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Unity Spiritual Centre Girard
1226 Naylor Lloyd Rd.  Girard, OH 44420     Phone:330-539-0122

July 2020

Covid-19 Update for July 2020
Concert On the Lawn: July 25th 5:30 PM
July Speaker Schedule
Virtual Meetings Schedule
July Higher Ground Schedule
OM Schedule
Working with the Master Mind - Rev. Rose
Breathe:  Meditation & Video Song
Cay's Corner: The Beautitudes
Make A Joyful Noise!
Board Notes w/Mark Klotz
Unity Publications Available
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 Centre Closed Until Further Notice

The board, Rev Rose and I have discussed reopening the Centre with precautions and with the Communities’ safety in mind and have voted to stay closed throughout July.  We will continue to monitor the affects of the virus in our area as more and more venues open.  Churches happen to be one of the  at-risk events, with singing being a way that the virus is spread furthest.  Even though we had a plan to circulate the air, we still felt that there was not enough evidence that all would be safe, even with physical distancing and masks.  I hope that you all understand that we have taken this to prayer and have looked for the highest guidance to make this decision, which wasn’t an easy one to make.  

We value each and everyone of you, and give thanks for your continuous support financially, as well as consciously. 

I hope you can continue to participate in Truth by watching our Sunday Services on Facebook or our Web Site.  If you cannot watch on Sunday, know that you can watch the service on the Web for a year.  There are Virtual connections that you can participate in and they are listed in the beginning of the Connect.

I am happy to announce that we will have an outdoor concert on Saturday, July 25, from 5:30 pm-7:00 pm.  You are invited to bring a picnic dinner for yourself, a blanket and or a chair, and sit and fellowship 6 feet apart as we have music by Nina/Rick/Roger/Carol and some others who want to join in.  It will be Sunshine Only, so if there is rain projected it will be cancelled.  Please pray for Sunshine!

Here are the links to connect you to our service on Sunday morning.  The Website is normally posted at 10, so you can watch earlier and start your summer day and events before 11.
Again thank you for all you do and who you are, for holding the consciousness of love and light for our community and our world during this time of separation -remember we are UNITY!

Love and Blessings,

Call me if you need me: 330-367-7243 or email @
I would love to hear from you.
July 5th: 3rd Beatitude- Cay
July 12th: 4th Beatitude- Cay
July 19th: 5th Beatitude- Cay
July 26th: The Devil Made Me Do It - Larry Etheredge


Download the app for your device at:
A Course In Miracles w/Larry & Karen Etheredge at 7:00 PM
Online Meeting ID: Info69845, join with wifi/data.
Phone Only:  Dial:  978-990-5000  Use Access Code: 245683#

Monday - Friday:
Call In Prayer & Meditation w/Cay Tomerlin at 7:30 AM
Online Meeting ID: Info69845, join with wifi/data.
Phone Only:  Dial:  978-990-5000  Use Access Code: 245683#
OM w/Roger Juntunen at 6:45 PM
Online Meeting ID: Info69845, join with wifi/data.
Phone Only:  Dial:  978-990-5000  Use Access Code: 245683#
ARE Meeting w/ Jim Thornton & Rev. Rose Houston at 10:00 AM
Online Meeting ID: Info69845, join with wifi/data.
Phone Only:  Dial:  978-990-5000  Use Access Code: 245683#


07/11/20 Maurice K. Goddard State Park  Sandy Lake, PA
Saturday Leave the Church at 10:00 am
a paved 12 mile loop great for biking, also can hike on two trails
will meet at the Marina parking lot, the Kayaks and boaters can leave from that area
rentals for bicycles. canoes and Kayaks same area you can fish if you have a pa license

07/26/20 Poland Forest Bluebell Trail Poland, OH
Meet at the trail at 10:00 AM for Hiking & Biking. Carol will be there to meet you

07/27/20 Greenway Little Beaver Creek Franklin Square, OH
Sunday Leave the Church at 12:30 pm  or meet at the Parking lot at the end of College lane at 1:00 pm - take rt 170 south and turn right at college Lane
bluebell trail is 1.8 miles out and back after hike we will walk south main street

If you want more information or updates, contact Larry at or call the office and we will put you in touch with him. 330-539-0122.


