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July highlights

Very busy part of the year with our members racing all over the UK from Liverpool and North Wales down to Bournemouth on the South Coast. Events have included Sprints, Standards, Middle distance, 100 mile sportives, Interclub Time Trials and even a night swim......

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the Concorde Triathlon last weekend as we had a record number of entrants. The overwhelming response from the entrants was the race was one of the most scenic, well organised and friendly events they have attended. I think we had over 70 volunteers from the club helping on the day and this just goes to show what great members we have at TVT.

A big well done to all members and supporters who attended the MDCC Interclub Time Trials on July 4th. We successfully defended the title for a second year. A huge thanks to MDCC for allowing TVT to participate in this event.
Carried over from June    
Bowood Tristars 30th June  
Jessie Hodges  27m 17s  
Bowood Sprint 30th June  
Tessa Minnis  1h 39m 59 s (1st age group)
Tri20 Fullmoon swim 5th July  
Zoltam Markella 28m 20s  
Steelman Dorney Lake 6th July  
Karol Szor 2h 31m 40s  
Stowe Standard Triathlon 7th July  
Dave Thomas 3h 1m 46s  
Bournemouth Standard 7th July  
Darren Lynch 2h 47m 34s  
Dorney Tri Youth Triathlon  9th July  
Ben Taylor 18m 16s  
Saoirse Mcclure Fisher 24m 43s  
Emily Neale 25m 35s  
Liam Prowse 26m 17s  
Jessie Hodges 30m 28s  
Olivia Neale 37m 09s  
Andrew Prowse  35m 58s  
BTC, Liverpool  13th July  
Alex Scott 2h11m 33s  
Darrell Robins 2h 14m 29s  
Vikki Frith 2h 14m 40s  
Sharkie Jaggard 2h 19m 10s  
Barry Hopkins 2h 26m 28s  
Louise Fox 1h 7m 41s  (Elite – 12th)
Henley Mile Swim  14th July  
Vikki Frith  20m 30s (1st open women)
Iain Gerrard  20m 54s  (1st masters)
Vachery 21st  July  
Louise Fox 2h 23m 13s (1st)
David Orme 3h 07m 38s  
John Reilly 3h 13m 30s  
Kirsty Harris 3h 20m 04s  
Colin Maree 7h 21m 48s  
Eirias Middle Distance 3rd August  
Delyth Draper 6h 04m 46s  (1st age group)

Upton Triathlon  by Jamie Rossiter

Not wanting to do too much racing and concentrate on the training for 70.3, I thought a reasonably local (Worcestershire) Olympic distance triathlon in mid July would be ideal.  Then there were the other benefits of an afternoon start, a 1500m down river swim for a PB and a promise of a very friendly party after the race with camping on site.  What could be better....
Description: was hot, very hot!  Wetsuits were optional and most competitors wanted to use them for a river swim in the Severn.  We fried beforehand as there was very little shade either on the walk to, or at the swim start.
The swim went fantastically (straight down the middle of the river!) and my watch recorded a 24:34 for the 1500m – phase 1 complete.
Long runs in and out of transition a very bumpy were “interesting” and I reckon I lost a third of a bottle of energy drink from my borrowed tri-bar bottle (cheers Brendan) because I had not figured out how to close the bite valve – my bike, me, other competitors and spectators all got a good dose of full strength Nectar!
The bike was a two lap rolling course with a couple of hills on each lap to test the legs.  It was only really towards the end of the second lap that I realised I had a problem with having too little fluid for such a hot day (bank that lesson).
When I started the run, it was a mere 34⁰C in the river valley “cauldron” and there was just no air and no shade.  I started the run at a steady pace however, instead of building speed, it became a gradual deterioration.  It was a case of the body telling me to stop and ego saying don’t give up – the compromise was run a bit, walk a bit.  The farm water hose straight in the face at about 3k was a welcome relief although the initial shock was none too pleasant!  It was then that I started to realise that it was not just me – seemingly fit competitors were walking and stopping.  Ambulances and first-aiders were pretty busy in the start finish area and the half way point water station was doing a roaring trade as we ambled through.
Ego started to gain the upper hand again as my old friend Dave was also racing and Kathryn was shouting encouragement from the sidelines, so I kept going.  I think  lap two contained even more walking than lap 1 and it wasn’t until the finish line was in sight that the legs thought they could manage another short burst – not a sprint but not a walk either – there were crowds to please!
Lots of firsts that day – first time at Upton, first down river swim (that bit was great!), first mistake with the fluid volume, first race in 34⁰C, first time walking in any race, firs time its taken over 60 minutes for 10k, first time I have been asked at the finish whether I wanted the cup of water over my head or in my hand and first time I had to lie down for quite a while before a post-race beer!
Would I race at Upton again? Absolutely!  A relaxed but well organised event, with a picturesque course and an easy location for camping and having a party.  Well worth considering getting a TVT group along for next year.

