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February 24, 2013

Michigan Republican Party to the citizens of Michigan: No guns allowed

Incident on video.

Yesterday (2/23/2013), at the Michigan Republican State Convention, Sargent at Arms for the Michigan Republican Party Carl Berry told two fellow Republicans that they had to remove their legally holstered side arms from the event.

Campaign For Liberty State Coordinator Tony DeMott and Michigan Open Carry, Inc.  President Phillip Hofmeister were instructed by Republican Party officials and security personal that self-defense is not allowed at the Michigan Republican State Convention.

“It seems the GOP is attacking the left and the Democrats over their gun grab attempts, but when gun rights come to their own back yard the leadership of the Republican Party of Michigan has shown their true colors,” said DeMott.

"The leadership of the Republican Party is going to have a real problem with their grassroots base considering this demonstrates an anti-second amendment stance," said DeMott.  “How can they attack the left when they behave no differently?”

MOC and Campaign For Liberty activists carrying holstered side arms openly were well received by grassroots attendees who support the right to self-defense, unlike the leadership of the Michigan Republican Party, including Bobby Schostak.

"The law (MCL 28.425o) prohibits a person with a CPL from carrying a concealed pistol in a 'entertainment facility with a seating capacity that exceeds 2500 people'.  The Lansing Center (which we'd suggest is not an "Entertainment Facility") does not have permanent seating capacity exceeding 2500 people.  Additionally, Michigan State Police legal update 86 states a person with a concealed pistol license may openly carry in a pistol free zone." said Hofmeister.

The Lansing Center is a public building, owned by LEPFA, under Capitol Area District Library vs. Michigan Open Carry (Michigan Court of Appeals, 2012) municipal authorities such as LEPFA cannot ban firearms.

This leaves the decision on Republican State Party chair Bobby Schostak and his administration.  When confronted by DeMott and Hofmeister, Mr. Schostak defended the decision to ban guns from this Republican Event.

While the law clearly states that Campaign For Liberty and MOC activists conducted themselves lawfully, the Republican Party refused to defend the 2nd Amendment, instead choosing to defend LEPFA for the decision to ban guns.

A gentleman named Dan who identified himself as LEPFA head of security clearly stated, on video, that his request for us to disarm was at the behest of the Republican Party.

"The Michigan Republican Party has declared itself a gun free zone." said DeMott.  “Conservative activists want a champion on this very important issue.  The Republican Party cannot fool their base forever and will find themselves, once again, without popular support should they continue to say one thing and do another.”

On Monday MOC Leadership intends to contact LEPFA and the leadership of the Michigan Republican Party to address our concerns further.

In other news, one open carrier (Andy D.) reports the following: "[On 2/23/2012] I was open carrying my Colt Officer 1911 at the [Democratic State Convention] without any incident whatsoever. No one confronted me. Nor did anyone make any comment regarding my holstered handgun that was in plain sight."

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