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Dear Reader,

The Jubilee is already beginning to seem like a rather distant memory, but the report further down the newsletter, together with a few pictures, will be a reminder to those of you who were able to join in and a prompt to those who missed it not to miss the next one..! Overall, although the weather could have been kinder, it was a really lovely weekend and a testament to what our two villages can achieve when we work together to make things happen. Let's not leave it too long before doing our next joint venture!

The Birds...

It seems such a short time ago 'our' swallows arrived, but a few days ago I noticed that our car had been rather unattractively redecorated! Peering down from inside the garage roof were six cute little faces, all lined up, staring back at me! Obviously not a sight to go unrecorded we both took turns with the camera, using the car as a hide. You will see some of the pictures, capturing four of them, further down the newsletter.

At the same time as capturing the swallow shots we noticed a robin popping in and out of the garage too - very carefully trying not to give away its nest location! Here he is, complete with a tasty looking meal, clearly not a vegan one either! 

To round off the bird theme we also have a resident spotted woodpecker family, the adult male in particular seems fixated on our peanut feeder - and he brings junior along to try the peanuts too!

and the Bees...

You may (or may not, but I'll tell you anyway!) be wondering how my No Mow May went. Well, thanks for asking! Actually, it's still going because, frankly, it's a lot easier to carry it on than it is to stop! It really is fascinating watching how a previously regularly mown lawn evolves when the mowing stops; you think it's all fading away then along pops something new. Just now we have loads of self heal popping up - a pretty purple flower that the bees love. The whole area is alive with bumble bees and other insects - walking along the mown path is an exercise in bee flattening avoidance! There is a plethora of other flowers, grasses and sedges amongst which a few rather more exotic specimens have appeared - namely pyramid and bee orchids. Apart from looking fantastic these plants have such an amazing life cycle that it's a wonder they appear at all. More about them in the next newsletter.
I hope you all have a great summer. If you haven't done so already, why not come to one of the pub nights or coffee mornings - they're very sociable and joining in is what makes the difference between living in a few scattered houses and living in a community!

T: 07710 154255

Lost & Found

One or two food containers and the like went astray after the jubilee events. If you are missing anything, or have found something you think may have been from one of the events, please let us know via  

Newsletter Contributions

All contributions are much appreciated - please keep sending in your news, pictures, comments notices etc - make it your newsletter! A special thanks to all those of you planning the events you'll read about further down.
Brundish Baristas!

10:00am on Thursday, 7th July. 

Join us on this lovely social occasion to catch up with neighbours and friends

As ever we will be serving Lane Farm's excellent bacon in baps along with home made cakes, coffees and teas all available at bargain prices! 

Everyone is made very welcome, do come along - it's a great opportunity to meet others from Brundish and beyond.

We can now take card payments, including contactless, so now it's even easier to buy that essential slice of cake! 

Friday, 8th July

The Second Friday of Every Month!

Our pub nights have proved to be very popular and and have been incredibly well received. We serve draught Victoria Ale, a range of bottled local beers and cider alongside good quality wines all at pub busting prices! It really is a great night out, and it's right on your door step. Don't miss it!

For food this month we are running another barbecue - we will again offer each diner two tasty top quality meat kebabs, supplied by Revetts of Wickham Market, accompanied by two tasty home made salads all for £7.50. The meats this time will be lamb kofta and Chinese style chicken, you get one of each! If you would like a vegetarian option, please contact us. All our food and drink is offered at a fraction of the price you'll find in any pub! We also have a dart board and a range of table games for you to enjoy, and this month we will be having live music with Bob Hammond, Wilby's popular singer & guitarist.

If you plan to order food please let us know in advance, ideally no later than Tuesday, 5th July - it helps us enormously with preparation and is the only way to ensure you get your preferred selection (or indeed, anything at all!). 

Contact us on or by calling or texting 07710 154255.

Don't miss it!
Brundish Village Hall Committee

Brundish Babes...!

Maybe not what you were thinking when you read the title, but here are a few of our latest residents.. I particularly like the swallows 'singing for their supper'! It's the male who is feeding the young spotted woodpecker, mind you, he fed himself for about 5 minutes before giving junior a very measly serving! Can't waste good peanuts I guess.

Hello! Sorry about the car...!

Don't forget ME........!!!!

H.M. The Queen's Platinum Jubilee is now behind us... 

but what a weekend of celebration it was!

