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Welcome to issue 28 of Credit Insurance News Digest, 3 October 2013. This issue is kindly sponsored by W Denis Credit Risks Ltd.

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Credit Insurance News
The North American trade credit insurance market, typically outpaced by the European sector, is showing double-digit annual growth. A.M. BestTV has published a new episode, 'Needs create demand: Trade Credit Market growing', which advises that the North American trade credit insurance market is blossoming. Michael Ferrante, president of Coface North America, comments that North America has one of the lowest penetration rates for trade credit coverage, and Jochen Duemler, president and CEO of Euler Hermes North America, advises that the insurance is becoming a standard tool. The episode also examines the impact of the economic crisis on take-up, and reports that during 2008 credit insurers paid out US$1.69 for every dollar written in premium. To view this episode go to

Credit insurers limit cover in parts of the Middle East. The National has published an article, 'Egypt and Syria hit as insurers seek to lay off risk across Middle East', which advises that volatility in Egypt and Syria is prompting trade credit insurers to limit cover. It follows more than US$100 million of claims paid last year related to Iran and about $140 million the year before in Libya, according to the Berne Union. Euler Hermes is reported to have experienced a 20% rise in claims in the region last year, according to Mahan Bolourchi, head of risk, information and claims in the GCC and Middle East for the company, and is now limiting new exposure in Egypt and Libya and not providing any cover currently in Syria or Iran. Robert Nijhout, the executive director of International Credit Insurance & Surety Association, and Ludovic Subran, Euler Hermes' chief economist, are also quoted. To view the article on The National's website go to

Euler Hermes launches CAP in the U.S. and Canada. Euler Hermes has launched CAP, a product that offers a second layer of insurance protection or 'top-up coverage' (allowing businesses to purchase up to $1.5 million of coverage above their previously approved limits), in the U.S. and Canada. Jochen Duemler, CEO and head of Euler Hermes Americas Region, commented that situations can arise where customers' existing policies "would benefit from increased coverage on higher-risk buyers. This is where CAP is most effective.” Euler Hermes CAP solutions are already well-established in several countries, including Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and the UK. To view Euler Hermes' press release go to

More midsize U.S. exporters purchase export trade credit insurance. Business Insurance has published an article, 'More midsize U.S. exporters purchase export trade credit insurance', which advises that approximately $700 million in U.S. premium volume is expected this year by private insurers. According to Michael Kornblau, U.S. trade credit practice leader at Marsh Inc. in New York: “Our figures indicate that premium has been growing the past 10 years and was up 7% in 2012, with all signs pointing to the same growth this year.”  Overall premium volume worldwide is about $9 billion, he estimated, the majority of it produced in Europe, “although the U.S., South America and Asia are the growth markets.” To view the article on the Business Insurance website go to Note: Subscription required: FREE subscription or choice of packages available).

Association claims that a lack of receivables insurance coverage represents the biggest unidentified and uninsured exposure facing Canadian businesses. Although the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada’s research shows that the usage in Canada of receivables insurance products is very low at less than 10,000 companies of Canada's 1.1. million employer businesses, the Association aims to grow the current $200 million market to $350 million in premiums within five years. Supporters of receivables insurance products include Michel Leblanc of the National Bank of Canada, who is quoted in this story outlining the success and profitability the National Bank of Canada has experienced with these products. To read the full story go to

A.M. BestTV: Unrest in the MENA region is heightening focus on trade credit and political risk insurance. A.M. Best has published a new video report, 'On Political Risk: 'Arab Spring Awakened Everybody'', which advises that unrest in the MENA region is creating more focus on trade credit and political risk insurance and insurers are seeing an increased demand for both products. Evan Freely, global leader of Marsh’s political risk and trade credit practice, is quoted at length and advises that although underwriting challenges are substantial a: “good risk in a difficult country is still possible.” While it is difficult to estimate how big the market for political risk insurance is, the market is clearly growing; Evan Freely comments that there is more capacity coming into the market with in the region of 5-10% growth per year. To view the clip go to

