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Needed: A Volunteer to work with Niles Community Services for this year’s Annual Giving Tree.

You must be able to pick up the children’s names from the Niles Community Service, record the name/phone number of the member choosing the name, have the packages collected on time, bagged and numbered and returned to the Niles Community Center by the deadline.

If your heart is touched to step into this role, please contact Cay by phone or text -330-367-7243.

A special thanks to Lynda Couch and Mary Dunlavey who have been Santa’s helpers in past years.

Inner Peace
I pause; I breathe; I enter a sanctuary of peace.
By faith, I perceive the true and real within every circumstance.
Centered in divine life, I flourish in every way.
I am one with and now realize divine abundance.
World Peace
I am at peace with all of humanity.


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Unity Small Groups-
In Building, Online & Outside!

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We meet from 6:45-8:15PM Eastern Time virtually via The first 45 minutes in Sanskrit; the last 45 minutes is a guided meditation.

From the Meetup® app, we have been getting some new people to try out the Sanskrit mantra study, and the meditation on Tuesday nights. Our Ongoing Metaphysics (“OM”) small group continues to provide the opportunity to learn about sound and vibration, which is a very scientific way to experience spiritual progress. The Sanskrit alphabet consists of 50 consonants and vowels and they are arranged according to how and where the sounds are made in the body -- from the lower diaphragm, up through the throat, and into to the head. They differ whether they are sounded using the vocal chords or not (voiced or non-voiced), and whether they are aspirated or not (using extra air). They also depend on where the tongue is positioned (behind the teeth, retroflexed, touching the palate). Some sounds use the lips, like ‘b,’ ‘m,’ ‘p. All languages use our human capabilities to produce sounds. The Sanskrit is an ancient language that is said to have been spoken before being written out, and the ancient Hindu texts that use written Sanskrit are very old. What is really great about the Sanskrit is that you can learn how to pronounce mantras, that are specific, energy-based sets of sounds. The vibrations you chant or say go out, much like a prayer or affirmation or thought you might produce. You don’t have to know the meaning of the sounds for the sounds to work.

With respect to meditation, at 7:30-8:15PM Eastern Time, we meet each other virtually in a small group listening to the guided meditation “Coherence” (from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural book). This meditation takes us deeply into our conscious state, allowing our conscious minds to forget the problems of the day and enter into a closer relationship with that which is beyond -- allowing us to bless ourselves, each other, our bodies, our surroundings, and our world.

You may attend either or both of these 45-minute sessions on Tuesday nights. This is virtual so you can simply sign on before the start time for either session using Instructions are at
Thank you,
Roger Dale Juntunen, 330-883-0977 mobile, OM…
 Sunday Morning Service 11:00 AM
October 2: The Miracle of Abundance - Rev. Cay Tomerlin
October 9: An Open Door - Rev. Rose Houston
October 16: In defense of Judas - Rev. Cay Tomerlin
October 23 The Will of Fortune - Rev. Rose Houston
October 30: TBA - Larry Etheredge

Starting October 16, 2022

 9:30- 10:30 am

 Virtually-  First meeting at the Center

This fall with be the fourth year we have offered this program.  “For more than 25 years HeartMath Institute has been researching the heart-brain connection and learning how the heart influences our perceptions, emotions, intuition and health.  HeartMath helps you tap into the power and intelligence of your heart - your heart’s intuition - which awakens you to the best version of yourself.”  from the HeartMath website.

Participants work from the Discovery Program workbook which has 26 weeks of lessons, five days each week.  It is an experiential program that helps participants increase their self -awareness, learn to experience positive emotions more readily, increase our emotional regulation and more.  Each person has a chance to share some learning or insight from their week of practice without judgement from others.

The facilitator for this group is Janet Thornton who is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a Heartmath Certified Professional.  Janet says that each time she has completed the program with the group she has felt growth.

The cost of the workbook is $20.  A donation basket is passed at meetings.

For more information email



Sunday, October 16th, 2022
After Service - In Person Only
Members, Please Attend!

Board of Directors Nominees:

         Jim Thornton                               Roger Dale Juntunen
12 Powers - The Power of Zeal


Personality and Individuality



Free Falling
Of all the seasons, there is none I love more and anticipate more than the Fall season. Autumn brings with it sweater-weather and the incredible fall colors; it means football and the World Series, Halloween and Thanksgiving and all the preparations leading up to Christmas. Each of The Four Seasons offer their own insights, smells, feelings, and fantasies, and they also offer fresh and vital insights into the seasons of life itself and our relationship to God.

Winter is a season of quiet reverence which is then followed by spring, a sense of refreshing and encouraging renewal. Then comes summer, a season of enjoyable and much needed rest These must eventually give way to autumn. It is during the fall that the foliage changes along with the weather; the birds make their annual journey southward; squirrels finish storing their nuts,; salmon start their swim back to their spawning grounds; and bears prepare for a long hibernation.

 For human beings, we can view the season as a preparation with our own kind of hibernation. It is a time for reflection, a time to think about our lives and gain new perspective as we assess our achievements as well as our failures, as we transition from our youthful years to midlife, and then on to the joys and struggles of growing old.

