A problem heart chakra can either be overactive or blocked.  Find out below if you have either of these imbalances.
Heart Chakra Healing Pendant. Get this energized chakra healing pendant-amulet guaranteed to clear, unblock and balance ALL of your chakras, including your Heart chakra, for maximum spiritual health benefits.*

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If You Experience Relationship Problems, You May Have An OVERACTIVE or Blocked Heart Chakra.
Find Out Below - And Learn How To Fix This*

Note: The heart chakra deals primarily with ones ability to have good, healthy relationships and to feel joy.  It usually becomes unbalanced because your energy is trapped from past emotional pain.  Chakra problems are caused by an imbalance.  They can either be blocked or the opposite -- overstimulated.  Both problems require you rebalance your chakras.*

*Always seek medical treatment for these issues in addition to unblocking and balancing chakras.
*Always seek medical treatment for these issues in addition to unblocking and balancing chakras.

But It Doesn't Have To Be This Way!


Around 1700 BCE to 1100 BCE , ancient yogis developed the practice of balancing chakras. They did this primarily through breathing meditations (detailed below) facilitating the free flow of life force energy between the chakras along energy channels known as nadis.  The spiritual, mental and possibly even physical health benefits chakra balancing brings are employed to this day in Hinduism, Buddhism,  Bon, Qigong Christian Hesychasm, Reiki and New Age Religion.  Learn how to balance your heart chakra below.

Pictured Right - Chakra Healing Energy Print (click) infuses your home with chakra clearing and balancing energies.


Energy Artist Julia has taken this traditional image for chakra balancing  -- and used her very gifted energy channeling techniques to improve it by positively charging it through this stunning Chakra Healing Pendant (click).

She has manifested her intention to open 7 powerful chakra energy portals within this piece -- making it much easier for you to effectively clear and balance blocked chakras when you wear it -- both in you and in others.

 We're told it gets really positive results. One person said he felt better than he had in years!


We can tell you how well it has worked for others, but the proof really is in how it works for you. 

Gaze into this energized chakra healing pendant while at the same time focusing on that blocked chakra within you.  Breath in 5 deep breaths and imagine your air and energy blowing out through that chakra, clearing it of all tension and negativity.  Repeat as needed.  

You should feel like the portal within the pendant is both radiating cleansing energy and also absorbing then dissipating all the negative energies that come toward it from you.  It should feel like you are more open and able to have good relationships. With time, this will become automatic as you wear it, constantly clearing blocked chakras.

What a profound difference this makes!  This is just a small taste of what energy enhanced chakra balancing can do.  Imagine if you were to actually hold the pendant and do this every day?  Click here to get yours and experience these benefits all of the time.


We guarantee that after employing the assistance of this energized image for two weeks, you will find it much easier to clear blocked chakras, balance them and experience these amazing benefits -- far more than if you were to do a standard clearing meditation.  If it doesn't work return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund*

Pictured left - Chakra Healing Energy Ring (click). Chakra balanced, energy enhanced, pure silver. 

*Our obligation under this guarantee is limited only to the refund of the purchase price of the item, and no other liabilities or obligations are assumed, and you agree to the same.  

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Here's What Clearing Chakras 
Can Improve For You



You already believe in positive metaphysical energy.
And you know that clearing and balancing chakras can greatly improve your life.
And you've already experienced how well it can work.
Plus you get to try it risk free when you get this energy enhanced pendant pendant.


*Please Note:  This is not in any way meant to replace medical treatment, and we make no medical claims other than those that positive thoughts and feelings have been shown to improve health.  If you are sick, or think you may be sick or have a medical condition, please seek professional medical care.
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