  There was plenty to go see, visit and participate in locally if you so wished with so many villages entering into the spirit of the Platinum Jubilee momentous occasion. None more so than Wilby & Bundish... commencing with Thursday 2nd June:  Platinum Jubilee 'Afternoon Tea' event, which was an outstanding success, for those of you who attended, you possibly have never seen nor eaten so many fabulous savoury bakes & cakes in one sitting - truly wonderful!  

It was an event that many residents commented achieved everything HM The Queen had hoped such events would do... by bringing people together! 

Sunday, 5th June was Wilby & Brundish's other Platinum Jubilee event:  The BIG Lunch/Picnic on the Green... Sadly however, due to dire forecasts of inclement weather, it was decided that we really had no option but to change venue to Brundish Village Hall.  Typically(!), the heavy rain didn't actually arrive, although it was rather chilly, however it was still la well attended and lively event. The bar was open, the Pimms and beer flowed, the children ran around, teas were brewed, we ate cake and generally had a great time.

The Produce Competition was well supported, with an especially impressive range of baking by the menfolk, and our village Judges had a difficult time choosing the Rosette winners. Our District Councillor, Julie Flatman, who provided support to the events through her locality grants, came along too, not only to mingle with everyone but also to present the Best In Class awards. The winner of the 'Best in Show' award, Jodie Weedon, is shown here with her certificate and prize! 

Displayed at both events were 'The Royal Crowns' – each made by a pupil who attends Wilby Primary School – the range of styles, vibrant colours together with underlying imagination and hard work that went into them was amazing and truly impressive!

Again, thanks to the many local residents who baked, brought and shared their Lunch plate washed down with a Pimms, Beer or a lovely Cuppa!

Lastly, but most importantly, our thanks too, to all helpers on and after each day’s events who assisted with organising Halls, Marquees etc. together with dismantling – your help as always is much appreciated!

Brundish Parish Council Vacancy

Get Involved in Your Community!
We have a new vacancy on Brundish Parish Council; any resident or business owner of the village may apply to join. If you would like to get involved in your community and be able to influence decisions that affect it, then this is an ideal opportunity to do so.
It won't require a great deal of your time, the council meets every couple of months and considers such local matters as planning, village green, footpaths, setting the local rates (precept) etc. Parish Councils can and should be an active part of a community, improving it for the benefit of everyone, but it needs interested and committed people to make things happen. 
If you would like to apply please e-mail Amanda Austin, our Parish Clerk at
Brundish Parish Council Update

Both the Annual Parish Meeting (APM) and the confusingly similarly named Brundish Annual Parish Council Meeting (APCM) were held on the evening Thursday 26th May 2022. 
To understand the difference between the two meetings:
The APM is a legacy from the Middle Ages, when Local Councils did not exist, and all local decision making was carried out by meetings of the whole community, often taking place in the church vestry. This meeting is open to all electors, and they have the right not only to attend but also to speak on any matter of local interest. This is in contrast to a Council meeting, where electors who are not Councillors have no automatic right to speak (although Brundish PC does actually make provision for this).
The APCM is an annual meeting held to carry out those things that only need doing once a year. These include:
  • Electing a chairperson
  • Electing a vice-chair
  • Appointing committees
  • Appointing representatives to other bodies (e.g. the Village Hall Committee etc.) 
  • Reviewing policy documents such as risk assessment, Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, etc.
I hope that’s all clear now!!
Annual Parish Meeting (APM)
The meeting received updates from village organisations including the Parish Council, Village Hall, Educational Trust and WI. Those reports, along with other matters discussed, are available in the minutes of the meeting on the Brundish web site.
Annual Parish Council Meeting (APCM)
It is at this meeting every year the council selects its chairperson for the coming year. Anthony Bryant, who has ably chaired the council for many years, had previously announced his intention not to stand for re-election but to stay on as a councillor for a short period of time to enable a smooth hand over to the new post holder. The council duly elected Neil Parsons to be the new chairman and, as is required, he took over the role with immediate effect. Carl King was elected as vice-chairman and responsible financial officer.
The Council thanked Anthony for his long service to the village with a small gathering of councillors and other attendees and members of the public immediately after the meeting.
The meeting appointed representatives to cover the following areas: 
  1. Village Hall Management Committee
  2. Village Green
  3. Educational Trust
  4. Transport/Highways Representative
  5. Footpaths
  6. Defibrillator
Updates were given for the village green: new picnic tables now installed, village hall: new windows installed, successful pub nights, footpaths: Western Partners have applied to reroute two adjoining footpaths which will result in a much better and safer pedestrian route, jubilee celebrations: The PC applied for, and received, a small grant for supporting the jubilee events in conjunction with Wilby PC. Further details are in the minutes of the meeting and may be found on the Brundish web site.
Following the meeting the council received the resignation of Claire Hendrick following her move to a new home in Laxfield. Councillors thanked Claire for her contribution wished her a happy future in her new home. This resignation leaves a vacancy on the Council which is advertised elsewhere in the newsletter.

