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Issue 37 | May 2016

Welcome to Issue 37 of insidetrack

With so much activity going on within the FISITA network, I find it a challenge to write an introduction for this month’s InsideTrack that isn't as long as the newsletter itself! 

To begin I would like to thank all our friends and members for their time and support during last month’s trip to Detroit and the surrounding areas. We held a very productive meeting of the Executive Board in Dearborn, while various other meetings and visits made the trip a great success.

I also spent two days at the SAE World Summit in Detroit, meeting with many of our members and potential members, while taking in the management and technical programmes. It continues to be an excellent event and my congratulations to the SAE team for a great effort and quality programme, as ever. My highlight was having the privilege of listening to the Banquet Speech from Takeshi Uchiyamada, Chairman of the Board, Toyota Motor Corporation. I’ve been lucky enough to hear speeches from many industry leaders over the years and this was one of, if not the best I’ve heard. 

A very engaging style made his extraordinary career achievements very tangible - I loved listening to such a technical genius talk in such an open, entertaining and humble manner, with a pride that clearly inspires – thank you to the now ‘Grandfather of the Prius’!

In this month’s newsletter, we have exciting announcements to make regarding continued development activities and member engagement – the creation of our Work Experience Programme and Industry Committee requires the support and contribution of members, in order to ensure we continue to deliver relevant products and services as we support the ever changing needs of our industry. At this stage we need support from Honorary Committee members to roll out a work experience pilot and volunteers to support the creation of the Industry Committee – if you are interested please contact me directly at

I am delighted to include a Q&A from UK Government Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Department for Transport, Andrew Jones MP. This follows an insightful look at the UK government approach to mobility development from Andrew’s colleague, Michael Hurwitz, at last year’s World Automotive Summit in London. It’s a great interview and I look forward to asking the same questions to other politicians from around the world as we develop this initiative.

I hope you find this month’s edition of InsideTrack informative, if you have any suggestions for content or development ideas please do get in touch, you know the email –

All the best
Chief Executive, FISITA
In this issue of insidetrack...
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FISITA's Work Experience Programme

A key component of FISITA's mission is to support engineering talent experience and develop career opportunities within our industry. Following discussions with many of our members, we are delighted to introduce the FISITA Work Experience Programme, as part of our Road Map to 2020 plans. This will allow students and young engineers from our Member Societies the exclusive opportunity of direct access to an ever growing number of work experience opportunities with corporate members of the FISITA Honorary Committee.

We already have offers from Honorary Committee members to support a placement pilot, in order to establish process and protocol. We are now looking to secure further placements before opening the process to Member Societies to promote the programme and open applications from their student members. Placements will vary in terms of timeframe and opportunity, in-line with the FISITA Honorary Committee member offering; in the first instance we ask that placements deliver ‘a positive and persuasive experience of a career pathway within the automotive/mobility sector’. An initial evaluation will be conducted in order to apply benchmark criteria agreed for each placement, and then the host company will select the most suitable candidate(s) from application received by FISITA.

If you are interested in offering work experience opportunities via this exciting programme and are a current member of the FISITA Honorary Committee please contact Hayley Millar, FISITA's Education Officer, at or +44 (0) 1279 883477. If you are not currently a member of the FISITA Honorary Committee please visit here to find out more about joining.
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FISITA to create 'Industry Committee'

FISITA is establishing an exclusive Industry Committee that will comprise of corporate members from FISITA’s Honorary Committee. The work of the Committee will drive collaboration among FISITA’s Honorary Committee community and support the global automotive industry in its transition to the mobility sector. The Industry Committee will set its own objectives, however there are two priority projects to which the group will be asked to provide immediate support:

Engineer 2030
A project being developed with the FISITA Academic Advisory Board (AAB) to evaluate the skill profile and technical need of industry via creation of a ‘skills map’ stretching out 5, 10 and 20 years. This project requires the input of industry and further development collaboration between the Industry Committee and AAB.

Work Experience Project 
As detailed within this newsletter, supporting the delivery of FISITA’s Road Map to 2020, the Work Experience Programme is geared at creating an international pipeline of young engineering talent from academia through to FISITA Honorary Committee members via our Member Societies.

To find out more information about FISITA’s Industry Committee, including details on membership and nominations, please contact FISITA CEO Chris Mason at
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Register now for EuroBrake 2016

The world's largest braking technology conference and exhibition returns for 2016. EuroBrake 2016 will take place from 13 - 15 June in Milan, Italy and will attract engineers, scientists, executives and students in the areas of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, rail and aerospace. This year's prestigious event will be the biggest and best yet as the event will deliver over 100 technical presentations and 100 exhibitors to delegates.

The Technical Programme for EuroBrake 2016 features a range of compelling sessions, including the Opening Plenary, that will be delivered by experts from around the world. Following from the success of 2015, the Strategy Panels will be of interest both to those new to the industry and also those wishing to update their knowledge and expertise. 

EuroBrake 2016 promises exceptional opportunities for delegates to network with their peers and meet new and existing exhibitors, so we look forward to welcoming you to the MiCo Milano Congressi - Europe's largest conference venue!
Click here to register as a EuroBrake delegate
Interview with UK government: Roads Minister Andrew Jones

Following an excellent contribution at FISITA's World Automotive Summit 2015, we asked the UK government to share more details exclusively with FISITA members. Andrew Jones MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport in the UK, speaks to insidetrack about the UK's investment in autonomous vehicle technology.

