AEA President, Mr Edson Orikassa at FISITA's London office on Friday 6 February. During the meeting, we discussed matters regarding events, global networking, technological development, education and student work placements in oder to develop a closer working relationship between our organisations. It was a very informative and successful discussion that will provide many further opportunities for us both. 

Of course, we cannot always enjoy the luxury of meeting in person so I am happy to arrange to speak with you on the telephone. If you would like to arrange a call, please let me know via - but if you are ever in London be sure to contact me directly to arrange a meet. 

All the best
In this issue of insidetrack...

FISITA and Daimler launch Student Innovation Competition

The next ten years will see startling technological developments across the entire engineering world and brake systems will have to modernise to keep pace with the accelerating industry. With this in mind, FISITA and Daimler have teamed up to launch a Student Innovation Competition that inspires students to imagine what brakes will look like in 2025. 

To enter the competition university students will design an A2 technical poster tackling one aspect of what brakes will be like in the future. This global initiative encourages future engineers to think big, be creative, and to envision future technologies. 

Thirty winners will each be awarded EUR 300 to travel to Dresden, Germany to attend EuroBrake, the world's largest braking technology conference and exhibition organised by FISITA. A three day programme of events is arranged to immerse the winners in an international conference experience, including an exclusive Q&A with industry executives, a private tour of the city and the competition grand final that gives students the unique opportunity to exhibit their work in front of all EuroBrake delegates. A judging panel of braking experts from industry and academia will award three top prizes of EUR 500 to the Best Presenter, Best Project and Most Innovative Idea. 

Chris Mason described the competition as a "Fantastic opportunity for young people to become engaged with the motor industry. The partnership with Daimler represents FISITA's long-term commitment to investing in the careers of young people, the lifeblood of our industry."

The deadline for entries to the competition is Tuesday 31 March 2015. EuroBrake takes place at the International Congress Centre, Dresden, Germany between 4-6 May 2015. More information can be found at

Case Study: Improving SAE-China Congress & Exhibition Part I

In this special two-part Case Study from SAE-China, the organisers of the China Congress and Exhibition (SAECCE) give insidetrack a detailed breakdown of how to maintain the technical and operational quality of an international congress. 

Established in 1963, SAE-China held 19 successful congresses before hosting the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress in Beijing. The challenges of organising an international congress of the size and scope of FISITA 2012 provided SAE-China with the platform from which to learn what makes a successful international event year after year.

Combine the technical congress and commercial exhibition

SAE-China's 2013 and 2014 congresses hosted exhibitions that covered an area of over 10,000m2. Delegate attendance has risen from 4,000 to 8,000 in merely two years, a result of combining the technical congress and exhibition, enhancing the professional level of the event, whilst providing companies with opportunities to showcase their products.

Importance of deadlines

Following FISITA 2012, SAE-China made the decision to host their annual conference at the end of October. Working towards this date, they stipulated strict deadlines for paper submissions, programme publication and all administrative aspects. This allows speakers and companies to prepare earlier, and ensures the success of the event.

Diversified sessions

SAE-China’s congresses offer a wide range of sessions, satisfying a diverse audience of different professional levels. Plenary sessions are aimed at a select group of leading figures with technical background to indicate the future direction of dominant technologies. Technical sessions have a wider appeal, encouraging participation from more of the industry. Special sessions are aimed at senior engineers, allowing for in-depth, highly technical discussions. This diversification of sessions makes the overall congress appealing to a wider audience, catering for varying expertise in more areas of the industry. 

By the industry, for the industry

Automotive companies and industry experts are invited to assist SAE-China in the organisational side of the congress. Each year, over ten technical sub-committees including representatives from leading companies, make up the organisational structure that realises the SAE-China Congress. 

Technical Paper Publication

Prior to FISITA 2012, the SAE-China Congress was a largely domestic event. Following the Call for Papers, SAE-China realised the benefit of collecting papers in English language, both in China and abroad. In 2014, SAE-China collaborated once again with Springer, publishing 52 English language papers.

Part two of this Case Study from SAE-China will appear in the next issue of insidetrack, where the congress organisers present a review and analysis of the 2014 SAE-China Congress and Exhibition. 