If you are interested and wish to find out more about Parish Councillor vacancies please contact Amanda Austin – Clerk, E-mail:

Poet's Corner

Two very different poems for you this month. The first is by the English poet Harry Graham [1874-1936] who was best known for his humorous collections of 'Ruthless Rhymes', the second is by local author Eleanor Goodison.

Inconsiderate Hannah

by Harry Graham

Naughty little Hannah said
She could make her grandma whistle,
So, that night, inside her bed
Placed some nettles and a thistle.

Though dear grandma quite infirm is,
Heartless Hannah watched her settle,
With her poor old epidermis
Resting up against a nettle.

Suddenly she reached a thistle!
My! you should have heard her whistle!

A successful plan was Hannah's,
But I cannot praise her manners...!

Wedding List

by Eleanor Goodison

A list’s a thing that can’t be beat;

It keeps the world upon its feet.

So when I knew I would be wed, 
I started listing in my head.
I’ve got an A list, and a B list, 
I’ve even got a C list.
I’ve got a list of things to do,
And a list of where to be.
I’ve got a list of who to meet
And a list of people to seat.
I’ve got a list of makers of cake
And a list of actions to take.
I’ve got a list of crockery
And a list of frockery.
I’ve got a list of dishes
And a list of wishes.
I’ve got a list of drinks
And a list of pinks –
For the bridesmaids’ dresses
And the flowers in their tresses.
I’ve got a list of presents
And a list of absence.
I’ve got a list of destinations
And a list of decorations…
I’ve even got a list of lists!
And on the day that won’t be missed,
I’m jolly well getting Brahms and Liszt! 


Sunday, 6th November 2022

Internationally acclaimed, the TIM KLIPHUIS TRIO will present a fusion of Jazz, Classical, Gypsy and Folk music 

celebrating the unique acoustics of St. Lawrence's Church, Brundish

It'll be a sparkling, firecracker of an evening
Details from: Tim

“Playfully inventive and technically brilliant”
- Time Out

Brundish Churchyard Clean Up

A few folk have enquired about clearing and cleaning up some of the gravestones in the churchyard to remove ivy, etc.

I am very happy to coordinate a  task force to do the work in the next couple of months.

I imagine it will be something fun to do with a good group of people, with a copious supply of tea and cake! 

I have four people agreed already but if you have a morning/afternoon to spare in that next month or so, please call me, David Mulrenan on 01728 628063 or 07881 481745 or email me on

Thanks very much.

David Mulrenan

Would you like to be the 
Local Recorder for BRUNDISH?
The Suffolk Local History Council runs a Recorders Scheme throughout Suffolk.  We administer a network of volunteers to ensure that the ‘present’ is adequately recorded at local level for the ‘future’.
A Recorder will note significant happenings in their parish and collect their local parish magazines, leaflets, election pamphlets and newspaper cuttings.  At the end of each year, they are asked to submit a short report summarising the activities of their parish.  The reports are deposited at the Suffolk Record Office and available to future researchers together with the collected items.
If you are interested, please look at the Recorders Pack by visiting to acquaint yourself with the guidelines of the scheme.  You do not need to be a historian; you do not need any qualifications other than an interest in your parish.  In return you will receive a copy of the SLHC Newsletter and be invited to the annual conference specifically for Local Recorders.  To volunteer to help in this important work, please contact

News from Wilby Coronation Hall (WCH)

News from Wilby Coronation Hall (WCH)


