We are proud to present you the News Tracker International of the Estron Group founded in 1967 and celebrating its 50th years anniversary. With this bulletin we want to inform you about the latest developments in our company. Estron is one of the independent middle sized logistic providers who can fulfill all your needs at a tailor made base. With our modern equipment and dedicated staff we are happy to serve you !

Estron 2017
Although 2017 has started already for two months we take the liberty to look back at 2016 which has been a strange and difficult year. A lot of threats in the world, terrorist attacks, some well-known pop music icons died and the vote for the Brexit was a big shock for Europe. For Estron Group the year was not bad but also not extremely good. With the turnover we can be satisfied but the margins are still too low. We have made again a lot of investments to bring our company to a next level. We have invested in 50 new trailers, finalized the optimization of our warehouses and made a start with implementing Microsoft Dynamics.
Our goal for this year is to take the next step in our planning towards 2020. We want to invest again in new trailers, finish our IT project, so that all companies are working with the same software. In March we will start all kind of group training sessions with our employees.
As Estron group is existing 50 years we will make it a year where changes, optimizing and implementation have the first priority. Our goal is to expand our business with our existing and new customers and to bring our margins to a higher level.
All the colleagues in Estron wish you a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2017 and we look forward to work with you in our mutual pleasant cooperation.

Estron 2020

In 2015 we have started our internal program Estron 2020. The purpose of this program is to make Estron Group ready for the future and to make it a modern 4PL logistics provider with all disciplines under one roof: sea- airfreight, warehousing, transport, value added services, transport platforms and barging.

The program has the following items/ subjects :

• Optimizing locations
• Renewing trailer fleet
• Changing from 4 IT systems to one integrated platform
• Looking for clever solutions for info/ data exchange with customers and suppliers.
• Expanding our network.
• Expanding our business by autonomic growth, sales
• Environmental policy, Lean and Mean, Sustainability
• Training people
• Giving people possibilities to grow.

These are a few of the main points we are focusing on and we can tell you it is quite a challenging and energy consuming program. But we have taken already some important steps in 2015 and 2016 and are eager to continue with the program. For that we also need the support of our customers and suppliers.

We will keep you informed.

EMO–Estron Business Trip.

In November we have had the EMO-Estron global meeting in Singapore. All the EMO offices from USA, ASIA and South America were gathering together in the conference rooms in Singapore.
Marketing strategies, sales plans and budgets for 2017 were discussed. IT and Global platforms will be installed next year and next to that we had about 40 meetings amongst the individual countries. Of course in the evening hours we have had some nice dinners.
We can summarize, that we are on target with our plans for development sea and air via Rotterdam as hub for Europe. With our new E-commerce products we will have a new market, which develops very quickly.
In December we have had our trip to Hong Kong and Shanghai. Our agent Ensign was having its 30th anniversary, which was a a good opportunity for us to meet all the agents from Europe and abroad. We have maintained some old contacts and got  some new potential contacts in our network.


When you read any magazine related to transport & logistics you will find articles about
E-commerce. Not very surprising, as E-commerce has grown with more than 24% on sales over the last years and is expected to continue with similar growth figures the coming years.

At Emo-Estron we have also noticed the upcoming requests from the market on this product and started to investigate how we could participate on E-commerce. To get more knowledge, we joined several meetings and workshops about E-commerce and learned about many opportunities to create a webpage, payment options and delivery conditions with related transit times.

With all that information it is clear, that we as Emo-Estron want to provide a solution which is related to our core business, i.e. transportation & logistics. We created a solution with an all-in rate for B2C and FBA (Fulfilment by Amazone) shipments from China to Europe and with this solution we are now running shipments successfully since October 2016.

IT Progress
Last autumn we have started the implementation and preparation of Microsoft Dynamics Navision. We have formed 4 project teams on Warehousing, Transport, Finance and Forwarding. We are aiming to be operational at short notice.
3PL Dynamics is based on Microsoft Dynamics Technology up to date and integrated with other Microsoft products. In our WMS, TMS and Forwarding modules customers can be informed and updated on the real time status of their shipments.
Our track and trace, real time status planning, login via the website and e-mail will be our assistants in keeping our clients informed.

We are working with the Microsoft Azure platform for all different types of integrations, such as EDI, XML, XSD, Cargonaut, Portbase. 
One of our most important Customers: Climax Molybdenum BV 

About 5 years ago we started a collaboration with Climax Molybdenum. Climax Molybdenum is the world's leading molybdenum producer and supplier. Founded in 1916, their global operations include both primary and byproduct molybdenum mines. Integrated global operations and local customer care provide their worldwide partners with the most reliable supply and highest quality molybdenum and rhenium products.

Molybdenum (often referred to as “Moly”) is an important metal in both the industrial world and our daily lives. It was found to be a distinct element by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1778 but retained its name from the Greek word ‘molybdos’ or lead-like. In its pure state, molybdenum is a lustrous grey metal, somewhat heavier than iron but melting at a much higher temperature – 4730 degrees Fahrenheit as compared with 2795 degrees Fahrenheit for iron.

Of all their global operations there is one in Europe located in Rotterdam Botlek, over the last 5 years Estron is their logistic supplier. The reason why Climax Molybdenum is working together with Estron is a simple answer for Cor Verduijn (Manager logistics of Climax Molybdenum): De Rotterdamse mentaliteit, niet lullen maar poetsen. Translated: don’t whine, just do your job.

Cor Verduijn: 5 years ago we were looking for a logitstic partner, we hired someone to look around and see what logistics companies could offer us. Estron emerged as a potential candidate, whit their rates but also their service. Five years later and we are still working with Estron.
Quality of our services versus training of our employees
We are convinced that in our business staff is the most important capital, therefore we regularly train and pay attention to the 'needs' of our employees. In this way we can continue to meet the high expectations of our clients and offer them the service they deserve.
For example, last year our HR-manager held individual interviews with all our 120 employees. They spoke about things like the way they carry out their duties, cooperate with colleagues, communication and career issues.
As a begin and as one of the results of these conversations we started with English and German in-company language courses.
Furthermore, we keep on training our staff at various safety and other required skills in our business like awareness ADR/IMDG. All our staff will be trained regularly to keep up with the newest regulations. As safety of our staff is very important, a part of our employees will follow the LGK course (Lower Gas Surveyer) as well. This will be done by internal courses as we have the knowledge in house.


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