Coface plans to expand with a global network of economists. Coface has announced that it is setting up an international network of economists in strategic regions (based in Hong Kong, Mainz, Istanbul, Sao Paulo and Warsaw). The five economists will work closely with the Group's economic research department in Paris and will be the Group's local voice on all economic subjects. Yves Zlotowski, Chief economist of Coface, explained: "The presence of economists in major regions of the world will firstly enhance our economic analysis, by placing it closer to the risks, particularly in a micro-economic dimension. Each economist will be the local voice of Coface in their region, aiming to explain all of the Group's analysis and also produce local publications for key markets. To view Coface's news release go to

Coface's new corporate video presentation explains why 'credit insurance is the solution companies need'. Coface has created a straightforward video to present, in less than three minutes, how credit insurance and Coface's solutions can help companies mitigate their trading risks. To view the video go to

GCC Trade Credit Insurance Summit highlights a natural hub, solid financial and business fundamentals. Speaking at the region’s first Trade Credit Insurance Summit Massimo Falcioni, CEO, Euler Hermes GCC, commented: "This event reflects the significant development achieved by the region’s economy in the past three years, establishing it as leading global trading economy. As an example, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce reports that its members’ exports of 145.2 billion AED in the first half of 2013 represented a +7% increase over the same period last year.” To view Euler Hermes' press release go to

Credit Insurance Reports
Marsh report stresses that trade credit insurance is a valuable part of a supplier’s overall risk management approach. Marsh's latest report in its Asia Directors’ Series takes an in-depth look at the complexities of managing specialty insurance claims, including business interruption, trade credit, and political risk. A special section on trade credit insurance, 'Getting paid when your customers won’t pay', advises that: “Companies throughout Asia are increasingly turning to trade credit insurance," and cautions that to get the most out of a trade credit insurance policy, "it is important to have a deep understanding of the policy triggers.” The report also describes how political-risk insurance has become increasingly vital as a risk-management instrument for businesses investing or operating in politically unstable countries, particularly emerging markets. To view the report go to

Atradius finds that compared to businesses in Europe, collection of foreign receivables is consistently a greater challenge for business respondents in the Americas. The September 2013 Atradius Payment Practices Barometer highlights that, despite modest economic improvement, 27.0% and 29.5% of the total value of the invoices issued by survey respondents to their domestic and foreign B2B customers respectively are unpaid at their due date (compared to European averages of 30.0% domestic and 27.3% foreign). In addition, the average DSO of survey respondents in the Americas (58 days) is almost twice the average payment term of 31 days. In the U.S. 6.7% of foreign and 4.5% of domestic receivables were written off as uncollectable, while in Canada 5.9% of foreign and 4.3% of domestic receivables went uncollected. To view Atradius' report go to

Coface finds that Poland clearly leads the ranking of top enterprises in CEE. Coface has published a new report in its Panorama series, 'CEE Top 500' which lists the 500 biggest companies in the region in terms of turnover. Major players come from Poland, which has 171 companies in the field, followed by Hungary with 66 and Romania with 54. Ukrainian companies performed the worst: 28 dropped out of the Top 500, leaving the country in fourth position overall. Of the 500, 13% of all companies were newcomers, 316 companies improved their position and 113 ended with a worse position than 2011. To view the full report go to

France macroeconomic and insolvency update: 'A sputtering economy, anaemic investment, record business insolvencies'. Euler Hermes has outlined its latest French business insolvency forecast and assessment of risks weighing on companies in its latest report,  “When investment is good, all is well … but what happens when it’s not?” The  report proposea two potential 2014 GDP growth forecasts: “In our central scenario, growth would remain at 0.6%, supported by a purely mechanical recovery in investment spending,” explained Ludovic Subran, chief economist at Euler Hermes. “In the second scenario, investment spending would be unexpectedly higher and produce 0.8% GDP growth, thereby adding 0.2% to growth.” The report also cautions that a slight 1% drop in business insolvencies projected for 2014 masks record volume levels, with 61,800 companies projected to default. To view Euler Hermes' news release go to (A presentation (in French) is also available).