What is your vision of connected vehicles in the UK and the rest of the world?
I believe advances in connected and autonomous vehicle technology have the potential to transform transport systems in the UK and around the world. They can deliver safer roads, give people who currently find travel difficult the freedom to get around, and create new high value jobs in the technology and automotive sectors.

The connected vehicle of tomorrow can cut congestion and make travel more enjoyable. Connectivity is already improving the way we travel. The UK is leading the way in the testing of new technology and we are determined to be world leaders in the development and rollout of connected vehicles.  We will continue to provide a welcoming environment for innovative technology, which will provide wider social benefits and open up new opportunities for investment in the UK.   

What influence is the UK having on developing the ‘autonomous vehicle industry’?
This government is investing heavily in so-called “driverless” technologies so the UK can be a world leader. We are spending £100 million on research through an Intelligent Mobility Fund. We are also funding trials of driverless cars which are set to get underway this year on local roads in Bristol, Coventry and Milton Keynes, and Greenwich. 

Getting the regulations right so driverless technology can thrive is also crucial. We have already published a world-leading Code of Practice making the UK one of the best places to test connected and autonomous vehicles without the burden of permits and bonds that are required by some countries.

What are the major infrastructure challenges?
There are still many unknowns about the way in which the technology will develop.

I think the key challenge for government and transport network operators is to ensure we put the right infrastructure in place at the right time. We must not pre-empt the development of the technology but help facilitate it. 

How do you respond to critics of autonomous vehicles?
This technology has the potential to save lives, lighten the load on our transport network and give the disabled and people who find travel difficult the freedom to get around more easily. These are real benefits for our society.

We have some work to do to overcome the barriers, but working with industry and academia and engaging with the public I am sure we can do that. 

How do you see the automotive engineering sector evolving in the future?
It is likely that we will see major changes in the way that future vehicles are developed, manufactured and used. There is a chance for new ultra-low carbon vehicles to thrive. We must ensure that the UK workforce has the skills they need to succeed. 

How can your work support FISITA and our members?
Connected and autonomous vehicle technologies are a rapidly developing area and government is committed to facilitating their development.

We are working with academia, industry and the automotive sector to understand current priorities.

Can you tell us about your work with other global tech organisations? 
One of the exciting things is the way skills and expertise from different sectors are being drawn together. 

We are already seeing leading figures in mechanical and electrical engineering working with experts in software engineering and artificial intelligence on new vehicles.

I'm keen to make sure the UK Government is also drawing on the widest possible perspective as we deliver our programme.
University of Michigan and Toyota to transform mobility

The University of Michigan is collaborating with FISITA Honorary Committee member Toyota as part of a major autonomous vehicle research base at their Ann Arbor campus. The Toyota Research Institute is scheduled to open in June, where research funding will focus on artificial intelligence and robotics to support fully autonomous, or chauffeured, driving and to accelerate scientific discovery in materials science.

The Institute programme aims to enhance the safety of vehicles with the ultimate goal of creating a car that is incapable of causing a crash, regardless of the skill or condition of the driver. The institute is working to increase access to cars for those who otherwise cannot drive; to transform products for outdoor mobility into products for indoor mobility; and to accelerate scientific discovery by applying techniques from artificial intelligence and machine learning to other areas, particularly materials science, in order to lower costs and improve performance of future mobility systems.
Click here to read more about the partnership
World Motoring Heritage Year 
FIVA is celbrating its 50th anniversary
Chris and Paul at a FIVA stand
FIVA, the international federation of historic vehicles, has named 2016 as World Motoring Heritage Year – both in recognition of its motoring history, and to celebrate a new dawn for the historic vehicle movement throughout the world. Patrick Rollet, President of FIVA, says: â€œAt a time when new technology and autonomous cars are poised to change the face of motoring forever, you only need look at the similarly dramatic shift in transport at the end of the 19th Century – when horses were almost entirely replaced by motor vehicles – to see a vibrant future for classic cars as recreational vehicles. Indeed, there are some startling parallels between the environmental crisis of the 1800s, and the challenges facing the motor industry today."

Similar to FISITA, FIVA is a non-profit-making enterprise that was set up in Paris and currently represents 85 member organisations in more than 64 countries, on behalf of millions of individuals with a passion for historic cars, motorcycles or utilitarian vehicles. We would be delighted to hear from any of our Member Societies to find out if they are in contact with their national FIVA Member. To tell us about your association with FIVA, please contact Patrick Carpenter, FISITA's Communications Officer, at or +44 (0) 1279 883475.
Read the FIVA news release
FISITA Patronage event in Austria

The 37th Vienna International Motor Symposium took place at the end of April, organised by FISITA Member Society the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers. The Symposium featured a special presentation from FISITA Honorary Committee member Volkswagen, who displayed the latest generation of their EA211 TSI evo engine, which is reported to be significantly more efficient than previous engine generations.

The Symposium was granted FISITA Patronage, which is awarded to international events with a proven track record, high technical quality and global significance. If you would like more information about how FISITA can provide support to your events, including details on our Patronage offering,  please contact Hollie Waterman, FISITA's Member Services Assistant, at or +44 (0) 1279 883479.

Image copyright: @ÖVK/Doris Kucera
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FISITA caption competition
The image above was taken at the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, as colleagues gathered for FISITA's Executive Board meeting. Let us know your favourite captions and we'll reveal the best next month. Please send suggestions to Patrick Carpenter, FISITA's Communications Officer, at
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FT Future of the Car Summit 2016
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