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 A few years ago I embraced a simple way to approach each new year with a sustainable goal that would be meaningful and significantly change my life.  I choose one word to focus on throughout the year and work to apply it to all areas of my life.

I do not randomly choose the word. I take time to think and pray about what one word could address an area of my life and help grow in a positive way. I ponder questions such as:
  1. What do I need?
  2. In what area of my life am I lacking?  
  3. What new skills, behaviors or attitudes do I need to develop?  
  4. How can I enrich my life and the lives of others?
  5. What is stopping me from making changes and keeping me in a rut?
I find some quiet time to allow my thoughts to linger on what I’d like to see transform within me during the coming year.  I take time to unplug from technology and the usual noise and hectic pace of my life to discover my word.  

My words have come to me while driving my car, showering or upon wakening in the morning. These are times when I allow my mind and spirit to wonder and I can think about the word and be open to how focusing on it will make a difference. Then I can embrace the word and begin to apply it to my life.  

Allow your word to impact all areas of your life; physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, relational and financial.

In previous years, "believe" and "trust" have been my word. I was amazed at the impact focusing on these words had in my life; not only during the year but forever.

Believe was an encouragement for my work, faith, relationships and mankind.  If you believe whole-heartedly in anything, good will prevail. Optimism and courage become part of your outlook when you believe.

The same was true when I chose the word trust last year.  The news media often reports stories that promote distrust and judgment and we've all been hurt or mislead when we our trust was violated.

However, if a person become callous and bitter when their trust has been broken or abused they lose the opportunity to experience joy and blessings.

Last year I took more risks and was open to a lot of changes. It’s not easy to step outside your comfort zone and belief system. Remember, a belief isn’t necessarily the truth, it’s the truth as you believe it to be.

In the process of stretching my comfort zone, I grew. My spirit became happier.  I laughed and had incredible joy even during challenges. Life without trust is fear and fear limits your life opportunities.

Guard your heart but learn to trust.  What you focus on, you receive.  For me, I was renewed and an abundance of good things came to me during the year, which I expect to continue.

My word for 2015 came to me quickly.  As a self-starter, highly motivated and driven person, I have taken on many things in my life by myself simply because I don’t want to "bother or burden" anyone.

However, I've learned over the years there is a lot to be said for asking for help and it's not a sign of weakness.  For example:

+ many people are happy to help - you simply need to ask
+ you can be a big help to others by asking if they need help
+ you learn many interesting things when you ask questions
+ you can save money by asking 
+ you can make new friends by asking
+ you can save time by asking for help
+ you can reduce injury by asking someone to help
+ you can learn more effective ways to do things when you ask
+ you can eliminate miscommunication and/or misunderstanding by asking questions

If you don't ask you short-change yourself in many ways.  If you don't ask you will never know if the outcome could have been different. Whether it’s work, personal relationships or help with a project, no one can read your mind so it's time to speak up and ask for what you need.

In brief, my goal is to choose a word that will direct how I think about my life and the decisions I make about how to spend my time.
What one word will you choose for 2015? 

Make it a stellar year and, remember, instead of trying to change many things, focus on one thing. Share your word with others and watch how things improve.

Until next month, TCOY!

Coach Lucy

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The book you don't read won't help.
~ Jim Rohn

Creating the next level of results requires the next level of thinking.

~  Roy Vaden

Accept - then act.  Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it...This will miraculously transform your whole life.

 ~ Eckhart Tolle

When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.  

~ Wayne Dyer


Strength from Scripture: 

Ask & You Will Receive 

Mark 11:24

Faith Producing Good Deeds

James 2:17

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