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Issue 24 | March 2015

Welcome to Issue 24 of insidetrack

This month we announce the excellent news that the FISITA World Automotive Summit 2015 will be held in London on the 11 and 12 November. The U.K. has of course played an important role in the developing motor industry over the last 100 years or so and will continue to contribute significantly as we transition towards a landscape of autonomy, connectivity and mobility solutions. 

The FISITA World Automotive Summit is a 'by invitation' event, held by FISITA on an annual basis for members of our Honorary Committee. Importantly, the subject matter and programme of the event is created each year by Honorary Committee members to ensure they deliver content that is relevant to them, as well as providing an opportunity to share, discuss and debate matters of importance to them while networking with their industry colleagues. 

Also in this issue we have the second instalment of the SAE-China case study, following last month's well-received feature. The second instalment is equally informative as our Chinese colleagues share more insight into their approach to events, continual improvement and delivery excellence. If you would like to share your experience in a similar way, please get in touch - we would love to hear from you and share your news with the FISITA community. 

My colleague Mani Rai met with the U.K. Institution of Engineering and Technology team recently in order to continue our focus on developing relevant relationships. A number of matters were discussed, including cyber security, an area in which the IET is working to support our industry. As we know, the approaches used by criminals in committing car crime have advanced significantly in recent years as vehicles have become more technologically advanced. Where once a broken window and ignition barrel were the route to stealing a vehicle, it is now a laptop and remote connection, presenting a different challenge which the IET is helping to support industry with. The IET are also accepting abstract submissions for their 'System Safety and Cyber Security Conference' in October. You can find out more in the 'Call for Papers' section of this issue. 

Finally, it is application time for this year's first round of FISITA Travel Bursary awards. We are proud to have used this mechanism to provide significant financial support to an ever growing number of students around the world, supporting the flow of young engineering talent into our industry whilst providing them with the first steps on their automotive engineering pathways. I hope you can support this initiative and join FISITA in helping to inspire the next generation of engineers to experience their future in automotive. 

All the best
In this issue of insidetrack...

FISITA announces the 6th World Automotive Summit to be held in London, U.K.

The 6th FISITA World Automotive Summit will be hosted in the heart of London, U.K. at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel from the 11-12 November 2015. This year's Summit features a special Gala Dinner and private tour of the Tower of London, the royal palace that houses the crown jewels and the setting for key historical events throughout English and European history. 

The FISITA World Automotive Summit brings together top technical executives, scientists, academics, public policy makers and NGOs to discuss a theme of strategic importance to the automotive industry and wider society. 

This year's theme is "Personal Mobility and the Impact on our Auto Industry" and will analyse how modern societies rely on personal mobility and how it will impact our future.

Visionary leaders from government, industry and research will join together to discuss mobility needs, innovations, connected cars, autonomous vehicles, information management, and standards and regulation. 

Innovative and inspiring presentations from automotive and external industries will generate lively debate and help shape future strategies for global urban mobility solutions.

For more information, visit

Case Study: Improving SAE-China Congress & Exhibition Part II

In the last issue of insidetrack we featured part one of our special two-part Case Study from SAE-China on their organisation of congresses following the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress in Beijing. In part two, SAE-China will use their 2014 Congress & Exhibition to demonstrate how improvements to their annual congresses were made following FISITA 2012 using the following principles and activities (assesed in Part One of the Case Study):
  • By the industry, for the industry
  • Combine the technical congress and commercial exhibition
  • Diversified sessions
  • Technical paper publication
  • Importance of deadlines

Improvement of academic exchange

Leading academics within the Chinese automotive industry contributed to 2014 SAECCE by attending Plenary Sessions, organising Special Sessions and Technical Sessions and delivering presentations. Technical leaders from OEMs and suppliers were invited to both Plenary Sessions enabling them to share company strategies through presentations and follow-up discussions. The CTO Closed Door Summit proved especially successful, gathering CTOs from 14 Chinese OEMs and Deans of automotive engineering schools in major domestic universities. This resulted in the publication of the '2014 CTO Declaration'. Overall, more than 100 experts contributed to the improvement of the congress' academic level and expanded the influence of SAECCE, guiding the progress of automotive technologies. 

Improvement of technical papers

685 technical papers were submitted to 2014 SAECCE from a broad range of research areas. With almost 200 experts making up the congress' reviewing team, 423 papers were selected for inclusion, ensuring a diverse array of high quality technical content.

The Congress exhibition 

The technical relevance and quality of SAECCE was improved by showcasing winners of the 2014 China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award, as well as by displaying the latest product innovations from new and returning companies.

