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"I Believed It Into Reality"
October, 2012

Have you ever had an idea that really made your heart beat faster just by thinking of what it COULD BE if it became a reality?  Something bigger than you? However, if it was going to be, it would need to be started by you.

Four years ago, I knew I wanted to create a family and community event that would dramatically change the way people viewed the Halloween holiday.

What if, we embraced FUN and BEING ACTIVE with the holiday along with GRATITUDE by having children share their "prize possessions", their excessive Halloween candy, and write notes of appreciation to our US Troops serving overseas?  What wonderful LIFE LESSONS could be learned. 

The event was birthed to inspire and empower others to ACT on their ideas.  The joy of seeing an idea become a reality is awesome.  Everything starts with an idea.  Believe in it and follow through. Feel the fear and do it anyway.  The word “impossible" becomes "I'm possible" by adding a space and an apostrophe.

Frustrated with all the commercialism of the holiday, the excessive sugar/candy, which is a huge contributor to health issues, and the increasing obesity and lack of exercise and activity, I simply decided ENOUGH talk - some tweaking has to be done.  I shared my idea with others, pulled my resources together and createed Tweak the Treat, a no-cost event focused on living well. True wellness is about a positive lifestyle that includes your thinking, your actions and your attitude. 

Things came together quickly.  I secured the location.  I had people ready to help by donating their time.  Businesses donated activities.  The one thing that concerned me was the postage for the care-packages to the troops.  I prayed about it and shared my concern with a few people and during a conversation with my friend Roger Mason, he offered to contribute a certain amount to cover the postage. He said, "If we need more, we'll figure it out. Go for it Lucy!"  That was all the assurance I needed so I ran with my idea. I knew the event was blessed and meant to be as every door was opened and everything came together.

At the end of the first year’s event, I was completely in awe.  The shipping costs were the exact amount Roger offered to donate.  The care packages were sent over seas to numerous locations and the troops sent back pictures.  I used the photos in this 2009 YouTube video.  The video shows the troops sharing the treats with Afghan children who probably have never had candy before.  WOW...can you say WORLD WIDE impact!  If you ever question whether a little idea can really take off and impact others, watch that video!

To experience the true essence of the event, take a few minutes to enjoy the other videos from past years: 1st - 2009, 2nd - 2010, 3rd - 2011.

When you feel you aren't able to make a difference or that your simple actions regarding your health don't matter, snap out of it and know YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.  Will it be easy?  Not necessarily.  Will it be worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!  Nothing of true value comes without dedication, work, time and commitment.  The fact is, the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary!

As we are heading into the final month of political campaigning, I want to emphasis a couple things.  First, healthcare does not provide health, it merely contributes to the cost of sickness.  Secondly, true healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington.  In short, your health, good or bad, is largely up to your lifestyle habits.

My TCOY Philosophy is about mentoring and coaching on how to take care of YOU, for the health of it. By the way, you don't have to be sick to feel better.  Life is challenging and stressful.  My focus is on helping to develop simple sustainable habits and a champion wellness mindset.  It's a little idea that started when I was a kid and it grew and became great like the acorn that became a mighty oak tree.  I live it and love it.  Are you ready to embrace it with me? 

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are the seeds of today.  Gratitude for what you have and being able to help others is fundamental in living a good life.  Simply tweak things a little, for example, when you turn the "m" upside down in the word "me" and focus on "we", your joy and happiness will dramatically increase. 
Until next month...TCOY!
Coach Lucy

ps:  Tweak the Treat Magazine Article - KC Health and Wellness Magazine.  *Event is Sunday, November 4, 2-5pm.  "LIKE" and share the facebook fanpage.  Also, if you know of soldiers serving, please contact me and I will be sure to send them a care-package or two from the event.  I greatly appreciate your help and support.

Changing someone else's life will change yours for the better, too.

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”. John Wayne

"My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be."  Dr. Wayne Dyer 

“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”  Robert Louis Stevenson

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