New Forest Sportive

A few members have signed up for the Wiggle New Forest Sportive in October. Would be great to get a few members along to make up the numbers. So far we have teams signed up for the Standard (70miles) and Epic (100 miles). As there will be a few of us entering we can car share to reduce costs. Please let Dave know if you have entered so we can arrange transport.

On the lighter side......

Unidentified TVT member involved in gender re-alignment scandal....

Caption competition.....pair of TVT socks for the best comment
Report from Delyth
I competed in the Eirias Middle Distance triathlon  in North Wales, which is billed as the North Wales Half Ironman. It was a 2km swim, 66 mile bike ride and then a half marathon to finish.
The swim was a sea swim which went well, a very hilly bike course which suited me as I am a much better climber on the bike compared to long flat stuff and then a pretty flat half marathon along the sea front to end.
I came 19th overall and was the 2nd female; the first female finished in 6:01:31 and I finished in 6:04:46.  I also won my age group and came 19th overall, so it was a pretty good day at the office and brilliant preparation for Ironman Wales. Both the swim and run were PB's for me too. I won £100 of vouchers and also some aftershox headphones - first time I have ever won anything in my life....!
Reports from Louise

British Triathlon Championships
I raced at the British elite triathlon champs at Liverpool 2 weeks ago, and had my best result this year to finish 12th out of just under 40 starters. This was the first time I have ever raced a non wetsuit swim in the UK, but the water in the Albert dock was nudging 24 degrees! It was great apart from the jellyfish, but at least they didn't sting! In an improvement on Windsor I wasn't last out of the swim, and in fact only 30 seconds behind the end of the main group. I managed to overtake 18 people on the bike, and for the first time got to do a bit of drafting, which was great fun! Even though I was on the front most of the time it made a big difference to have a few rests, so my legs were feeling unusually good for the run! I managed to get one of the fastest run splits of the day and move up into 12th place, finally felt like I have done myself justice in an elite race!

The week later I had also entered Vachery standard distance triathlon as a fun event. I was still aiming to be on the podium but you never know who is going to be there! I suspect most of the top athletes entered the longer distance event which is a bit more prestigious and prize money for the pros! But I was still very happy to win the standard event :-) It was no walk in the park though as I exited the swim in 3rd- in another non wetsuit swim! i managed to move into 2nd on the bike (despite my chain falling off!) and only taking the lead on the run.

