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Unity Connect is Changing
Unity Connect is changing to a bi-monthly publication. Starting in July you will see it changed to the July/August Issue. All the events listed for those two months.  This will help you plan events you want to attend here at Unity so they don't conflict with other activities. It is the same modality used with The Daily Word. It will also help our staff work more efficiently. You’ll still receive E-blasts with new information that come-up after the Connect is issued.

Love and Blessings,
Rev Rose


Inner Peace
Centered in God, I am secure and peaceful.

Within the silence of prayer, I gain a clear sense of direction.

By the power of divine life, I thrive.

I welcome every blessing in a spirit of gratitude and generosity.

My eyes can see the beautiful potential within and all around me.


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 Sunday Morning Service 11:00 AM

May 7: Mystery Secret of the Now - Rev. Rose Houston
May 14: Mother's Day - Rev. Rose Houston
May 21: The Secret of Chaos - Rev. Rose Houston
May 28: To Be Announced - Paul Christian


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What are We?

Understanding the concept of unity is about understanding identity. Who are you? What is your relationship to others and all else in the world? You are both an independent being, with your own personality and style, and you are also a part of a greater whole.

Understanding who you are is just as complicated as the ancient riddle of the Abbott and Costello baseball skit. It’s a moving target. If you set up your identity as a baseball diamond, “I” would be on first base, “me” would be on second base and “myself” would be on third base. You run around, chasing a fixed sense of who you are, only to find that it constantly changes. So, what is home base? Let’s look to Jesus’ parables for a clue.

The same word is used in Aramaic for “parable” and “riddle”. The purpose of Jesus parables was to draw from his listeners a new realization, a shift in perspective. If we realize the Light within, we will realize salvation is homebase. The salvation we teach in Unity means an end to the obsessive striving for and protection of a fixed identity, and an open surrender to the self in dynamic relationship to All that is.

It’s like the tee shirt that says, “I’m unique, just like everybody else.” As unique as each of us may think we are, we are urged not to fall for the delusion that our uniqueness gives us some fixed identity. Our uniqueness might even bolster our egos, our false sense of separateness in the world. That will be the cause of great suffering in our lives,  and disunity in the world. But if we use our unique and evolving humanity in service of a greater purpose, we will build comm-unity and bolster a healthy and ever changing sense of self.

Jesus had one parable that helps to describe the riddle of unity. He said, “I am the vine. You are the branches.” Each vine has roots. The roots are our preferred religious tradition, or our personality style or whatever makes us who we are as separate self. Roots are important. They keep us grounded. But, they also exist to help spread branches. Without branches, the roots become isolated and could easily wither. In fact, they depend on each other. But the branches are a broader expression of the vine.

No separate quality or identity can fully or adequately describe who we are at our essence. At our essence, we are each the I Am that is the vine.

One of the greatest examples of unity that this world has seen is Mohandas Gandhi. He lived in a world where the racism was overt and tragic. The success he had in liberating an entire nation grew out of his ability to bring together people of different faiths and classes. He frequently would say, “I am not only a Hindu; I am a Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew.” His Ashram accepted persons of all castes, including untouchables. Gandhi referred to the untouchable class as the Harijan, the favored children of God. 

In moments of great insight, when our minds are uncluttered by the need to protect identity and uniqueness, "the great door opens a crack" and we catch a glimpse of the Wholeness of which we are a part. Commitment to the spiritual path means working continually with the concept of unity.  Unity assumes difference, but the difference has a higher purpose- the greater Whole.  Let’s have a show of hands:

All those prepared to be part of the work of unity, say “Amen”.
All those who celebrate uniqueness, but see beyond it to a Greater Whole, say “Amen”. AND, SO, IT IS!!
With Love and Blessings,
Rev Rose

The board and staff attended a workshop in Pittsburg last month titled Power of Focused Ministry that was facilitated by Unity Worldwide Ministries President and CEO, Shad Groverland. It was very informative and has energized the board to put into practice some of the topics discussed that will benefit our centre and congregation well into the future. All for the greater good and growth of our truth ministry! I invite you to check out Unity of Pittsburg's website and watch the message given by Shad. He is a powerful and dynamic speaker. The board also held its annual planning meeting last month. Our Trunk Sale will be back this fall, and other fundraising and fun ideas were discussed, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for those events as they are announced. Our small groups are going strong as well as Mark's Wednesday night prosperity class. Fellowship after service seems to be a crowd pleaser, so we invite you to stay after service and break bread with us. 

Love & Blessings,
Nina Miller

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“The Inexhaustible Resource of Spirit is equal to every demand.  There is no reality in lack. 
Abundance is here and now manifest.”  

~Charles Fillmore

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