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Unity Spiritual Centre Girard
1226 Naylor Lloyd Rd.  Girard, OH 44420     Phone:330-539-0122

September 2020

Sunday. September 6th - Sunday Service in Sanctuary or Online 
Membership Renewals Are Due!
August Speaker Schedule
Picture Request!
World Day of Prayer Begins on September 9th!
Virtual Meetings Schedule
August Higher Ground Schedule
OM Schedule
From The Desk of Rev. Rose Houston
Cay's Corner: A Video Message
A New Music Vision
Make A Joyful Noise!
New - Unity Spiritual Centre Girard On Roku!
Board Notes w/Mark Klotz
A Little Inspiration
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Beginning Sunday, September 6th 2020
It has been decided that the Centre will reopen for Sunday Services Only, starting September 6, 2020.  Viewing our service online on Facebook and our Website will also continue to be available.  
We ask that these guidelines be adhered too for the safety and health of all of our members.  

Although these guidelines are restrictive, and prevent us from experiencing the community as we would like, they are important to ensure the health of all of those attending and all those people may contact after they leave.  It also ensures our staffs safety, and those who need to keep the environment clean. 

Air hugs are acceptable during meet-in-greet from a distance; Namaste bows are also acceptable as well as smiling eyes above the masks of protection.  We are ONE, and there are many ways to feel each other without physical touching. Thanks for understanding, I look forward to seeing those who choose to come.  I am so very grateful for the continuing support of this truth ministry.

Love and Blessings,

It’s time to renew your Membership for the Annual Meeting Scheduled, Sunday, October 18, 2020, after service.  You should have received an email with a form to complete and submit.  If you don’t have email, or need a form mailed to you please call Nicole at the Centre and leave a message (330) 539-0122.  It is important to renew so that you can vote in the meeting.
September 6th: The 9th Beautitude - Cay Tomerlin
September 13th: The 10th Beautitude - Cay Tomerlin
September 20th: The 11th Beautitude - Cay Tomerlin
September 27th: To Be Announced - Rev. Rose Houston


Request for Pictures!
We would like to update your picture on Ministry Tracker so that our new leader, when one arrives, can associate you with your name.  If you have a current picture you can scan and email to Nicole, that would be great!  If not, we will try to take your picture the next time you are at the Centre.

Email your picture to



****If you would like to participate in Unity’s World Day of prayer you can join with them virtually.  All of the information you need can be found at
Standing in Truth, I move from fear to faith.
****You may submit your own prayer list to them by going to this site:
****To participate with the virtual events the schedule is below:
All World Day of Prayer events will be livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube. We welcome your participation and comments. Please share events on social media using the hashtag #WDOP20.

Wednesday, September 9
7 p.m.—Opening Ceremony • Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, Vice President, Unity Prayer Ministry
• Rev. Ogun Holder, Senior Minister, Unity on the River, Amesbury, Massachusetts
• Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency, Associate Minister, Unity San Francisco
• Rev. Ana Quintana, Associate Minister, Unity of the Triangle, Raleigh, North Carolina
• Music by Eddie Watkins Jr., Motown and New Thought Musician

Thursday, September 10
8 a.m.—Live music with Eddie Watkins Jr.
11 a.m.—Bilingual prayer service (English and Spanish) • Rev. Patricia Bass, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Unity Worldwide Ministries
• Rev. Juan del Hierro, Associate Minister, Unity on the Bay, Miami, Florida
4 p.m.—Live music with Eddie Watkins Jr.
**** To move thru reflection questions for growth goto
There will not be anything at our local Spiritual Centre for this event but we encourage each of you to take time in the 24-hour period to create your own prayer list and pray.  You may, also, send me your list electronically and I will include them in my prayers.


Download the app for your device at:
Becoming Supernatural Book Study w/Roger Juntunen at 9:15 AM
Online Meeting ID: Info69845, join with wifi/data.
Phone Only:  Dial:  978-990-5000  Use Access Code: 245683#

A Course In Miracles w/Larry & Karen Etheredge at 7:00 PM
Online Meeting ID: Info69845, join with wifi/data.
Phone Only:  Dial:  978-990-5000  Use Access Code: 245683#

Monday - Friday:
Call In Prayer & Meditation w/Cay Tomerlin at 7:30 AM
Online Meeting ID: caytomerlin, join with wifi/data.
Phone Only:  Dial:
OM w/Roger Juntunen at 6:45 PM
Online Meeting ID: Info69845, join with wifi/data.
Phone Only:  Dial:  978-990-5000  Use Access Code: 245683#
ARE Meeting w/ Jim Thornton & Rev. Rose Houston at 10:00 AM
Online Meeting ID: Info69845, join with wifi/data.
Phone Only:  Dial:  978-990-5000  Use Access Code: 245683#


09/13/20 Mill Creek Park
Meet at 1:15 at Lilly pond parking lot
Old tree trail, lily pond and other trail Approx 4.5 miles

09/17/20 Appalachian Trail Hike Palmerton, PA
Thursday arrive at Evergreen Lake Campgrounds
Friday start hike at Lehigh River Bridge at rt 873 and hike 12.5 miles
Saturday start hike at Smith road and hike 8.1 miles
Sunday pack up and go home

If you want more information or updates, contact Larry at or call the office and we will put you in touch with him. 330-539-0122.

