What's Your Story?
How many times have you heard that question?  Perhaps from your parents when they entered the room looking for answers, in school, at work, in a relationship or if you find yourself in a legal dispute.  

Life is a series of stories.  What story are you telling yourself? How factual is it?  Is it helping or hindering your success?

Last month I traveled to Florida to attend an excellent two and a half-day training program, "The Corporate Athlete", at Human Performance Institute. 

Their goal is to help corporate athletes become more productive and effective under pressure and to achieve it without compromising their personal health and happiness.  Please re-read the last seven words because they are very important! 

When values are misaligned, the result is frustration, unhappiness and unhealthy behaviors.  In our defense, we create "stories" in our mind that disguise the truth. Sadly, such stories limit or block personal growth, make us victims of our circumstances and actually alter our focus from what we say is most important to us.

What are you telling yourself?  I "just" need to make more money. I "just" don't have the time.  I "just" eat, drink, smoke a little, so it doesn't matter. The truth is we all have areas where our stories consist of distorted facts. 

I've always known weight resistance training is important.  Lean is good for our health, energy and our appearance. As we age we lose more muscle, so it becomes even more important to make weight training part of our routine. 

Here's my old story: “Weight training is boring and I don't like it. I do plenty of cardio and I’m strong enough if I have to lift something, so I'll pass on the weight resistance - thank you.   WRONG STORY LUCY. 

I do enjoy my cardio workouts because they're fun and I'm good at them.  I'm not very skilled with weight lifting and thus, less confident, so I created a "safety net story" allowing me an out.  My thinking was distorted and needed to be adjusted because it was not in line with my mission and passion for "Total Wellness".

My "new story" is: I have added a basic weight resistance workout, two to three times per week because I value the improvement in my well-being.  This is completely in alignment with my TCOY philosophy.  Guess what, I'm enjoying the new challenge and the benefits!  It's a sustainable goal for life. I simply needed to get over my old story.  Mission accomplished.

As I see it, it's worth doing what is temporarily uncomfortable to get where you want to be long-term.  Confidence comes in doing.  One of the highlights of my week was when a man at the health club asked me how to use one of the machines because he didn't feel he was benefiting from it.  Fortunately, my trainer had demonstrated the correct way to use the machine and I was able to help him.  I'm not the rookie I thought I was.

Is your health something you value?  I'm going to challenge you to look at the story you're telling yourself.  How true is it if you really value your health?  If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?  Do you want to be a prisoner within your own body?  Choices turn into habits and habits result in a lifestyle.

TCOY Wellness is about total well-being and I address all areas of your life for balance - your head, heart and body. 

You are writing the story of your life; let's make it a page turner and best seller.  Make this the summer you decide to take care of you. Give me 90-days and we'll create a new and improved story!

Take Care of You is a Philosophy and Way of Life ~ Learn it, Love it & Live it ~
Until next month…TCOY!

Coach Lucy  

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