Auto sector market trends vary: growth in China and the US, but declines in Europe. Euler Hermes has published a new sector report on the Automotive industry which advises that although global sales in 2013 have continued to grow at approximately +3%, this figure masks greatly differing regional market trends. According to Yann Lacroix, sector advisor at Euler Hermes, "While the United States and China recorded growth rates of above 10% y/y for the 12 months to the end of May, Europe’s five-year decline continued, falling a further -8% in the first six months of 2013. . . Clearly, manufacturers need a global presence to benefit from growth regions and offset those in difficulty.” To view the sector report go to

Carmakers : Europe refocusing on emerging markets. Coface has published its latest Panorama, 'Carmakers: Europe refocusing on emerging markets', which advises that the European car sector has suffered considerably from the prolonged crisis in the euro zone. In this environment, the report advises that sector’s international groups are being prompted to turn more towards the emerging markets - notably Russia and Turkey. The Panorama also includes Coface's global sector barometer, which analyses the situation in fourteen key economic sectors in three of the world‘s major regions (European Union, North America and Emerging Asia). To view the Panorama go to

The Mediterranean: a sea of opportunity, but beware of the waves warns Euler Hermes! Euler Hermes has published a new report, International Trade Observatory 2013, which advises that three-speed Mediterranean regional growth will be demarcated by “Old Europe”, future Arabic champions (“Abtal”) and “Asian Gateway” country clusters. Overall regional economic growth of +0.4% in 2013 should strengthen to +1.8% in 2014, with diverging growth rates between “Old Europe” (-1.0% in 2013 and +0.4% in 2014) and the rest of the region (+3.0% and +4.1%). While advanced economies will remain the trade and logistics hubs for the region, growth dynamics, opportunities and risks vary markedly intra-region. To view the International Trade Observatory report go to,%20GCC%2023.9.13.pdf.

Coface latest economic research sends an alarm signal to three of the fourteen business sectors analysed. Coface's latest Panorama report has downgraded its credit risk assessment in three business sectors: chemicals, pharmaceuticals and automotive. Coface advises that the risk has moved from ‘medium’ to ‘high’ in Europe and in Emerging Asia in the Chemicals sector, while the risk is 'high' in the European Pharmaceuticals sector. For European automotive, the most affected sector, the risk is downgraded to ‘very high’. Coface's risk assessments are based on the payment experience of companies recorded by its underwriters. To view Coface's news release go to

Industry Events and Offers
ICTF's International Credit Professionals Symposium in Europe, 20-22 October. Hilton Hotel - Basel, Switzerland.
ICTF's will be holding its International Credit Professionals Symposium in Europe on 20-22 October at the Hilton Hotel - Basel, Switzerland. Notable speakers from among our readers include: Yves Zlotowski, Chief Economist - Coface, France on 'Country Risk Overview: A Forensic Analysis of the Eurozone Crisis and Where Key Emerging Market Risks Currently Lie', and Shaun Purrington, Executive Director - R K Harrison Insurance Brokers, who will be discussing 'Postmodernism in Trade Credit Insurance - The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?' In addition, Simon Marshall, Director - Co-Pilot Ltd., will be leading the discussion on 'Credit Management Software - What Opportunities and Challenges Does It Present To The Credit Manager and How To Evaluate What To Do?' For more information and costs go to

Insight 2013 - 'A Protected Wicket'. Aon's exclusive financial risk mitigation event for multinationals and large corporates, 21 October, Lords Cricket Ground.
Aon is hosting an exclusive event for multinational businesses and large corporates, sponsored by Euler Hermes, focusing on the outlook for the UK and global economy and the impact for businesses in 2013-2014. The event, which will be held on 21st October 2013, at Lords Cricket Ground, will include keynote speakers: Ludovic Subran (Chief Economist of Euler Hermes), John Holmes ( Director at Debt Finance and Sales Finance Specialist Risk Units) and William Medlicott (Finance Director at ITV plc). A Q&A session with presenters will follow. Lunch and drinks will be provided, and there will be an opportunity to have a guided tour of the historic and world famous Lord's Cricket ground. For more information and/or to register go to

Best Practice Senior Credit Management Seminar, 23 October. Central Reading.
An exclusive and free Senior Credit event hosted at Deloitte with Company Watch, Hays Credit Management, QiCM and SunGard. For more information and/or to register, please email (quoting Credit Insurance News Digest).