Cross-industry knowledge exchange 

The CTO Closed Door Summit at the beginning of SAECCE focussed on the integration of the connected car and set the tone for bringing diverse industry areas together to exchange knowledge and share ideas. The 'Low Carbon Mobility - Scenario and Analysis' session invited representatives from the transportation, automobile, technology and vehicle economy industries to attend and actively contribute to the discussions. This communication across multiple industry types to form certain academic viewpoints is a definite highlight of 2014 SAECCE.

Global cooperation

The scope of SAECCE continues to expand and the increasingly active involvement of automotive engineering organisations around the world is vital in ensuring the congress' continued relevance. Along with support from FISITA, SAE-China organised activities in cooperation with JSAE, KSAE and NACSAE. Domestic support was sought from local governments and organisations. SAE-China drew on resources around the world, from industry to academia, to expand the influence of SAECCE and ensure its continuous progress towards being an international, professional and high quality technology conference and exhibition. 
The 2015 SAE-China Congress and Exhibition will be held from 27-29 October 2015 in Shanghai. For more information, visit:

FISITA meets the IET

In February, FISITA visited the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in Stevenage, United Kingdom to discuss possible future collaboration and mutual support for events that are significant for the development of automotive technology. 

A key topic that the IET are focussing on is vehicle cyber security. The Connected Car is a hotly discussed area in both engineering and wider media, and consumers need to be made aware of the potential risks this technology brings.

Prof. Roy Isbell of De Montfort University believes that, "By understanding the autonomous vehicle environment, threats, threat actors and their possible motivations, we are able to devise suitable strategies to 'cyber-harden' the autonomous vehicle and supporting infrastructure."

With cyber security at the top of the agenda, the IET have organised the Autonomous Passenger Vehicles event in London in May. Prof. Isbell will deliver his presentation on cyber security threats as part of a programme that promises interactive discussions, case studies, strategy panels and hands-on (or off) test drives of autonomous vehicles.

For more information about the Autonomous Passenger Vehicles event, visit

Funding to work in the auto industry

For almost a decade, FISITA has funded students taking part in international industrial and research placements. FISITA's analysis shows that the automotive industry places significant value on international work experience when graduates are applying for jobs, and the FISITA Travel Bursary takes students to places they have never been to experience first-hand what an automotive engineer really does. 

FISITA has helped students from all over the world work at leading companies such as AUDI, Ford and General Motors, as well as take up research placements in departments at Berkeley, Cambridge and Berlin.  

With approximately 1 billion vehicles in operation today and with an estimated 80 million new vehicles sold every year, it is a critical and exciting time to work in the automotive engineering profession. Young engineers are the heart of our industry's future and FISITA continues to inspire them forwards on the road to success. 

Our members are vital in supporting this initiative, both through local society support and global work experience. To learn more about how you can inspire the engineers of the future, contact

Tom Bell | Education Officer

Applications for this round of the FISITA Travel Bursary close Tuesday 31 March 2015. Students can apply by visiting

How do you stop a 1,000 mph car?

Parker's Bloodhound SSC Airbrake System
Click above to watch the 3min video in a new browser window.
In the video above, engineers working on the 1,000 mph BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car (SSC) and motion control experts Parker Hannifin give you a closer look at the vehicle's airbrake system.

The BLOODHOUND SSC project, sponsored in part by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, is a global campaign that demonstrates the vitality of STEM subjects. 

Using the 1,000 mph World Land Speed Record as their momentum the BLOODHOUND SSC team have set out to create a unique, high-technology engineering adventure, whilst sharing every mile of progress on their website, a resource hub for STEM education.

Project Director Richard Noble said, "The primary aim of the BLOODHOUND Project is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Over 6,000 primary and secondary school across the U.K. have signed up to see BLOODHOUND's free education resources in the classroom. Pupils are studying the 1,000 mph jet and rocket powered racing car in their maths and science lessons."

Vital facts and figures
  • The World Land Speed Record that BLOODHOUND has set out to beat is 763 mph, held by Thrust SSC (that was also driven by BLOODHOUNDS's Andy Green)
  • The desert that will be scene to the record attempt is the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa; it is 12 miles long, 2 miles wide and perfectly flat
  • The BLOODHOUND SSC vehicle is on schedule to begin UK runway testing up to 200 mph before deploying to South Africa to begin high speed testing aiming at 800 mph. The team will return to South Africa in 2016 with the aim of reaching 1,000 mph
  • At full speed BLOODHOUND SSC will cover a mile (1.6km) in 3.6 seconds. That's 4.5 football pitches laid end to end per second
To find out more about the BLOODHOUND SSC project visit:

EuroBrake Advisory Board member honoured

The FISITA HQ team were delighted to learn that EuroBrake Advisory Board member Dr. Peter Rieth has been awarded the Hessian Order of Merit by District President Brigitte Lindsheid in Darmstadt, Germany. 