The 2015 SAE-China Congress and Exhibition will be held from 27-29 October 2015 in Shanghai. For more information, visit: 

Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering

FISITA is delighted to announce a major publishing initiative, a high quality, globally coordinated reference work to enhance education, training and research in automotive engineering. 

The Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering offers authoritative and comprehensive coverage on the wide range of automotive engineering topics, providing a point of reference for entry-level engineers, industry experts, students and academics. 

Fully searchable with extensive cross referencing and guidance on additional technical work and research findings, the encyclopedia is available now from the FISITA Bookstore, with FISITA member societies receiving an exclusive discount. 

For more information visit 

Creating pathways for future talent

As part of FISITA's ongoing commitment to supporting future engineering talent, 
the FISITA Travel Bursary has awarded over EUR 150,000 to young engineers from 35 countries. FISITA has facilitated placements for students at major automotive engineering companies including AUDI, Ford and General Motors, and research departments in Berkeley, Cambridge and Berlin.  

In this special report for insidetrack, engineering student Mark Pfeiffer describes his experience conducting research in the Model Predictive Control Lab at the University of California, Berkeley.

"Studying at the University of California, Berkeley is a dream for most of the engineering students around the world. As part of my Masters degree thesis in Mechanical Engineering, I had the opportunity to conduct research in the area of control of autonomous vehicles. However, the living expenses in the San Francisco and the Bay area are very high. The FISITA Travel Bursary provided me with the financial support I needed to handle those expenses. 

During my time at Berkeley, I realised the difficulties involved in programming an autonomous system to behave in a similar way to a human being. Although my background was in engine controls, my experience working with autonomous vehicle systems led me to move on to a Ph.D. programme in the area of path planning for autonomous vehicles at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). 

During my time there, I was able to visit Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California as part of the Robotics, Science and Systems Conference where I was able to ride in a Google autonomous car and witness how the vehicle behaved in urban driving situations. 

My time in the United States was a great success for me. Working and living in California was a unique experience, both from a cultural and professional point of view. I was able to socialise with people from all over the world, make new friends, improve my language skills and research an area of developing automotive technology significance. 

I am extremely grateful to FISITA and SAE Switzerland for supporting me throughout the six months of my placement. It was an unforgettable and life changing experience."

Mark Pfeiffer studied a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering in Dynamic Systems, Control and Robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). He is now researching his Ph.D. in the field of autonomous vehicles at the Autonomous Systems Lab (ETH Zurich). 

The next Robotics, Science & Systems Conference brings together researchers working on algorithmic or mathematical foundations of robotics, robotics applications, and analysis of robotic systems. Conference: 13-15 July 2015. Workshops: 16-17 July 2015. Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. For more information, visit

EuroBrake 2015: Registration now open, and Preliminary Programme available to download

Registration for EuroBrake 2015, the world's leading braking technology conference and exhibition organised by FISITA, is now open. Join us at the International Congress Centre in Dresden, Germany from 4-6 May 2015 for what promises to be our biggest conference to date, with a technical programme featuring 100+ papers, a Strategy Panel that sees industry and academia combine to face the challenges of the future, a wide range of technical and cultural tours, and the launch of the Daimler Student Innovation Competition.

To register for EuroBrake 2015, visit:

The EuroBrake 2015 Preliminary Programme is available now, featuring the full technical and social programme, exhibition floor plan and exhibitor profiles, detailed information about all plenary sessions including the EuroBrake 2015 Strategy Panel and descriptions of the variety of technical and cultural tours on offer at the conference. 

To download the EuroBrake 2015 Preliminary Programme, visit:
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Call for Papers

SIMEA - International Symposium of Automotive Engineering
Organised by Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineering (AEA)

25-26 August 2015, Sao Paulo, Brazil

For over 30 years, SIMEA has aimed to present strategies, solutions, techniques and innovations for mobility. This year's theme is "Technology and Connectivity Improving Mobility" and the deadline for submitting abstracts is 9 April 2015.

Register your paper at
iTEC - International Transportation Electrification Conference India
Organised by SAEINDIA
27-29 August 2015, Chennai, India

iTEC is aimed at helping the automotive industry in the transition from conventional vehicles to advanced electrified vehicles, addressing technical interests related to the electrification in the transportation sectors. Deadline for submitting abstracts is 6 March 2015.

Submit your abstract at
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