We have been meeting virtually to chant and discuss Sanskrit mantras. In June, Cindy Roode shared Nature Journaling for one of our Tuesday night meetings. I am open to new topics that might be good for a 1-1/2 hour virtual meeting. We can share documents, take short breaks, etc. I believe we can also share virtual presentation files such as powerpoint presentations, etc. If you would like to schedule Nature Journaling again (or on a periodic basis), or another topic of choice, please contact me. Otherwise, we’ll continue to do the mantra chanting.

Personally, I am reading and practicing some of the breathing and consciousness meditations in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatual book. I’m interested in pursuing the study of the pineal gland/pituitary gland, and energy flow. This relates to ancient breath and meditation practices, including meditations, yoga, Golden Flower breathing meditations, etc. The Becoming Supernatural book, to me, describes in modern scientific descriptions, what the ancients already knew and practiced about the movement of energy up the spine, into the brain, and back down the front in a cycle. They may have had mystical experiences (even without external help) through stimulating the pituitary gland, and from the chemical changes involving melatonin, serotonin, and other related internally generated substances. I believe it is all related with respect to our body physiology, spirituality, consciousness, and other human body / spiritual practices and connections. Let me know what you’re interested in and join me on Tuesday evenings. Our breath in mantra chanting, as well as other meditative methods, connects us each personally with the Divine. Roger Dale Juntunen, 330-883-0977 mobile, OM…


Working with the Master

Mind of the Universe…

~Rev. Rose Houston

There is a wonderful way of working with the Mastermind of the Universe. It works from the same basis of God as Principle -  one of the basic teachings in Unity. I learned this principle from Napoleon Hill, who taught it as one of his 17 principles of personal achievement.

Napoleon Hill defined the Mastermind Principle as follows:



"God is a Spirit." ~ John 4:24a, King James Version

"God is breath.
All that breathes resides in the Only Being.
From my breath
to the air we share
to the wind that blows around the planet:
Sacred Unity inspires all."

~ Neil Douglas-Klotz ©, The Hidden Gospel

The One Breath
Prayer is nothing
But the inhaling
And exhaling
Of The One
Of the universe.
~ St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)
“To me, breathing is a joy that I cannot miss. Every day, I practice conscious breathing, and in my small meditation room, I have calligraphed this sentence: ‘Breathe, you are alive!’ Just breathing and smiling can make us very happy, because when we breathe consciously we recover ourselves completely and encounter life in the present moment.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace is Every Step
This song was used in June 21, 2020 Service for meditation and you may want to watch it or listen to it for a premeditation:

This Inner Space by Mary Baruch

The Beatitudes: 

The Unity Definition for the Beatitudes is this:  Jesus in exaltation is blessing spiritual man with the attributes of God and also blessing the natural man with the attributes of the spiritual man. (see Matt. 5:3-11).

I would like to share a midrash interpretation from Aramaic Scholar, Neil Douglas-Klotz which I feel can help us to understand these spiritual Blessings better and apply them in our lives.

I have given you the Aramaic writing -which can be used as a meditative process by looking at the words. The King James version of the verse.  The Aramaic transliteration for pronunciation, and the midrash (expanded) version that the people would have understood in Jesus’ time.


Making a Joyful Noise

Each Sunday we join together in Song, uplifting our voices to make a joyful noise for truth.   Music is such an important part of our message and sometimes it not only enhances the message but IS the Message.

We have been blessed with Kirk and Gary serving us for many years and for their time and dedication we are immensely grateful.  We have also been blessed by various singers throughout the years and our thanks go out to all who have added their talents in making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

As we moved into virtual Sunday Services and physical distancing we have had to change our music by using electronic recordings from various artists.  I have gotten great feedback from all of you on the new music format.  Personally, it is also easier for me to have songs that enhance and support the message that doesn’t require a lot of time to learn or planned for.  One of the items that came up during our HOPCOF workshop with Rev. Steve was that the music needed to change and improve.  The pandemic forced the change to the music for service and going forward I will be maintaining the current format of recorded artists. 

