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Embracing Anticipation

Are you embracing the start the New Year?

One of the best ways to get clarity is to choose a word, one word; to focus on, to guide your actions, to be your theme for the year and beyond.  Several years ago I began this tradition and it has enriched my life tremendously.  

In 2016, I chose the word Joy for my theme which has taught me to embrace joy even during challenges. We are continually reminded to be happy and do what makes you happy; however, you can't always be happy but you can be joyful and grateful.  Things may make you happy temporarily, but that is fleeting.  Joy is like an internal anchor for contentment even when you are surrounded by chaos.

After much thought, I've chosen my word for this year. My word, or theme for 2017 is anticipation.  The word itself brings a flood of emotions. If anticipation is the electricity of childhood, let us never lose that childlike trait because it provides hope for the spirit and the soul.

Anticipation can be exhilarating or exhausting - depending on how you choose to embrace it.  My desire is to embrace anticipation with an attitude of amazement for what wonderful things lay ahead.  All things are possible to those who believe; and if you truly believe, you know the outcome (spoiler alert) and anticipation is merely waiting for it to happen.

To anticipate with excitement is a bold affirmation of your life and continued development. If you get what you expect, why not expect great things to happen.  If things are not what you expected, don't get hung up on why - make the best of every situation and move on.

Accept the present moment as if you had chosen it. Always work with it - not against it.  Wonderful gifts are often not wrapped as you might expect.

Being alone in the dark as a child often leads to anxiety. The mind wonders, often turning to scary thoughts that create fear. Shadows become monsters and eerie sounds add to the distressing emotions.  This type of negative anticipation can continue into adulthood if we allow ourselves to fall prey to it.

One of the most effective ways to turn negative anticipation into a positive is to be comforted. When a parent, a sibling or friend holds your hand and speaks to you in a reassuring voice or is merely in your presence, it can change everything during those moments of uncertainty.  Nothing has changed except you now have courage to face the darkness.

Adults have monsters too. The fear of loneliness, rejection, failure, financial or health concerns are likely the top five.  The best advice I can offer is what has been my rock and resource - prayer.  

There is no guarantee that our worries will go away; however, there is peace that comes from knowing the Lord is near.  It's like a hand in the darkness. God's presence gives us peace that doesn't always make sense in some situations. Nothing has changed but everything is different.  It's beyond understanding.

Armed with faith, anticipation is a positive experience. Feelings about expectations change from anxiety to eagerness. As C.S. Lewis once said, "There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind."  So leave worry behind, for it's nothing more than negative goal setting.  

This year I'm full of anticipation with two family weddings and events I’m not yet aware of. Let the adventure begin and may your year be filled with deep and lasting peace that endures and transforms everything.  Welcome to 2017! 

If you’d like further insight on choosing a word and how it can impact your life, see the books recommendations below.
TCOY = Take Care of You

Coach Lucy

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The charm of a woodland road lies not only in its beauty but in the anticipation.  Around each bend may be a discovery, an adventure.

Dale Rex Coman

Anticipation is the electricity of childhood.  

Jason Kotecki

There are far far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

C. S. Lewis

Looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

The anticipation of being able to finally have what we want makes it all the more valuable and appreciated.

Wendy Garfike

Anticipation - It's better to be afraid, excited and thinking about the best than to be be scared, worried and expecting the worst, which are components of anxiety.


Strength from Scripture: 

Do not be anxious about anything

Philippians 4:5-7

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