Jaycees Mission: To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.
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What's Happening This Month?

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April 2017

  • 6 Chapter Meeting (7pm @ QVC)
  • 8 Lunch With Bunny (11am @ Horace Mann Middle School cafeteria)
  • 13 Brat Days Meeting (7pm @ Sprecher's Restaurant)
  • 15 Easter Baskets (11am @ Jakum's)
  • 15 Deadline for Holiday Parade letter of intent
  • 18 Dining Club (6:30pm @ Legend Larry's in Sheb. Falls)
  • 22 Zombie Walk (11am @DOT)
  • 23 Setup for Terror In April (12pm @ DOT)
  • 27 Board Meeting (7pm @ Jakum's)
  • 28-29 Terror In April (7pm @ DOT)
President's Message
Tom Badtke •
badtke.t@gmail.com • 920·627·3451
ATTENTION MY FELLOW JAYCEES: There will be a special election for the position of Chairman of the Board during the April Chapter Meeting.

Let’s have three cheers for those who have been stepping up recently to chair some of our standard events and for those who are taking initiative to create new events! Congratulations and many thanks to you. My sincerest best wishes to you for your endeavors in your chairperson roles. Rest assured, you have the support of the Chapter to help make your events a success. You don’t have to go at it alone - we are here for you! My sincerest thanks and best wishes also to those who are chairing our major projects this year. These are certainly major undertakings that not only take confidence to fulfill, but they also build even greater confidence as the planning and execution march forward. All of our Chapter projects come with the benefit of building confidence in yourself, regardless of the scale of the project. Starting out small and building up to greater level chairperson roles is a sure fire way to build confidence in yourself as you gain and build upon skills and talents of which you may come to find you never knew you had or didn’t at first think you had it within you to learn certain new skills. There is no greater feeling than experiencing the height of discovery of the potential you unlocked within yourself. That is part of what this Chapter is about – fostering an atmosphere for self-discovery. Chapter projects are our main source for encouraging taking steps to unlock your potential, whether that’s just graciously volunteering to help with event operations, contributing as a member of one of our major event committees, or chairing an event. All you have to do is choose what avenue you want to take for building yourself up. No matter the direction you take, we the Chapter are here to support you on your chosen paths towards treasured moments of self-discovery.

Also, we are always looking to add members to our organization that share our passion for helping others. If you or someone you know has any interest in joining the Sheboygan Jaycees I’d recommend coming to one of our Chapter meetings or contact me directly with the number above.

Check out the full list of the 2017 Board Members

The monthly chapter & board meeting minutes are available at

State, Regional, and National
Director: Eric Leuck • leuckeric@gmail.com • 920·207·6062
Hello everyone welcome to April! Spring is upon us! Lots of cool things going on with JCI Wisconsin so let's get started!

Trivia Night • Saturday, May 20

JCI Wisconsin will be holding its first Trivia Night at Meadow Lanes North in Manitowoc. Teams are for up to 6-8 people. $100 per team will include a pitcher of soda, a pitcher of beer, pizza and breadsticks. Limited to 13 teams. Silent auctions and Raffles will held throughout the night. The Sheboygan Jaycees will be sponsoring the $100 fee for up to two teams from our chapter to attend, a signup sheet will be available at the Chapter Meeting. The deadline to sign-up is May 12. Learn more about Trivia Night HERE and check out the Facebook event.

North Central Institute (NCI) • June 2-4

JCI Wisconsin will be hosting this event to help Badger Camp in Prairie du Chien, WI. The event is to help them set up and do certain projects. The date is Friday June 2nd to Sunday June 4th 2017. They will be staying on site so camping or staying in their building. If you stay outside you need to bring your own tent or advise if you have a camper/motorhome. Early registration by April 1st, 2017- $30 Saturday only $20 lunch/dinner- no overnight. Additional $10 per person late/ onsite registration after April 1st. Contact Eric Leuck if interested.