My focus is about change and the way the Creator explains it by putting on a tremendous show with spectacular colors of the leaves as they change from green to vibrant golds and reds. While the seasons shift from summer to fall, we can ponder this equinox shift into autumn and considered how it provides come ona window into the grace, the nature, and the divinity of God.   With it comes the concept of letting go—of surrender. This is not a new analogy, but it is important to reflect upon what changes we must make as our lives progress year after year. What do we need to let go of? What do we need to change as another year passes by? What did we learn? What did we create that will sustain us through the coming winter physically and as we age into the winter of our lives?

There will always be questions - accept that. Questions keep our minds busy and often distract us from our true purpose. Spiritual growth occurs best when we bring ourselves into alignment with God's plan for us. Autumn provides the space we need for reflection through prayer and meditation.
Just sitting quietly looking out a window at nature's glory can bring a true understanding of the grace and the beauty of how Spirit works in the physical reality we live in. As we gaze at the colorful display of leaves falling softly to the ground, we grasp (or gasp) at the grace that Life aligns with Itself through the magical dance we observe. It is all about movement and free falling.

Perhaps spending time in nature contains some of the answers that will bring us into alignment with God's plan for us. When we can observe nature without analysis, judgment, or labeling, we are developing a mindful practice that blesses us in myriad ways.

I know it will provide a peace that profoundly leads us to a place of second innocence or a beginner's mind. Then, like the leaves changing colors, we will change to the golden truth of our beingness ~ we are made in the image and likeness of God. Our soul will soar upward into spiritual understanding, and we will free fall into alignment with the divine plan for our lives.

Love and Blessings,
Rev Rose

Maybe you have wondered why I used the word corner for the title of my article all of these years, maybe you haven’t, or maybe you have made assumptions….so let me explain…

To me, a corner is a safe space.  I am protected on all sides as I face the room.  Even when I do water aerobics in the pool, I like to be in the corner of the class.  This is to observe as well as see what is coming at me or unfolding in my world.  It is a defense mechanism, I suppose, so that I can control my reactions and control what is occurring.

We have a saying where we are backed into a corner and we come out fighting.  This may have originated in boxing because once you are in the corner you have to fight to get out of it.  This is not the corner I want you to imagine.  The corner I would like you to understand is one of Spirit where there is safety and protection and no need to fight or fear what is in front of you or what is unfolding.
The spiritual corner I would like you to hold in mind is one of love, light, strength, power.  It has your back.  From this space of consciousness, you too can overcome the world, as Jesus, our way shower did.  From a consciousness of spirit we don’t feel backed into a corner but supported to move forward as the world unfolds around us.

As I move forward with my life’s next unfoldment, the Centre and all of you will move forward also.  Just know that my love, prayers and energy will be with you as the newness unfolds in front of you.  Spirit has your back and is in your corner!  What-ever comes forth will be in Divine Order as each of you upholds this consciousness of truth.  Blessings, Cay


The Annual Meeting was voted for and is scheduled for the 3rd Sunday in October, which is the 16th.  The Meeting will be held after service in the sanctuary and all members are encouraged to attend.  It was decided that it will be an in-person meeting only and will not be livestreamed as it has been during covid.  The two board members to be voted for are Jim Thornton and Roget Dale Juntunen, but nominations, as per the bylaws, can be made from a member during the meeting.  All non-members are invited to attend but cannot vote. 

Nicole has sent out membership renewals electronically and need to be completed and returned.  There are also membership renewal forms in the vestibule.

Larry Etheredge has been getting quotes for the parking lot reseal and stripping and a contractor has been chosen.  He contacted 9 different companies and received 3 quotes.  Pantalone, who did the repairs in 2021, has been awarded the contract as the lowest bidder of $5665.  Look for new lines and a smoother ride in the next month!  We are grateful for the savings we have to pay this expense.

A resume has been received for a ministerial candidate and the Ministerial Search Committee will be reviewing their qualifications and viability in the next month.  Keep the high watch that the perfect minister/spiritual leader is making their way to serve our Centre in the perfect way.

The new budget for October 2022-September 2023 was reviewed and approved.  It will be presented at the Annual Meeting.  The board and ministers continue to give thanks for the tithes, love offerings, and donations that all of you have provided to keep this ministry thriving.

A Policy for small groups use of the electronic equipment in the sanctuary is being written by Nicole and will be implemented immediately.  Anyone using the sanctuary needs to coordinate use of TV/Computer/Sound Board with Nicole prior to usage.  NO ONE is permitted usage without permission. 

The Financials continue to be more income than expense and we give thanks that it is so!

There were no suggestions to review from the membership.

Janet Thornton ran the meeting as Vice President as Larry Heck, President, was in Italy.  We give thanks for strong leadership and welcome Larry and Amy back from their trip.

Board of Trustees


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Larry Heck, Pres.
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Deb Lavelle, Secretary
Larry Etheredge, Treasurer
Nina Miller, Asst. Treasurer
Clarence Hathaway, Member-at-Large
Nicole Niewoehner - Communications
Lyn Hemphill - Financial

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Vi Gizdic—Organizer
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“The Inexhaustible Resource of Spirit is equal to every demand.  There is no reality in lack. 
Abundance is here and now manifest.”  

~Charles Fillmore

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