We will be studying third cakra (Manipura) (I use the Sanskrit spelling, pronounced “chuck-ra”) mantas from the Thomas Ashley-Farrand Cakra Mantras book. We have already looked at a hanuman mantra, rama mantra, a tantric Shakti mantra, and twelve sun mantras and their fruits, and moon mantras. This week we will continue third cakra mantras and look at  the mantras corresponding to the planets: Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Moon’s North Node (Rahu), and Moon’s South Node (Ketu). The planetary mantras correspond to various material results, esoteric results, and physiological associations to our internal glands and physical systems. We may or may not complete the third cakra mantras in one week. After that we will move to study the fourth cakra (Anahata = not hit) mantras. These relate to feminine Shakti powers. I will introduce the mantra and we will read about its use and you will have the opportunity to repeat it and find out which mantra resonate with you (or not). We may choose to do a complete mala (108 beads) chanting one or two mantras for 108 repetitions. We will also have time catch up and share what’s going on at the beginning. Our breath in mantra chanting, as well as other meditative methods, connects us each personally with the Divine.

We meet 6:45-8:15PM Tuesdays via, Meeting ID: info69845. Roger Dale Juntunen, 330-883-0977 mobile, OM…


From the Desk of Rev. Rose Houston

Dear Friends,
I am so often asked how I pray for others and how long is it appropriate to continue praying. It seemed appropriate as we come back to church in September to share a wonderful method that I’ve found helpful as well as powerful through the many years I’ve been praying for people and situations.
It’s my practice to continue holding people on our prayer list for at least one week. The reason I do this is not a lack of faith, it’s an act of love to continue to hold a sacred space in which the flow of Spirit is unobstructed by any doubts.

Cay's Corner - A Video Message

Metaphysical Musings from the Beach
Dear Community,
As we open our facility on September 6th, 2020 for Sunday Services you will notice that our music team will no longer be part of the service.  As we moved into the Pandemic we had to adjust our music to fit the virtual service, and began to use recorded music from New Thought Artists. (see the Make a Joyful Noise article in this Connect).  It is my belief that music is a very important part of the message and should enhance it, as well as be uplifting and provide a message.

Rev. Steve Colladay, (Unity World Wide Ministry Consultant) encouraged the board and me to pursue a new music vision because of the responses we received during the HOPCOF workshop concerning your views on the music.  He also recommended that we eliminate the hymnals, Wings of Song, which we did starting last January.

Divine Order from the Pandemic pushed us into implementing a temporary solution and forced us into removing the music team.  Therefore the Board and I released Kirk and Gary in April in order for them to pursue other opportunities.  We gave them each a severance package, and will provide letters of recommendation for the talents and abilities that they can provide a community.

We are truly grateful for their years of service!  They have been promised a Celebration Sunday  where they will provide the music and we can thank them in person and say our “so longs for now”.  Charles Fillmore said that we should never say “Good-bye”.  The Sunday will be scheduled when more of the community feels it is safe to attend in person.

With a new Spiritual Leader on the horizon, we will continue to affirm Divine Order for the Music Vision, and see it unfolding in the most perfect way to serve you, and the musicians to come.  Please feel free to send me your suggestions and comments

Love, Blessings, and Gratitude for your understanding,

Making a Joyful Noise

This month’s artist we would like to honor and recognize is Fred Bogert.  Fred’s website is  He was one of the first artist that wrote back giving us permission to use his music during our services.  So Bless you Fred and many thanks!

Fred served as Music Director for a Unity church in Florida for 7 years, then later produced an album of children’s music for the Association of Unity Churches for the Year of the Child in 1993. He currently serves in Louisville, KY at Ridgewood Baptist Church as Minister of Music and Highland Baptist’s Friday Church Coordinator. He is an ordained Baptist Minister.
Fred is a Music Minister, a Composer, A performer, an Arranger and is a Producer and Engineer.  His studio is where Armand and Angelina Record.

Other Artists and music this month-May they be Blessed and have our thanks!
Warm up Song: 
The Beatitudes by Jami Smith
It's a Brand New Day Glen Roethel, Sue Riley, Richard Mekdeci:
Opening Songs: 
               My Heart:  Devotion
               Centered in the Peace of God: by Char Meredith-
               A New Heaven a New Earth: Teri Wilder and Fred Albers
               In Beauty May I walk: by Karen Drucker
               If I had no Fear: Jana Stanfield
Congregational/Special Music
               Living in the Heart of God by Jan Garrett & JD Martin
The Movers The Shakers Bob Sima
Heaven is in my Heart Richard Mekdic
Walk in Peace by Fred Bogert
Fearless  by Claudia Carawan
Meditation Songs
               Blessed are the Pure in Heart by The Elora Singers and Hawes
Heave is here in me Leo Brodie
The Circle of Fear Donna Maria Cary
The Lord’s Prayer  Kingdom of Heaven StoweGood
Peace Song:  Be Peace Expressing by Chris Foster
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Watch Sunday Messages On-Demand
on your Roku Device or Roku TV.