The award honours men and women who have made an outstanding contribution to the German State of Hesse and awards are limited to 2,000 living recipients.

Dr. Rieth said of his achievement, "Working for more than 31 years in the world of Braking and Chassis, dedicated to the improvement of road traffic safety and with my responsibility for Advanced Engineering having the possibility to contribute to the car of the future, I always felt it not only an entrepreneurial but especially a personal task to attract and educate young talents for automotive engineering."

Dr. Rieth has worked in vehicle and road safety for more than 30 years, facilitating contact between the research and teaching communities. Earlier this year, Dr. Rieth retired from his position as Senior Vice President of Systems and Technology on the Management Board of the Continental Chassis and Safety division. He continues to play an active role in the organisation of EuroBrake in his role on the Advisory Board, and the staff at FISITA wish him well for the future. 

Photos courtesy of Regierungspraesidium Darmstadt. More information about the EuroBrake Advisory Board can be found at

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Call for Papers

FISITA is pleased to announce the relaunch of the Call for Papers area on the FISITA website at This part of the site will list events that are accepting technical paper abstracts, as well as providing a brief summary of topics and directions about how to submit. 
IET System Safety and Cyber Security Conference
Organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology
20-22 October 2015, London, U.K.

The IET is pleased to invite FISITA members to contribute to the programme of the only conference where both safety and security engineers can meet, network and share best practice between the two disciplines.

Successful authors will receive a presentation slot in the conference programme as well as enjoying publication opportunities including indexing on the IET's 'Inspec' and submitted for indexing on IEEE Xplore. 
Deadline for abstracts is 24 April 2015.

Abstracts are welcome in areas including: 
  • Certification and regulation of automated and autonomous systems
  • Integration of automated, autonomous and conventional systems
  • Human factors issues e.g. situation awareness and distributed cognition for safety and security
  • Case studies and lessons learned in safety and security of automated and autonomous systems
  • Practical approaches to assessing and dealing with the safety and security of complex systems
  • New developments and approaches for the mutual assurance of both safety and security of complex systems
  • Network autonomy
To view the full Call for Papers visit
ISTVS 13th European Conference
Organised by the International Society of Terrain-Vehicle Systems
in cooperation with the National Research Council of Italy
21-23 October 2015, Rome, Italy

Since its first meeting in 1962, the ISTVS have been connecting professionals from industry, universities and research institutions to share findings and exchange ideas. This three day conference on terrain-vehicle systems aims to promote the scientific cooperation in all fields related to off-road vehicle mobility and soil mechanics. Deadline for abstracts is 31 March 2015.

To view the Call for Papers including a full list of conference themes, visit the conference website at
Reducing CO2 Emissions from Passenger Cars
A Global Automotive Challenge Workshop

Organised by Associazione Tecnica Dell'Automobile (ATA)

28-29 October 2015, Turin, Italy

Reducing the CO2 emissions from passenger cars is at the same time a global challenge and an opportunity for the whole automotive industry. "Evolution or revolution?" is the main question that the automotive sector must answer to face these challenges. This event aims to present a full picture of the current and foreseen regulations, and will propose binding targets for PC CO2 emissions with a focus on the EU directive. Deadline for abstracts is 30 April 2015.

For further information contact:
The deadline for entries to the Daimler Student Innovation Competition is
Tuesday 31 March 2015.

Find out more at
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85th Geneva International Motor Show
5 - 15 March 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

APAC 18 | Patronage of FISITA
10 - 11 March 2015, Melbourne, Australia

21st International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels
10 - 14 March 2015, Gwangju, Korea

Fuel Systems for IC Engines: Inject Your Ideas, Fuel Your Technology
10 - 11 March 2015, London, United Kingdom

Formula E - Miami, USA
14 March 2015, Miami, United States

Australian Grand Prix
15 March 2015, Victoria, Australia

Automotive Testing Expo 2015 - Korea
17 - 19 March 2015, Seoul, Korea

Automotive Megatrends USA
17 March 2015, Dearborn, Michigan, United States

89th International Scientific and Research Conference of AAE 
18 March 2015, Moscow, Russia

3rd Annual China Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Summit 2015
26 - 27 March 2015, Shanghai, China

Malaysian Grand Prix
29 March 2015, Sepang, Malaysia

Intertraffic China
31 March - 2 April 2015, Shanghai, China
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