Wiggle 100 mile - Meon Valley - 28th July 2013
Riders: Dave Mills, Matt Collins, Wayne Jones (author), Alistair Weir, Brendan Drummond, Barry Hopkins, Jamie Rossiter, Kathryn Rossiter, Paul Weald

I should have paid more attention to the numbers and words when replying to Alistair’s invite “anyone fancy Wiggle ride on 28 July”. A close read of the ride website would have been appropriate.  Details such as 100 miles, 5.500 feet of climbing, “Mega” ride where all the clues I had blindly missed.  Still the 5am alarm calls kicked us into action and team of 9 assembled near the south coast (Waterlooville) ready for an assault on the Meon Valley (“Valley” they’re you go another clue).  There was the standard round of pre event pfaffing at registration, what to wear, had we got nutrition right, rain jacket or not, was it sun cream or arm warmers. A couple of lessons learned for future rides were immediately noted, don’t put your arm warmers on and then decide to apply suncream to those same arms (Brendan), secondly travelling down in summer shorts is certainly more comfortable when not wearing your cycle shorts underneath but probably best to pack your cycle shorts (Paul – who coped admirably in his beach shorts but perhaps a tad saddle sore afterwards).  We set off on the course at 07:45 unsure of the conditions ahead, some heavy clouds, sunshine and wet roads from the downpours the previous evening.
Early indications of the route were encouraging, roads were quiet (although to be fair it was before normal people had even woken up).
First 20 miles or so were uneventful, a few cheeky hills to warm us up, the group mixing around to share the lead and chat about upcoming events. It was around this stage that two of our number veered off following the medium route 80 miles, the reminder following the Epic course (I for one looked enviously as Paul and Kathryn had opted for the much more sensible mileage).
At the two hour mark we arrived at the first feed station, 33 miles completed. The usual rules of a well organised feed station applied, good range of nutrition, drinks, gels, cake, loos and as always a bloomin' big hill to attack straight after the stop.  Ride leader Alistair ensured break time was kept to a minimum and off we set only to come across two riders unknown to each other, one of whom had braked suddenly for no apparent reason and the second rider who had collided straight in to his bike.  A bit of mudguard unpicking ensued and all seemed happy to continue on their way.
It was the half way point when our group’s first mechanical incident of the day occurred, Dave Mills picking up a puncture on a very quick down slope which took some nerves to control and bring to a safe stop. We’d seen many punctures for other riders up to that point the prime culprit being down to the heavy overnight rain washing lots of flint on the road surface. At this stage we’d been fortunate on mechanicals but that would change.
The group as unit was working well with everyone taking stints at the front and checking that the team were feeling good. One or two of our stronger riders as usual pulling a bit more than their fair weight at the front to keep us all going at a good pace.
Feed station 2 was a mirror of the first, and yes with a bugger of a hill immediately after the break (at least you know what’s coming). The lumpy course continued up to Alton (“Alton” I’m sure that’s somewhere near home) and then we turned South as the long run back to the start began.  Then the fun began.
70 miles in and a gunshot noise announced our second puncture of the day, this time Matt was the victim.  However on inspection it wasn’t just the tube but a section of the tyre wall had blown.  After some remedial work by Dave and Alistair with electrical tape and instruction not to use the rear brake Matt was underway again.  However another loud bang and that was it, tyre blown again in (see Matt for which tyres not to buy in future).  The team rode towards feed station 3 which we guessed was only  a few miles  with Matt starting the lonely walk.  Fortunately the wiggle mechanic had an old tyre in his van which Jamie very kindly offered to ride back to Matt with. Another tube went whilst fitting the replacement tyre. 
We’d awaited at the station so the group could all ride together.  Off we went with 30 miles to go hoping the mechanicals were done for the day – alas no.  15 miles in and Matt’s gears were playing up especially up hill.  We beat another hill, rounded a corner and realised no Matt.  About to turn around another rider passed us saying your mate is round the corner and has just thrown his bike in hedge.  It was true. Matt then appeared pushing the bike with a broken chain in his hand. I wondered if it was appropriate to laugh but decided against just in case.  Ride over surely, err no, super mechanic Alistair had the tools and parts to fix the chain and get us underway once again.  A final hill brought us towards the end of the ride and eventually we crossed the finish line to be met by Paul and Kathryn wondering where on earth we’d got to.  A brew and some cake followed and then the trip back home.  An excellent ride, great route, well organised, plenty of nutrition available and most important of all, fantastic team work and good company. 
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