Thanks to everyone who supported the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations.  All were really well attended and a great opportunity to get together and meet the neighbours.  A special thanks to all those who put so much time and energy into organising and running the Jubilee events – the weekend will be remembered for many years to come!
Up and coming events
Friday 1st July will be the last Foodie Night for a while as Gary and his team take a well-deserved break over the summer.  We are hoping that next Foodie Night will be on Friday 7th October – please save the date for now and look out for further details in next month’s Brunby.
Pub Night on Friday July 16th is going to move to Friday July 22nd as there is a wedding taking place on the 17th and the hall is needed for set-up on the Friday evening before.  Please note that there will be no pizzas at Pub Night on the 22nd – the bar will open at 7.30pm.
In August there will be just one Pub Night on the 5th as again we have a wedding to prepare for on the third Friday of the month.  This will be a ‘normal’ pub night (i.e. no food other than bar snacks) and the bar will open at 7.30pm.
From September we will be back to normal with Pub Nights on the first and third Friday of each month with Pizza Pub Night on the third Friday of the month from September onwards and Foodie Nights hopefully starting up again from October.
Yoga – Monday evenings 7- 8.15pm
Maria Manly, our regular yoga teacher, is away until the start of August. Unfortunately, the stand-in teacher that Maria had organised has sustained an injury so hasn’t been able to run sessions for the past couple of weeks but we are hoping that the classes will be able to continue as planned on Monday evenings throughout July.  Please contact Maria through her website for further information
Why not join the Village Hall Committee?
Our next committee meeting is at 6pm on Thursday 4th August in the hall and all are welcome to attend.  We would still really like to have representation from the school and it would be great if a young person (aged 12-18 years) could join us to provide a voice for the youth in the village.  If you know of anyone who might be interested, please contact our Chairperson, Alison:  
Electric Vehicle Charging Point
Wilby Village Hall has newly installed Electric Vehicle Chargers which are available 
to anyone. In partnership with Suffolk County Council and the ‘Plug In Suffolk’ initiative. It is hoped these chargers will assist people in rural areas and will also raise funds for the hall and its upkeep.
Hiring the Hall
Our hall is an ideal venue to hold family celebrations, being attractive, well-maintained and competitively priced.  There is a large ballroom, separate lounge area, a well-equipped kitchen and a bar that is well-stocked at club prices. For availability, prices and full details of facilities please visit:
And finally…
…Don’t forget to take advantage of the recycling facilities at the hall (glass and clothing).  All monies received go towards maintaining our car park.
With best wishes and thanks for your continued support from all the committee.
Church Services & News


The Four Rivers Benefice comprises the parishes of Bedfield, Brundish, Cratfield, Laxfield, Monk Soham, Tannington, Wilby and Worlingworth with Southolt. As many of you will know, our Rector has recently retired and there is now a vacancy (interregnum). Until another priest is employed, the rectory will be closed.

Should you wish to talk to a priest, please call Revd Chrissie Smart, Assistant Curate, on 07341 480966. To contact the Benefice Administrator, Virginia Skoyles, please phone 07900 350117 or email

Benefice Assistant Clergy Should you prefer, the Rural Dean, Revd Canon Susan Loxton, can be contacted on 01379 388493,
We are here to serve you – please don’t hesitate to call if we can help.
Letter From the Clergy
Dear Friends,

Times, they are a-changing *
In everything we see and experience, life changes and this is normal, but can be hard to cope with. It all depends on what else is going on. Everything else going on as normal allows us to cope with change, but when we throw into the mix the fatigue and stress caused by the pandemic, lockdowns, cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine and other parts of the world, as well as famines and natural disasters, it all begins to pile up and make it difficult to cope. For our benefice too we have to add in the effects of being in an interregnum (the time without a paid priest mainly focused on our benefice).

For some they fear that this means we are without a leader or guide. Fortunately, this is not the case, as we have other leaders within our church who oversee the benefice during this time. For the Four Rivers, this is our Rural Dean, Revd Canon Susan Loxton. She will help to provide stability and leadership throughout the interregnum, supporting our SSMs and lay people, including our reader and elders.

It is during times such as this that we can appreciate the stability brought within our parishes by those who perform unsung tasks within our communities; those who get on with their job, often with little thanks and who need our support, help and prayers.

We have a year in which we can support another type of service and stability. In celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee throughout 2022, we have the opportunity to reflect on the stability of her reign and the many changes that have happened during this period.

Whether your main celebrations took place back in June, or whether they are still continuing with a plan to plant your contribution to the Green Canopy later in the autumn, stop for a moment to reflect on all the changes that you, the nation and the Queen have come through.

For Christians there is also an important leader that I have not yet mentioned, but who is the most important of all. This is the one who has created and continues to sustain us throughout all the changes and transformations that we experience. We can rely on the presence of God and in our knowledge of him through getting to know Jesus better each day. This is what led the hymn writer to say, O thou who changest not, abide with me.**

Remember that you are loved and supported by God in all the change you experience and can always turn to him, for he will help you to find peace and stability.

God bless.
Revd Rebecca Artiss

*Song by Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A-Changin’ lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
** Hymn, Abide with Me, Henry Francis Lyte



Wednesday 20th July

Pop in for a cuppa, cake and chat!!

