Are You Guilty of "Goal Vaulting" In Life?

Decades ago I heard the term "goal vaulting". It was a real eye opener about the way I was reacting with my personal competitions and in some areas of my life.  Awareness is the first step in change and I'm happy to have learned this lesson sooner rather than later in life.  Allow me to explain the concept and how it may be impacting your life too.

As a competitive athlete I am very determined, disciplined and committed.  Any strength can become a weakness if not balanced. My desire to be a professional athlete meant daily training and competing in two or three tournaments every month. I put a tremendous amount of pressure and demands on myself during my highly competitive years. 

Granted, I had numerous sponsors and the prize money was only given to first and second place finishers but, there's more to competing than winning or losing.  The mental aspect is as important as the physical.  I was "goal vaulting" my performances.  I would train and focus on competing in a specific tournament, play well, and even win. However, while driving home I was already diminishing my victory and thinking about my next tournament. 

Goal vaulting is jumping from one goal into the next goal without taking time to acknowledge and celebrate your efforts and achievement.  As you can imagine, this can create burnout and other challenges.  

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