Mid-year Convention • September 15-16

JCI Wisconsin is offering an incentive for all chapters to attend Mid-Year Convention in the Wisconsin Dells on September 15-16 at the Kalahari. Learn more about the incentives HERE.
  • Four paid full registrations from a chapter, you will get $100 towards your hotel room
  • Six paid full registrations from a chapter, you will get $200 towards your hotel room
  • First Time convention attendees will receive a special registration rate of $55 for a full registration -- this must be paid by the close of the early bird registration.

Cartridge Recycle Program and Incentive

JCI Wisconsin is collecting and recycling used laser toner and inkjet cartridges (HP, Canon, Samsung, Dell, Ect.). Drop off at Convention or State events, drop off or mail to Chapter Service Center (1444 E Northland Ave, Appleton, WI 54911), or contact ID VP Juli (920-564-0429 or idvp@jciwisconsin.org) and she'll come pick them up from you. For the Chapter with the most points by Mid-Year Convention, September 15th, a Pizza and Beer party will be sponsored by JCI Wisconsin. Learn more HERE.


  • The state store where you can buy JCI products will be going online, it is in progress right now
  • Year End Convention be held on January 26-27, 2018 in Oshkosh, WI
  • Mid-Year Convention 2018 will be held on September 7-8 in Wisconsin Rapids
  • We are still looking for someone to host German delegates, please let us know if you are interested
Management Development
VP: Missy Witzeling •
realodyssey20@gmail.com • 920·328·7119
Directors: Jessica Wehmeyer • jwehmeyer313@gmail.com • 920·331·7440
& Jason Ness • jasonness97@gmail.com • 920·257·3927

Jaycees Scholarship

Chairperson: Missy Witzeling

Thanks to those who have signed-up to be on the selection committee. We will be meeting at the end of April to choose our winners.

The Sheboygan Jaycees Foundation offers two $1500 scholarships each year to Sheboygan area high school seniors. They are presented in May at the scholarship awards ceremony at each recipient's school. Selection is based on community involvement, community service, leadership roles, and volunteer activities. Each applicant must complete the application form, write an essay stating career and educational objective(s), explain how the Jaycee Creed relates to his/her own values and vision, and submit two letters of recommendation from teacher, coach, school counselor, employer, etc. The application form becomes available in February each year. So if you know of any high school seniors who would like to apply, keep an eye out for updates on www.sheboyganjaycees.com/Scholarship

Letter of Intent for 2017 Holiday Parade Chairperson

The letter of intent submission deadline for the Holiday Parade 2017 chairperson is April 15. If you'd like to be in the running for being the next Holiday Parade chairperson, please submit your letter of intent including your name, contact info, length of time in the Jaycees, why you would like to chair the Holiday Parade, your qualifications to be chairperson, and any ideas you have to enhance or improve the event if you are selected. Please email it to President Tom at shebjcs@gmail.com.

Terror In April • April 28-29

Chairperson: Eric Leuck
Terror In April is upon us!! I am so excited to be your chairman and lead this project. Everything right now is in motion to open for TIA weekend on April 28th and 29th from 7-10pm. There will be the Shack full of different variety of items to buy. Concessions will be open! Escape room will be up and functional! This is new to our encore show. I encourage all of you to come try our escape room! Very fun and challenging! As far as getting the house ready I plan to set a day for Sunday, April 23rd at noon to get all the latex props back in place and clean up anything that got left to sit after October. Please come help us get ready! Want to act or crow? Please let Jodie or Travis know and they will put you on the list! You guys are what makes this project a success. I thank all of you for your support and help. Thank you and see you all soon!!!

