As another year concludes,, reflect on your blessings rather than dwelling on any negatives.  Be kind to yourself  you are special.  God Bless!

Life can be overwhelming and expensive. Some good advice I was given decades ago, and often recommend to others, is "keep up on your maintenance".  This wisdom applies to your health as well as homes, autos and anything you value.

A couple weeks ago, as I pulled my Highlander out of the garage and onto my driveway, my routine was altered. I clicked my remote to close the garage door and nothing happened. I tried the touch pad, still nothing.  Next I went inside and pressed the button on the wall, again, nothing. 

I checked the light switch thinking perhaps there was a power outage.  No, the lights worked just fine. 

Needing to get to an appointment, I decided to close the door manually by releasing the emergency lever and dropping it down.  At the half way point, the door sped up and SNAP...BOOM...BANG ~ it crashed to the ground! 
Fortunately, I was not under it but, obviously, I was quite startled.  All I could think of was how blessed I was that no one was hurt.  Although the door did not come off the tracks, it was now resting lopsided as if it were giving a crooked smile.

My next step was to contact a company to get the door repaired.  One of my brothers has worked for Overhead Door for decades and, even though he lives in a different state, I called him for insight.  He concluded a cable had broken and I needed to put in a service call.  

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