Atradius webinar, 'The key to business success in Poland'. 24 October, 16:00 CET.
Atradius is holding a webinar, 'The key to business success in Poland', to discuss Poland’s transformation from wartime devastation and subsequent communist rule to political stability and economic prosperity on 24 October. A panel of experts on Poland’s economy, business culture and law will cover the opportunities and the logistics of trading in Poland in a lively debate designed to help businesses make their mark there. The discussion will be led by award winning financial journalist and broadcaster Adam Shaw. To join this webinar, register at

Insuring Export Credit & Political Risk Brazil, 4-5 December 2013 (new dates), São Paulo Brazil.
Building upon the success of our highly acclaimed annual London convention, Insuring Export Credit & Political Risk Brazil will bring together a first class line up of speakers, for two days of critical analysis, stimulating debate and in-depth discussion on how this important market is developing and the role it will play in Latin American growth in the coming years. Confirmed speaker include: Edie Quintrell, MIGA ~ Keith Martin, AON BRAZIL ~ Marcelo Franco, ABGF ~ Dr Marc Aubain, WTO ~ Pedro Carrico, SBCE ~ Luciene Machado, BNDES ~ Daniel Fonseca, IDB ~ Rogerio Vergara, MAPFRE ~ Andreas Dobner, SWISS RE ~ Eric Brabenec, GECO ~ Jean Cardyn, EDC ~ Hugo Carson, AIG ~ Flavio Bertolossi, SACE. To view the latest agenda or to register online, please visit: quoting VIP code: FKW52656CIN for a 10% discount.

Business Information: Recommended Reports and Business Shorts
A third of UK SMEs have lost over £10,000 from failed customers. According to new findings published by Experian, in the last five years over three-quarters (76%) of SMEs have lost money as a result of a customer becoming insolvent. Nearly a fifth (19%) of these businesses each lost between £5,000 - £10,000, while a staggering 35% lost over £10,000 over five years. To view Experian's news release go to

Almost a third of UK retailers ‘at risk’ of failure as Rent Quarter Day approaches. According to new research from R3, using Bureau van Dijk’s ‘Fame’ database of company information, 31% of retailers currently have a higher than normal risk of entering an insolvency procedure in the next 12 months. By comparison, only 25% of all UK businesses have the same risk of failure. The research came ahead of the latest traditional Rent Quarter Day (in which retailers pay three months’ rent in advance). Rent Quarter Days are often followed by a spike in retail insolvencies shortly afterwards. To view R3's news release go to

European Businesses forced to write off a record total of €350 billion or 3% of all transactions made in 2012 as a consequence of late or non-payments. Intrum Justitia's latest European Payment Index (EPI) 2013 Industry White paper also shows that this burden is not spread evenly across the different industry sectors; with the Construction industry, the Healthcare industry, the Professional Services industry and the Media industry  the worst hit. The steepest increase in bad debt losses are seen in the Media and Business Services industries, up 25% and 19% respectively compared to 2012. To view Intrum's Justitia's press release go to To obtain a copy of the report contact Madeleine Bosch, Group Marketing Manager/ Head of EPI Research, Intrum Justitia at

Survey of the top 100 UK construction companies shows stagnation and declining profits. The Construction Index magazine (September issue) has published a list of the UK's top 100 construction companies, including the latest financial health ratings and who's up/who's down. Balfour Beatty tops the chart in terms of turnover and profit, followed by Carillon and Kier Group. Overall, the report presents a depressing picture of the sector with: "widespread stagnation", "sad failures", and a mere 1.1% improvement in total turnover compared to last year and profit margins falling by a third. To read the issue free of charge go to

No increase in UK insolvency rate for 12 months running. The latest Business Insolvency Index from Experian has shown that UK business insolvency rates in August 2013 fell from 0.09% in 2012 to 0.08% in 2013 marking the twelfth month that the rate has remained stable or fallen. In terms of regional trends, nine of the 11 regions saw their insolvency rate drop year-on-year, with the biggest fall coming from the North East. By company size, the biggest falls were among companies with 51-100 employees (down from 0.19% to 0.14%), while, in contrast larger businesses (501+ employees) continued to fare particularly badly with an insolvency rate which has risen from 0.06% in August 2012 to 0.17% this year. To view Experian's news release go to