2017 Dominion of Terror

Chairperson: Travis Klingbeil
I am happy and proud to announce that I, Travis Klingbeil, am the 2017 Dominion of Terror Chairperson. With my learning experiences in the 5 to 6 years I have volunteered at the haunted house, I came up with some really great ideas for this year to give volunteers incentive to help.
  1. The first idea during this project is mostly for construction. It can be from volunteering for a small amount or can be a large amount. Either way, the amount of hours don't matter except for this year you get a chance to win prizes each month. So for every four hours you work, you get a raffle ticket. You don't even have to be a Jaycee to win the prize. So if you bring friends or family down to help during construction they will have a chance too. Construction and Deconstruction will start Friday, May 5th at 6pm and Saturday, May 6th at noon and will be considered as a big work weekend. After that Saturdays and Sundays doors will be open for construction at noon and Monday through Friday they will be open at 6pm. Other Big work days and weekends will be announced later on.
  2. The second idea is also for construction. If you work 75 hours during construction season you get a free T-shirt. If you work 100 hours you get a free T-shirt and personalization on it. Also, room builders will get a free long sleeve shirt with a personalization on it. Also, if you act 3 nights in October you get a free T-shirt.
  3. The third idea for construction is for Jaycees only. If a Jaycee helps during construction they will get incentive points towards the raffle tickets at our Jaycee banquet next year. So, if someone isn't a Jaycee and you know that they are between the ages 21 and 40 you could ask them if they want to become a Jaycee by explaining to them the benefits of being one.
  4. The fourth idea is for construction and acting in October. If you work 40 hours or you act 3 nights you get a small goodie bag from me. What's in the goodie bag is a surprise and you will only find out what's in them if you do either of the requirements for this.
  5. Then the last idea is for acting in October. There will be another chance to win prizes, that will be separate from the construction season prizes. So, for each night you act and dont leave you get a raffle ticket for a drawing that will be done at the end of the month. You don't have to be a Jaycee either to win. 
So, in conclusion let's make it a great year by being very productive during construction season and in October. Hard work gives you great awards. I am doing this cause I want more people to come down and help. So by giving your hard work, I figured I would give you an award for it.  

We will be open October 6, 7, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31st. Let's have fun!

Brat Days • August 3-5

BRAT DAYSSSS!! Meeting - April 13th - Sprecher's at 7pm

WE HAVE A NEW BRAT!!! YUP, you heard that right. And we are having a  Kick Off Brat Fry to announce the bratty goodness. If you want to help with that, please let me or James Schuessler know.​

It is coming sooner than you think! Get involved now! Kara and the Manpower team will have sign up sheets at the next meetings. Please sign up if you know where you want to work OR if you want a t-shirt if you already have your job set up.

Jenna Van Der Sande • 920-254-2785 • bratdays@gmail.com
2017 Brat Days Chairperson • brat-days.com

2017 Glo Run Chairperson

Congratulations to James Schuessler for being named the 2017 Glo Run Chairperson! Keep an eye out for more details soon as planning begins.

Tourney of Taverns

Thanks to all the Jaycees who volunteered, to the sponsors who supported us, and the participants who took part in the 2017 Tourney of Taverns!
Individual Development
VP: Jim Fanslau •
ski.dooit@gmail.com • 920·287·9992
Directors: Lee Miller • tarheel.lee15@yahoo.com • 920·254·0441
& Kyle Agurirre • aguirrek08@gmail.com • 920·331·0351

Dining Club • 6:30pm on Tuesday, April 18 • Legend Larry's in Sheboygan Falls

Let's wing it! Dining Club is open to all Jaycees and guests, so join us for a fun evening out! Meal costs are on an individual basis. Click HERE to sign-up on our Facebook event.

Participation Incentives

Did you know that every time you run a project, attend a meeting, or participate in our events that you are working your way towards the chance to win fabulous prizes? Throughout the year we're tracking the participation of all chapter members so that at our banquet in January we convert the points into tickets that can be used to enter into drawings for tons of awesome prizes. We've had prizes such as Coach purses, power tools, tablets, gift cards, gift baskets, and much more. So be sure to sign-in at every meeting or event in order to earn as many points as possible. Click HERE to view the point values.

Membership Development
VP: Travis Klingbeil •
traviz88k@yahoo.com • 920·287·6151
Directors: Ashley Yurk •
ayurk@hsabank.com • 920·207·0893
& Mari Rose • art.marirose@gmail.com • 920·254·4964
The "Jaycees 101" training went well with a lot of information that was explained. If any member still wants to learn about our organization please contact Travis Klingbeil, Ashley Yurk, or Mari Rose to get information on what the Jaycees are all about.

