The New Year begins in a snow-storm of white vows. 
George William Curtis

Winter Storm Havoc

Holiday traveling is a sport all its own.  All the scheduling, organizing and packing comes down to the final hours then can change quickly with challenging winter weather. The last snow and ice storm of 2013 began mid-morning December 22.  We would have enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the freshly fallen snow but this was the day Shea was to travel to California.   
Experience is a great teacher and growing up in the Midwest, I learned, when Mother Nature decides to have an outburst, you respect her powers.  Personally, I believe these situations teach valuable lessons and prepare us for life’s challenges. 
In an effort to share some practical wisdom, I came up with the acronym PAPAS (Prepare, Adapt, Patience, Attitude and Sensible). Like sage advice from a wise grandpa, these five words can help me explain five ways to make any situation better. I’m happy to say, we applied all of them during the storm; thereby, making the situation nothing more than an inconvenience.
We Prepared by arriving at the airport extra early. Instead of becoming angry and frustrated we Adapted to the cancellations by immediately, working with the ticket agent to schedule alternative flight options.  Although the ticket lines were long travelers were Patient and people demonstrated an Attitude of respect and support for each other throughout the process.  The unfortunate circumstances were dealt with in a Sensible and professional manner, keeping emotions under control and things in perspective.  Travelers realized safety was the top priority and the ticket agents were doing their best to accommodate everyone with their reservations.
Fortunately, arriving early allowed us to change Shea’s ticket and get her the last seat on a flight the following evening. Rather than being stranded in the airport, we were able to drive home while the chaos from storm played out.
The storm hit hard, covering the roads with ice then snow.  The hazardous road condition resulted in many accidents, including a fatality from a truck accident.  People chose to risk an accident, or possibly their life, by traveling in those dangerous weather conditions. Cars were sliding on and off the highway.  A car approximately 100 feet in front of us did a complete spinout and came to a stop facing on-coming traffic in the fast lane.  We missed colliding with that car by only a few seconds. 
Have you experience a near miss?  I’ve experienced a few and it’s a real jolt to your heart as life hinges on what happens within the next split second. 
Defensive driving is important, but when winter storms hit, the best decision is to avoid traveling.  Check out the Icy Road  Safety website for good information and see actual accidents caught on video.
Try applying the “PAPA’S” methodology and see how it can improve challenging situations in your life.  Remember, you can’t control others but you can control how you react to them.  Being prepared and sensible can save you a lot of hardship, heartache and money and that, my friend, is good for your health and well-being.

Your health and well-being is my business!

Until next month...TCOY!

Coach Lucy

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Advice is like snow; the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into, the mind. 
~Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

People doubt their beliefs,
But believe their doubts.
Believe in yourself,
And the world will believe in you.

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John 10:10
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