Everybody Welcome

Mary Pipe

When visiting local schools and speaking with pupils, I am often asked what the best part of my working week is as an MP. Without a doubt, it is the return journey home from Parliament to Suffolk on a Thursday evening and spending Fridays and weekends amongst the many communities that I represent.
One of the many great things about Suffolk is the community spirit, and we saw that in abundance at this year’s Suffolk Show. After two years absence due to the pandemic, this year’s event provided the perfect platform to showcase Suffolk’s fantastic farming sector and our outstanding local food and drink producers. Our countryside is part of what makes Suffolk so special, and it was fantastic to see everyone back out and celebrating our great county. 
It was also a delight to see so many towns and parishes across the county come together in celebration of Suffolk and the once in a lifetime Platinum Jubilee. The Queen’s record of public service is second to none. Our Queen is one of the last of my grandparents’ generation – a generation who sacrificed so much during the six long years of the second world war to ensure that we can enjoy the freedoms that we take for granted today. The Queen is the very best example of ‘service above self’, which is a quality that we were able to celebrate during the Jubilee as Suffolk’s community heroes were thanked and recognised. 
For me, the festivities began on the 22nd of May when I joined the Festival of Suffolk Jubilee torch as it arrived in in Coddenham. From there, I was delighted to join a myriad of events across Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, where I very much I enjoyed visiting the many parish fetes, lighting a Jubilee beacon, tree planting ceremonies, joining in with traditional games and speaking with so many residents
I am always inspired by the strength of community spirit shown by the people of Suffolk, especially at remarkable times of celebration such as these. It was lovely to see so many residents, from across generations out for the Platinum Jubilee and paying tribute to our Queen and her record of tireless public service.
I want to give special thanks to the hardworking parish councils, village hall committees and event committees. Events such as these take months to organise, with many people working tirelessly behind the scenes to make them a success. The festivities came together seamlessly, and we should all be very proud of the spectacular events that were put together for all to enjoy.
Thank you to everyone who took part – it really was the very best of Suffolk, leading into another bumper Suffolk Day on 21stJune. We truly are lucky to live in such a special county!

Brundish Village Hall - Cycle Event

Brundish village hall recently played host to a cycle event running from Snape Maltings, providing the riders with a refreshment stop on their tour of Suffolk.

Our very attractive village hall is full of character and offers an extensive range of facilities including a choice of three different rooms together with a kitchen all in excellent condition and available for a very modest hire rate which is discounted for those living within the village boundary.

For more information contact Brundish Village Hall -
A friend of mine was recently victim to a WhatsApp phone scam, and ended up sending money to someone. I always though “I’d never fall for it” but the messages the scammer exchanged with her seemed so plausible. It’s made me feel a little nervous, as I feel it could so easily have been me. How can I keep myself safe from scammers?

Phones and computers are a brilliant resource for staying connected with family and friends. However, they are also an opportunity for scammers to hide behind a screen and try to trick people in parting with their money. There are still plenty of phone call scams, such as pretending to be from the victim’s bank, as well as newer scams like on WhatsApp and Facebook.

An increasingly common scam on WhatsApp is a scammer messaging someone claiming to be a loved one, who desperately needs some money to get home or another urgent need. As the scammer will use a generic term like “it’s mum, I need help” or “dad, can you help me”, people can often get caught in trying to help and are tricked into transferring money. If you get a message like this, call the number you already have for that loved one to hear their voice and speak to them. You can then confirm whether the request is legitimate.

There are many other scams similar to this, so if your unusual contact does not fit this example, it does not mean it is legitimate.

This checklist can help you decide if something is a scam: 
  • You don’t recognise the individual or organisation. If you do recognise them, have they contacted you in the normal way?
  • You can’t confirm their identity. If they say they are calling from a trusted source such as a bank, contact your bank directly to confirm their identity. Be aware that scammers can stay on the line after you have hung up, so do this from a different telephone or go into the bank.
  • You’ve been asked to hand over money or personal information. Don’t give out pins, passwords, or seemingly random information. Never send money to someone you don’t know
  • It seems too good to be true. “Get rich quick” often means “lose money fast”!
  • You’ve been asked to pay in an unusual way. Such as online vouchers
Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk can provide advice on this or any other issue, including debt, employment, benefits and family law.  You can contact them on 01449 676060 or use the contact form at  For more information and our opening hours go to

Interested in volunteering? Citizens Advice Mid Suffolk would love to hear from you! Go to or call 01449 676060 for an informal chat.

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