We have a few events that are still looking for volunteers:
  • Easter baskets which are delivered to needy families - April 15th at Jakum's hall (contact Jenna Van Der Sande)
  • Lunch With Bunny which is our event for children to get to meet the Easter bunny; play kid games; and have food that is sold during the event - April 8th at Horace Mann (contact Kara Johnson)
  • Terror in April which is our encore show after October haunted house scaring - April 28-29 at Dominion of Terror (Contact Eric Leuck)
If you have any questions on how you can help or you know someone that would join the Jaycees let us know. We will help you through the whole process. Let's continue to make this year a great year! Let's go Jaycees!

2017 2nd Quarter Renewals

Karina Arciniega • Shaun Bitney • Becky Bradl • Brandon Hurst • Keeli Johnson •  Becca Miller • Jason Ness • Nina Pfeifer • Mariette Rose • Sarah Schwefel • Michael Seehafer • Jenna Van Der Sande

► Note: Renewals are still $52 in 2017, but in 2018 they will be $57
Membership Referral Program
We need each and every one of our members to help promote and grow the Jaycees. As an added incentive we are offering a membership referral program that is easy and rewarding. YOU GET $20 in Chamber Cash when your friend joins and lists you as the person who referred them on their application. It's as simple as that! So, what are you waiting for? Bring your friends to our next event! (This program is available only to members in good standing).
► Note: Dues for new members are $57 per year

Passport To Civic Leadership

What is the Passport To Civic Leadership? Watch this short video to learn more! Then logon to JayceeMember.com to track and submit your degrees. If you're logging on for the first time, just click "Join A Chapter" and submit your info.

View the membership roster:

Reminder: You must login to the wiki to view the roster.

Community Development
VP: Kara Johnson •
kararamirez84@yahoo.com • 920·917·7045
Director: James Schuessler • matt.schuessler@yahoo.com • 715·880·0700
Greetings to you all!!

It is finally spring and some fun and exciting things are getting into gear with the Sheboygan Jaycees. In April, we will continue to accept donations for the Humane Society for our Warm and Fuzzy. Please bring them to the chapter meeting. If you aren't able to attend, you can message Kara and she will help get them from you. View the donation wish list HERE. Some items are as simple as dog/cat toys and paper towel. Let's continue to show our community some other wonderful things the Jaycees do and donate!! We are currently looking into possibly volunteering some of our time there, so keep a heads up for any updates! 

Project Angel Hugs has their "Be an Angel" benefit fundraiser coming up at the Sheboygan County fair grounds on June 18. I will have a sign-up sheet at the next chapter meeting for volunteers to help that day.

Lunch With Bunny • April 8 • Horace Mann Middle School

Chairperson: Kara Johnson

Set up is at 10am, event is 11am -1pm. Please let me know if you will be able to volunteer that day. New for this year... we'll be at Horace Mann Middle School. Enter through the auditorium doors then proceed to the cafeteria for the event.

Admission includes:
• Food & Drinks
• Crafts, games, and raffle drawings
• Photo with the Bunny

• $4 per person (adults and kids)
• Kids age 2 and under are free
• Bring 3 canned goods to get $1 off (one discount per person)
• Food donations benefit the Sheboygan County Food Bank

More info at SheboyganJaycees.com/LunchWithBunny and check out our Facebook event

Easter Baskets • April 15 @ 11am • Jakum's

Chairperson: Jenna Van Der Sande

Help feed those in need this Easter. April 15th - Meet at Jakum's at 11am to pack baskets, delivery after! Need runners and drivers. Fun, easy, rewarding event!
► Learn more about this project on the wiki.

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Jaycee Milestones
When you see your Jaycee friends, be sure to congratulate them! If you would like anything included in this section, please email
pr@sheboyganjaycees.com prior to the Monthly Board Meeting.


Kate Rooker - April 8
Mike Seehafer - April 9

Jaycees Anniversaries

Mike Seehafer - 4 years
Jaime Najacht - 2 years
Brandon Hurst - 1 year
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