On Your Roku Enabled TV or Roku Device:
Open the Roku App, and in the Channel Store search for "".

Subscribe to add the app.  Once it appears in your channels, launch the app and search for Unity Spiritual Centre Girard. Scroll to the right until you see our logo.  Click on our logo.  From here you can subscribe to Unity's listing so we will appear whenever you launch 

For more information or help you can email with your phone number.  Nicole will call you and walk you through the set-up.

Board Notes
w/ President Mark Klotz
Hello Unity Members:

I can hardly believe it is August already! Some good news as you will soon find out from our Spiritual Leader Cay Tomerlin; we have decided to open the doors to Sunday morning service starting on September 5th. We will be sticking to the Ohio guidelines as to safety procedures and we will also continue to stream at 11:00 am for all those who wish to tune in from home. We want you to be safe and take the precautions that you feel are necessary for you. 

Old Business: covered the sewer/ septic line installation. We are meeting with the plumbing inspector this Thursday and working out the details, then we should be ready to dig. Fingers Crossed!!!

We also are still taking bids on the resurfacing or re-sealing of the parking lot. This has been like chasing cats...these guys are very busy this time of year but we'll get there.

Nicole now has two touch screens monitors to help with production of streaming our service out to the the way did you catch us on ROKU?  If not you need to check it out. Now you can get your Sunday service on the big screen...YEAAAAAH!

The Minister Search Committee has received another possible candidate, there is nothing more to say as of yet as it is still in the early stages of vetting. I only share because I want you to know that your prayers are working and actively bringing forth the perfect Spiritual Leader for the Unity Spiritual Centre of Girard, Ohio. Thank You!

New Business: Nicole will be emailing Membership renewals as well as mailings for those that do not respond. So be on the lookout...everyone counts. 

The Annual meeting date is set for October 18th 2020. The meeting will be live in the sanctuary as well as through Video Conferencing (more on this later) although we will not accept votes by phone. 

At present the New Board Member Nominations are Larry Etheredge and Nina Miller. Because of Covid-19 we may have them address the members prior to the Annual meeting by Video. Of course they still require your vote and in saying that if anyone else wishes to be nominated or nominate someone else please let me know. Because of this Pandemic we are trying to simplify the process for everyone and keep everyone informed and safe.

This has been an unusual year to say the least and we as a board of directors are doing the best we can to keep everyone involved but it is difficult when we do not get to see you every week so if you feel that we are missing anything or can do more.  I want you to feel comfortable to reach out to myself or any of our board members. This is your church, your place of worship and we want it to be of service to you. 

May you have an Awesome and Blessed Day! 🤗
~Mark Klotz
Board President

The Small Beatitudes - Unknown

Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves;
They will have no end of fun.

Blessed are those who can tell a mountain from a molehill;
They will be saved a lot of bother.

Blessed are those who know how to relax without looking for excuses;
They are on their way to becoming wise.

Blessed are those who are sane enough not to take themselves too seriously;
They will be valued most by those about them.

Happy are you if you can take small things seriously and face serious things calmly;
You will go far in life.

Happy are you if you can appreciate a smile and forget a frown;
You will walk on the sunny side of the street.

Happy are you if you can be kind in understanding the attitudes of others
even when the signs are unfavorable;
You may be taken for a fool, but this is the price of charity.

Blessed are those who think before acting and pray before thinking;
They will avoid many blunders.

Happy are you if you know how to hold your tongue and smile,
even when people interrupt and contradict you or tread on your toes;
The Gospel has begun to seep into your heart.

Above all, blessed are you who recognize the Lord in all whom you meet;
The light of truth shines in your life for you have found true wisdom.

Cay Tomerlin, LUT
Rev. Rose Houston
Lynn Denning
Alison McNeal
Mark Klotz, Pres.
Roger Juntunen, Vice Pres.
Michael Swiatkwich, Secretary
Larry Heck, Treasurer
Kimberly Ford, Asst. Treasurer
Janet Thornton, Member-at-Large
Nicole Niewoehner - Communications
Lyn Hemphill - Financial


  Nina Miller, Director
Alison McNeal, Asst. Director
Vi Gizdic—Organizer
Email Addresses:

Cay Tomerlin:
Lyn Hemphill:
Nicole Niewoehner:

Centre Office: 330-539-0122
Cay: 330-367-7243
Higher Ground Outings: 
Larry: 330-207-4149
Card Ministry:
Mary: 330-518-7308

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“The Inexhaustible Resource of Spirit is equal to every demand.  There is no reality in lack. 
Abundance is here and now manifest.”  

~Charles Fillmore

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