108% rise in ‘zombie’ companies in the UK over the last five years. Credit Today has published an article, '£70bn cost of the ‘walking dead’, which advises that, according to new research completed by Company Watch, the UK has seen a 108% rise in ‘zombie’ companies over the last five years, with these companies now representing some £70 billion in negative equity. The new figures mean that more than one in 10 of the UK’s 2.5 million active, registered companies are only producing enough cash to service bank and supplier debts, yet not enough to grow or restore balance sheets to parity. In 2008, the collective negative net worth of these ‘zombie’ companies totalled £31 billion – less than half the current level. To view the article on Credit Today's website go to

UK Administrations down 16.4% as the stronger players survive. According to new figures from Deloitte, the number of businesses falling into administration dropped by 16% to 1,224 for the first nine months of the year. Compared to the first nine months of 2012, the construction industry (building related and real estate services) recorded a drop of 30.5% to 347 appointments, hospitality and leisure (including hotels, restaurants, pubs and leisure providers) recorded a decrease of 24.6% and administrations in the retail sector dipped by 9.6%. Lee Manning, restructuring partner at Deloitte, commented: “These statistics indicate how a ‘clearing out’ of underperformers has given way to a rebalancing of supply and demand." To view Deloitte's news release go to

18 stores a day shutting, but gap between openings and closures cut by almost 80%. From a decline of more than 20 a day in the first six months of 2012, the rate of store closures stores has fallen slightly to 18 per day in the first half of 2013, according to PwC research compiled by the Local Data Company (LDC). The study of 500 town centres across the UK showed that 3366 outlets closed in a six-month period compared to 3157 openings, a net reduction of 209 shops. The changing profile of town centres is very clear in this analysis; 400 goods shops of a more traditional type (e.g. shoe & clothes shops) pulled down the shutters, while, in contrast,there was nearly a tenfold increase in the openings of leisure (food, beverage & entertainment) outlets. Charity shops, cheque cashing, betting shops, convenience stores, hearing aid shops and coffee shops were among those opening the most branches, during the first half of 2013. To view PwC's news release go to

UK Retailers: Who's UP/Who's DOWN
UP: Asos, the UK's largest online fashion retailer, has announced a very strong finish to the financial year to 31 August 2013 with retail sales growth up 40% to £754 million and total group revenues up 39% £769.4 million. Retail sales growth during Q4 was particularly strong in both the UK (+49%) and internationally (+47%). Asos, which was aiming for annual sales of £1 billion by 2015, may now reach it goal slightly earlier.
UP: JD Sports, the sports retailer, has posted an 111% increase in profit before tax (£6,087 million) for the half year to 3 August 2013. Like-for-like sales in the UK rose by 7.5%, driven by a 'record performance’ (according to Peter Cowgill, Executive Chairman) in sports stores. This helped offset much weaker results in the retailer's fashion and outdoor businesses.
UP: Aldi, the UK's fastest-growing food retailer (due to open its 500th store next month), has reported that in the year to 31 December 2012 its UK pre-tax profits increased by 124% to £157.9 million and revenues increased by 41% to £3.9 billion. During 2012, the firm opened 34 new stores and is expecting to open 50 more in 2013. Recent data from Kantar Worldwide showed Aldi now has a 3.7% share of the supermarket sector.
UP: Poundland. Following strong results in the year to 31 March 2013, Poundland has reported that it is 'powering ahead'. Total sales increased by 15.0% to £880 million (2012: £765 million), gross profit was up 14.6% to £323.4 million (2012: £282.3 million) and net borrowings halved at £12.1 million (2012: £26.1 million). The retailer opened 69 net new stores, growing its estate by 18% to 458 stores (2012: 389) and expects to achieve 1,000 stores across the UK in the future.
UP: Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), the world's second-largest fashion retailer, has reported that its sales beat expectations in its third quarter. Driven by growth in China, the Group’s profit after tax amounted to SEK 4,431 million (£430 million) - an increase of 22% on the same quarter a year earlier. Sales also increased by 8% in local currencies in the period 1 September – 24 September 2013 compared to the same period last year. So far this year, the retailer has opened 215 new stores and has had successful openings in four new countries: Chile, Lithuania, Serbia and Estonia.
SOLID: House of Fraser. John King, chief executive of House of Fraser has announced a that the retailer has achieved a "solid set of results" for the six months to 27 July. Although like-for-like sales, excluding VAT, grew by 3.3% and sales turnover reach £522.1 million (with a 57% increase in online sales) EBITDA remained level at £7.5 million. However, this was due investment in the retailer's multichannel and house brand businesses - which should deliver growth in the second half of this year.
DOWN: Laura Ashley. After reporting its results to the end of July, Laura Ashley's chairman admitted that the first half of 2013 had proved to be challenging. Compared with the same period last year, total Group sales declined by 5.6% to £137.3 million, total UK retail sales declined by 5.9% to £120.0 million and like-for-like sales fell by 2.2%, Even e-commerce sales contracted by £0.7 million to £19.7 million.