I thought that you might like to listen to the artists on youtube or support them by going to their website for music that you have liked and may want to own:

Faith Rivera:
This Little Light of Mine (March opener)
          Wind Beneath my Wings:  March 22
          Peace Today:  April Peace Song
          The Gifts Storms may bring May 31
          I’m Making Money June 7
Denise Rosier:
          Spirit Speak:  March 15
          Peace-Light-Love April 26
          Sprit is in this Place-May opening song
Armand & Angelina:
          Lord’s Prayer April 26
          Peace I AM April 26
          Peace Song Month of June
          All Music on 5/17

Daniel Nahmod:
          A common Life April 19
          The Sky is Always Blue 4/26
          Why Worry-gathering Song in May
          Three Little Birds/Somewhere over the rainbow May 3
Karen Drucker:
I love my life-April 19
O Mother God-May 10
This is a Mother’s Prayer May 10
God is my Source June 7
I am Healed-Whole and Healthy June 14
You are Healed June 14
There are more artists that I have only used one or two songs.  I will include more information in future Connects.  If you ever hear a song and want to know who is singing, please email me at  I would love to hear your thoughts about the music, also, if you would like to share.

After we return from our physical distancing and it is again safe to socialize we will have Kirk and Gary back for a Celebration of Thanks.  They have also agreed to make themselves available for special music, weddings, life celebrations and anytime we need them, for which I am also grateful.
Keep a song in your heart!  

Board Notes
w/ President Mark Klotz

Hello All: 
Hope everyone is doing well. As a board we have reached out to all of our members to see how you are doing and if there are any needs that we can further assist you with. As of present most are doing very well other than a few prayer requests which is perfectly normal. 
Our meeting was primarily about when to re-open. As many of you know by now, we are going to remain closed for now and review again at the July meeting. This has been frustrating for many, but as a board of directors we have to look at the well-being and safety of our members. Even when we do open it will be somewhat limited and it will be your freedom of choice to decide to participate or not. Either way, we are so blessed to have gone forward with the video streaming enabling us to deliver our message to you wherever you are.
Now for other updates: Lyn has created a journal on how to do her job should that ever be necessary. Larry & Kimberly are prepared to step in if ever required.   We did this as a precaution when Covid-19 began.
The exact time to do the septic line to the church should be released for sometime in July.
We are asking for bids on doing the French Drain as well as re-paving the parking lot.
I want you to know that your prayers for the perfect Minister are being heard. We have had some interest... but no cigar yet.  Please keep your positive thoughts and energy focused for that perfect Minister for The Spiritual Centre of Girard, Ohio 
In closing, I wish to thank each and everyone of you for your continued faith and support of your Unity Spiritual Centre and it's board directors. Without your love offerings of talent, time and money that we would be able to forward the message as we do- so I say this with the deepest feelings of gratitude:
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, 🤗

 ~Mark W Klotz
Our Unity Organization have made these publications available to download.  The links are below and by clicking on them you will be able to download these to your own computer and have them for your personal use.  You may also request a free copy that is printed but will have to wait for it to be shipped.

February 2020- 30 days of Fearless Living:

April 2020- The Heart of Healing:

May 2020- The Comfort of Prayer:

Gems of Wisdom:  from Black Leaders of New Thought:

We had purchased a copy of this booklet for all of you but the pandemic and delivery timing made it impossible for you to receive your copy.  When the Centre reopens, you may pick up your copy, but until then you may want to read it from the download:  Especially now, we want to listen to the wisdom of our Black Spiritual Leaders.  Understanding we all live the same truth will help us move through the physical seeing of differences.

You may go to the Unity.Org site for new booklets at any time.  If your heart is touched and your are spiritually fed, please donate to help these resources coming to those in need.


Cay Tomerlin, LUT
Rev. Rose Houston
Lynn Denning
Alison McNeal
Mark Klotz, Pres.
Roger Juntunen, Vice Pres.
Michael Swiatkwich, Secretary
Larry Heck, Treasurer
Kimberly Ford, Asst. Treasurer
Janet Thornton, Member-at-Large
Nicole Niewoehner - Communications
Lyn Hemphill - Financial


  Nina Miller, Director
Alison McNeal, Asst. Director
Vi Gizdic—Organizer
Email Addresses:

Cay Tomerlin:
Lyn Hemphill:
Nicole Niewoehner:

Centre Office: 330-539-0122
Cay: 330-367-7243
Higher Ground Outings: 
Larry: 330-207-4149
Card Ministry:
Mary: 330-518-7308

Please consider making a gift to Unity Spiritual Centre Girard-

We Appreciate Your Support!

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“The Inexhaustible Resource of Spirit is equal to every demand.  There is no reality in lack. 
Abundance is here and now manifest.”  

~Charles Fillmore

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