We are proud to present you the News Tracker International 
of the Estron Group. With this bulletin we want to inform you about the latest developments in our company. Estron is one of the independent middle sized logistic providers who can fulfill all your needs at a tailor made base. With our modern equipment and dedicated staff we are happy to serve you ! 
Contifreight GmbH will be Estron Deutschland GmbH
As per the 1st of September, Contifreight will be a member of the Estron Group and will be named Estron Deutschland GmbH.  It will be a total liaison office which will make it easier to integrate computer services and equipment. For example, the bookkeeping department will move to our head office in Spijkenisse where it will be integrated in the existing bookkeeping.
When the process is completed, our Hamburg colleagues can focus on their business to the UK and Ireland on one side and Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland on the other side.  With our daily services, our fleet of 280 trailers and the warehouses in all major points of destination we can deliver your groupage, part loads and full loads within shortest available transit times against competitive prices.
At this very moment, we are developing and implementing new computer systems to make track and trace easier and less time consuming.

The Netherlands: Your Gateway to and from Europe

Not only due to the unique strategical position The Netherlands can be seen as Gateway to and from Europe but there are also other interesting benefits. 

- Fiscal Representation
- VAT Deferment
- Investing in optimizing of Supply Chain infrastructure by local and central government/Branch Organizations
With the expending of the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands is a major Logistics player In Europe and can handle much more TEU’s than any other European Sea Port.
Amsterdam (Schiphol) Airport with it’s five runways is on maximum level of it’s growth and must be very inventive and creative to remain one of the most competitive European Airports.
Target Airfreight Projects sponsored by The NL Airfreight Industry.

The e-Freight @ NL project has been designed to turn Amsterdam Airport Schiphol into a paperless cargo hub. In 2010 the project was awarded a € 1.2 million from the Ministry of Economic Affairs' ‘Peaks in the Delta’ (Pieken in de Delta) programme. With KLM Cargo as secretary, the project has participants that include various chain partners and Air Cargo Netherlands. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol plays a key role in strengthening relations with other major hubs involved in e-Freight worldwide.   
What is e-Freight?
In 2004, IATA introduced ‘e-Freight’: paperless, standardized air cargo transport, aimed at freeing the air cargo process of paper documents. 

How does e-Freight work? By replacing paper with digital documents throughout the supply chain, at all levels from shippers, forwarders and export customs to carriers, import customs, forwarders and receivers. Documents are sent in a ‘digital pouch’ (which includes all documents normally sent in a pre-alert message!). Each party receives only those documents it needs. In 2010, 20 of the 30 required documents could already be sent digitally.
Schiphol SmartGate Cargo is one of the first international public-private collaborations in the field of air cargo. It involves intensive and innovative forms of co-operation between the private sector and government agencies responsible for enforcing border crossing legislation.

Schiphol SmartGate Cargo involves the integrated monitoring of goods leaving the European Union from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, allowing rapid and efficient clearance.

Schiphol SmartGate Cargo represents an innovative, safe and efficient air cargo process, free of disturbances. It is featured by:
Location: cargo areas at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

- Customs Control Centre: central supply of (pre-)information and central control
- Cargo Checkpoint: registration and selection of cargo movements
- Red versus green cargo flows
- One-stop-shop: central control moment for all red cargo flows
- Maximum safety: continuous supervision of cargo flows

A number of developments have already taken place. For example, the Customs Control Centre, a central helpdesk for customs services customers, has recently been realized. The Cargo Checkpoint pilot project was launched on 21 September, in which various monitoring and inspection procedures were integrated in a single monitoring procedure.

Schiphol SmartGate Cargo also includes the ‘Information Broker’, a system developed by
Cargonaut that allows both the aviation sector and government bodies to determine whether a shipment will require inspection at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in advance on the basis of electronic pre-departure and pre-arrival information.

Intervieuw Bob Rigterink from Tabata Europe Corporation ( T.E.C.) B.V.

As from September 2015 Estron Group proudly introduce Tabata Europe Corporation as a new customer. Apart from the fact that we need to prove our highly appreciated service level to satisfy this new partner, there was another challenge. After a period of test cases, Tabata was the first customer that get implemented in our new warehouse management system. Almost one year further, it’s time to evaluate. This is why we met Bob Rigterink managing director from Tabata in Amsterdam.

In 1952 Tabata was founded by Mr. Tabata. He was not satisfied with the existing diving masks that were on the market. From Tokyo he started the research, development and production of masks with his vision of how to make a perfect mask. According to Bob: “ You still see the vision of Mr. Tabata in our products. High quality components with very much attention to the details. This is why you can find our products in the higher segment of the diving and swimming industry.” Tabata has a large assortment of diving and swimming equipment. Diving masks, snorkels, fins, buoyancy compensators, swimming glasses and all kind of accessories.  The diving equipment is known as Tusa and the brand name of the swimming equipment is View. Bob: “We have a large scale of products that can fulfill almost all requirements from our customers. Sometimes we do get a request outside our product range. In this case we have a lot of partners worldwide to satisfy their requirements”. 