Career Opportunities
New Vacancies
Key Account Director. £Excellent +bonus. London.
Major credit insurer is looking for an account director to manage relationships with some of the industry's most prestigious clients. Managing these clients relationships through the renewal process as well as during the term of the policy. Engaging with global stakeholders to ensure smooth renewal and re-tender. Experience broking or underwriting at a senior level essential. For more information and/or to apply please contact Kerren Leach on 07940 403046 or email (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

Political Risk Brokers, All levels. London. Political Risk Brokers sought at all levels to assist a key market player with expansion plans. 18 months experience through to 10years+, roles available at all levels with packages to attract the best. For more information and/or to apply please contact Kerren Leach on 07940 403046 or email (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

Senior Credit Insurance Account Handler (Ref: DSCJ602), London, Kent. £27,000-£33,000 plus benefits.
A prestigious broker in the London area is seeking a professional candidate who has previous credit insurance experience. Responsibilities will include consultation on credit insurance, claims, probable losses, credit limits and policy issues, as well as assessing, adjusting and submitting claims to credit insurers – negotiation to settlement. The successful candidate will also meet with clients and insurers to discuss claims to achieve satisfactory settlement. This is a great company to work for with fantastic training, working environment and benefits. Only candidates who have previous specific experience of working within credit insurance will be considered. For more information contact Darren Stone or call 01634 673156. (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

Business Development Manager, Trade Credit Insurance, Singapore. $80000-$100000 per annum.
This is a unique opportunity to be a part of an exciting insurance environment where there is immense potential for growth. The client is complementing this role with a fixed and a variable package within the range of 60000-70000 SGD on the fixed side. The role will include increasing the client base, fostering relationships and promoting Trade Credit Insurance services and is suitable for candidates with over 3 years work experience in an MNC in Singapore in a Business Development environment. Knowledge of Trace Credit Insurance is also a must. For more information go to If you are interested in the position please call Devvrat Gaggar at +65 65724500. (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

Risk Manager (ref: HA-12343758), East Flanders, Belgium. €70000-€90000 per annum +car +fuel card +insurances.
The client is looking for a head of Risk department specialising in the monitoring of the credit risks. You will be responsible for a department of 4 people and for monitoring the operational, credit and market risk of the bank; this will include assessing the credit worthiness of credit files and formulating proposals to mitigate risks. The successful candidate will have a thorough knowledge of the banking system in general and of credit analysis in particular and speak fluent French and Dutch. Knowledge of Basel I, and both Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 is also required. For more information go to If you are interested in the position please send your application to or call Alexandre Jacobs on +32(0) 2 557 7166. (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

Marketing Manager, Central London.
Sidetrade is looking for a Marketing Manager, based in Central London. Reporting directly to the Group Marketing & Communication Director, you will be responsible for the marketing activities including the development and delivery of a fully integrated strategy for the business in the UK market. The ideal candidate will have an MBA or a Master in Marketing, English copywriting mandatory and at least 5 years of marketing experience in the UK in a Software company. For more information go to To apply, please submit your CV & salary expectations to (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