Nowadays Tabata has also a production side in Taiwan and distribution locations in America, Australia and ofcourse Europe. From Europe they serve also markets in Russia, Middle East, Africa and the Dutch Antilles. Estron Group is the logistic service provider for the European and additional markets. With over 800 pallet places of stock and dozens of shipments per day we manage the supply chain and we live up to the expectations of Tabata. Bob: “We have known Martin Terlouw, Marcel Krikken and Joeri Blaak for years. It is not a coincidence that our paths have crossed. When Martin introduced Estron Group, our first feeling was that we were dealing with a professional company. We both felt the possibilities to make use of each others strengths to bring both parties to a higher level. Although we are in two complete different branches,  there is much similarity between the business philosophy of both companies. There’s some kind of synergy that makes there is a lot of commitment between the employees of both companies. With mutual efforts we go for the best solution there is for  the customer. This is why we call this a partnership.”

For Estron Group it was not only the start of a new partnership. It was also the official start of putting our new WMS into practice. Even though all tests were positive, it still was a very exiting moment. Not only because of the transitions itself but also because of the promising possibilities the new software should bring. For example: interfaces with other software so that less manual administration is needed, web interfaces and automatic status alerts for real time overviews and planning, KPI’s and reports to control and improve work flows. Bob: “Changing to another logistic service provider always brings a lot of questions, but they also implement a new WMS system at the same time, can you imagine!! Will they be able to achieve the expectations? Is their new WMS implemented as expected and working fluently? Or are there any other start up problems? We must say that we hardly noticed or felt anything from this operation. At a certain moment I though, even I got a bit worried and called Martin Terlouw to check as I couldn’t believe it was going so smoothly.”

When we look to the future, there is a lot that we can achieve together. Bob: “ A goal from us is to focus on markets where we see chances. In Italy for example there is a large market for diving and swimming gear. Also there are a lot of chances to reach new markets via the internet. B2B and B2C. We need a constantly developing logistic service provider that can handle the demands of our customers. Customers want easy ordering via the internet and short delivery times. 

We as Estron Group take this challenge and together with Tabata we move on to the future.

The first development of sustainability came from Sweden and the four most important items to rescue our planet are:
- stop using fossile fuels (coal etc)
- stop using synthetic chemicals
- stop the destruction of our planet
- make sure that we will remain able to fulfill the peoples needs.
Estron Group has the policy and the goal to reach the highest level of these values. With our trucks, environmental policy and constant awareness we try to do as much as possible.
We just invested in new Euro 6 trucks and new trailers without wooden shelves and stronger tilts. Besides that, our light and clean energy policy will help reduce the use of energy in general.
This year we will invest in 50 new trailers where we use the most environmental friendly materials, no wooden floors, and no wooden side boards to help saving the forests worldwide. 
Truck Wash
Our brand new truck wash!

Last year we opened our new truck wash at the Malledijk in Spijkenisse. At this truck wash there are 3 lanes in total. One lane is destined to wash trucks and vans both on the outside as well as on the inside. On the other 2 lanes trailers getting cleaned on the inside. Although it is very important to have clean trucks and trailers, as after all they are our mobile “business cards”, the cleaning of our trailers on the inside has become a vital port of our core business to us over the last couple of years. This has everything to do with the fact, that we carry a lot of waste from the UK to the Continent. After off-loading, the trailers have to be cleaned thoroughly on the inside in order to get rid of residues and smells. Our own truck wash allows us to do that in the proper way. We do not have to line up at public truck washes, which saves us time. Obviously as well we keep control over the quality over of our vehicles, they are washed both on the inside and outside.

Our new truck wash has been built by Messrs. DiBo in Waardenburg. We already knew DiBo from the past, as approximately 24 years ago they built our former truck wash at Shannonweg 15 in Botlek-Rotterdam. DiBO has various truck wash installations in its wide range of truck wash stations. We have chosen for the custom-built truck wash installation with a state-of-the art high-pressure unit, which allows us to clean 3 vehicles at the same time without any problem.

We are confident that our new truck wash contributes to the sustainability of the environment and to the appearance of our vehicles.
Our brand new truck wash, WATCH how it works 
Verified Gross Mass

As it has been reported over the last several months, the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Weight Verification Requirement, VGM (Verified Gross Mass) is operational as from July 1st. 2016. 
Estron B.V. will implement the following procedure for all LCL export cargo to ensure compliance and supply chain integrity.
We have the obligation to provide the total VGM of each container to the shipping line prior to the vessel arrival in the port of loading. The total VGM of a container consists of the weight of all the cargo, all packing materials, all stowage and securing materials and the container tare weight.
The above implies that we are fully relying on the VGM information obtained by and received from the shipper.
Therefore, it is imperative that you, as our principal: 

- Provide us with the correct VGM (shipment weight including packing material)
- In kilos
- In a timely manner 
- In writing
- Via e-mail or shipping instructions, but always indicated as VGM
- No VGM = No loading 

In case you are unable to provide a verified weight, Estron B.V. offers the possibility at your request to weigh the cargo at your cost per shipment depending on size, number of packages and estimated weight.
When the VGM cut-off time has expired we will not be able to make any changes!
Any costs as a result of declaring wrong or late VGM will be for the account of the shipper.
For FCL shipments, we will communicate the VGM procedure with the shipper directly.           
Should you have any queries, we will be pleased to assist.