Still Open
Senior Account Manager. £Excellent +car +bonus. Flexible base location.
As part of a 2014 expansion plan this trade credit broker is looking to bring on an experienced Account Manager to manage a portfolio of large/corporate clients. You could be based from any Midlands/North office as you'll be expected to spend a lot of your time developing relationships with these accounts to ensure retention is excellent. You will be expected to grow the book as well as retain. This opportunity will give you exposure to some of the country's largest trade credit clients as well as working with some of the top names in the industry. For more information and/or to apply please contact Kerren Leach on 07940 403046 or email (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

New Business Underwriter. Salary £43,000 +30% OTE (capped at 100%). Flexible base location.
This well regarded Credit Insurer, who presently has one of the healthier risk appetites, is seeking a commercial individual to join its broker channel team. You'll be responsible for developing a panel of brokers within your patch to increase levels of business generated and ultimately won. Experience of a new business role is highly desirable. For more information and/or to apply please contact Kerren Leach on 07940 403046 or email (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

Account Director. £Excellent +car +bonus. London.
A major credit insurance broker is looking to bolster its already strong team with an ambitious and skilled Account Director. You'll be responsible for managing a small portfolio of global clients as well as some large UK corporates looking to retain, service and grow business within. As part of your role you'll be expected to network within the other departments to promote the Trade Credit team and secure new new business opportunities. Experience underwriting or broking at a senior level required. For more information and/or to apply please contact Kerren Leach on 07940 403046 or email (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

Development Executive. £Flexible +car +bonus. Nationwide.
Working alongside an experienced Development Exec you'll be jointly responsible for identifying new business opportunities for this major broking house, specifically within the credit insurance segment. Part of this will come from internal leads, part will come from pro-active development on your part. You'll be expected to pitch and win new business whilst ensuring smooth transition of new clients to the account management team. Experience developing new business within the trade credit industry is essential coupled with ambition and drive. For more information and/or to apply please contact Kerren Leach on 07940 403046 or email (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

Senior Credit Account Handler, c£31,000 p.a. plus benefits (Ref: 113). Kent.
You will have gained experience within the credit insurance market, either as a Broker/Account Handler or Underwriter to work for this rapidly expanding Insurance Brokers based in Kent. The role will be to provide a competent service to clients, and will advise on all aspects of their credit insurance arrangements. You will comply with regulatory requirements, industry codes of practice also working on the principal of treating customers fairly and behaving in an ethical manner. The role will also cover assessing, adjusting and submitting claims to Credit Insurers including negotiation through to settlement. You will meet both Clients and Insurers to achieve a satisfactory outcome. You will be supported in developing your technical knowledge further and encouraged in both professional and personal development. Ideally you will have gained some progression with the ACII examinations. This is a quality company and a professional working environment offering a super opportunity. To apply contact or call 07931 371990 or 0208 3937413. (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

Credit Insurance Broker/Business Developer, Salary neg (Ref: 114). City of London.
Unrivalled opportunity for a Credit Insurance Broker to join this well known Credit Brokerage to manage and sustain existing business but also to grow the overall account by adding new business and developing the London Market Operation. You will not only help grow the business and develop an existing team, but also grow your own role in the process. Ideally you will have your own book of business to bring to the table, but not essential. You will be a strong, self motivated self starter with the business acumen and vision to succeed. To apply contact or call 07931 371990 or 0208 3937413. (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).

About this issue's sponsor: W Denis Credit Risks Ltd.
W Denis Credit Risks Ltd is part of the W Denis Group, a major independent UK broker founded 50 years ago. The group deals in all aspects of general insurance, and is a Lloyds of London broker, placing direct into Lloyds both on behalf of clients and on a wholesale basis. Head Office is in Leeds but we also have an office close to Lloyds in the City of London.

W Denis Credit Risks Ltd operates on a semi- autonomous basis, and has teams based in Leeds, London and the Midlands. We started trading in 2000, and deal with clients in a wide range of industries. We bring a wealth of experience in the design and placement of credit insurance programmes, for businesses of all sizes, from multinationals to SME’s. Through our sister company, W Denis Insurance Brokers, we have access direct into the Lloyds market for Trade Credit and political risks.

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