Jaycees Mission: To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.
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What's Happening This Month?

If you are interested in any of the below activities, please contact the chairperson directly.

May 2014

  • Open House & Chapter Meeting (6pm @ QVC)
  • 3 Food Pantry (10am @ QVC)
  • 4 DOT Tear Down (11am @ DOT)
  • 5 DOT Meeting (6:30pm @ DOT)
  • 7 TOT Training (6pm @ Frankie's Pub)
  • 8 Brat Days meeting (7pm @ Weimann's)
  • 10 Tourney of Taverns (11am @ Weimann's)
  • 11 DOT Construction (12pm @ DOT)
  • 13 Pitch Hit Run (5pm @ Kiwanis)
  • 16 Letter of intent for Foundation due
  • 17 Adopt-a-beach (12pm @ King Park)
  • 21 Dining Club (6pm @ Pete's Little Chicago)
  • 29 Board Meeting (7pm @ Weimann's)
The Exalted Ruler Decree
Sarah Schwefel • sschwefel@gmail.com • 920·946·8633
Help us grow our great group of young active citizens who are making impact! Our members give back to the community, develop their leadership skills, and build great friendships in the process. Our special guest Dave Hoffman aka Fritz-boygan will talk about his experience as a Jaycee and how it's helped him get to where he is now in his career.

There will be plenty of free food, so bring your friends! This event is free and open to the public, but of course we want all the Jaycees and Roosters there too! We want to show everyone in our community what a great organization we are and to invite new people to become members. Immediately following the Open House is our monthly chapter meeting, guests are also invited to stay for the chapter meeting. Invite your friends, family, and co-workers: sheboyganjaycees.com/OpenHouse

The monthly chapter & board meeting minutes are available at

Sheboygan Jaycees Foundation
Attention all Jaycees
The Foundation is looking to fill three director positions to serve on the Sheboygan Jaycee foundation. As a Jaycee you are also a member of the Sheboygan Jaycee Foundation. The foundation's purpose is to assist and advise the Sheboygan Jaycees as needed and to screen and elect chairman for Golf Days and Brat Days projects, plus act on any request that come before them.
To qualify be a director on the Foundation you need to meet the following criteria:
  • Have been a member of the Sheboygan Jaycees for at least three years.
  • Served as a director for any nonprofit organization for two years in which one year has been in an officer position.

If elected you would serve a 3 year term on the Foundation board. The Foundation board meets approximately two to three times a year or as the need arises.
You can submit your letter of intent and qualifications to any foundation board member or me by email at dp260z@yahoo.com or mail to: Dennis Prigge, 1126 North 6th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081. Letters need to be delivered to myself or any Foundation director by May 16, 2014.
Dennis Prigge
Jaycee Foundation Board - President

Current Foundation officers and directors: Dennis Prigge â€¢ Anne Straus • Steve Beine â€¢ Tim Harrison • Chris Conway â€¢ Georgann Walecka â€¢ Jackie Quasius â€¢ Jim Kiefer â€¢ Jen Mills

State, Regional, and National
Director: Mychal Seger • mychalseger@gmail.com • 920·207·8524
Hi everybody, it’s May and summer activities with JCI Wisconsin and USJCs are right around the corner. Save these dates for the Annual Meeting in Baltimore, the Land Regatta Run/Walk, and the State Volleyball tournament.

Outstanding Young Adult/ Outstanding Young Wisconsinite Program
At our March chapter meeting OYA/OYW Program Manager Eric Haban discussed the OYA/OYW program. Do you know a young person between the ages of 14-40 who has made a positive impression and lasting impact on you and your community? If so, recognize them for their hard work. JCI WI offers two excellent programs to make this recognition a reality:
  1. Outstanding Young Adult recognizes excellence in youth ages 14-24. Candidates from Wisconsin who excel in academics, leadership, and/or community service compete for this prestigious award.
  2. Outstanding Young Wisconsinite recognizes excellence in Wisconsin residents 25-40 who excel in the areas of business or civic leadership, community service, government service, or athletic accomplishment.
Click here to download the application form. Contact Eric Haban with questions/concerns at jciwioyaoywpm@gmail.com

USJC Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland – June 25-28
Registration is now open for the JCI Annual Meeting, a conference of friendship, education, and fun! At this meeting members elect National Officers, recognize the outstanding members and programs from the previous year, and watch as the association honors Ten Outstanding Young Americans; the signature highlight of the conference. Registration, hotel accommodations, and more information can be found on the JCI website at: jci.cc/event/annualmeeting2014
  • Regular registration from Feb 1-June 13, 2014 $265
  • Onsite registration: $295
JCI Wisconsin/Middleton 13th Annual State Volleyball Tournament â€“ August 9-10
The tournament will consist of Pool Play Saturday and Championship Matches for all teams on Sunday. No minimum number of players and no requirements for men/women per team. $100 Jaycee Team or $120 Non‐Jaycee Team fee includes weekend long tournament and Saturday social event. Early registration runs until May 31st and for an additional $30 teams can register up until July 15th. Details and registration can be found HERE. Contact Eric Leuck if you would like to signup!

Land Regatta Run/Walk in Port Washington – August 16
Come join the Port Washington-Saukville Jaycees as they launch the day's festivities with a 4mi/2mi run/walk beginning at the Port Washington Coal Dock Park. The run begins at 09:00am. Race Day registration opens at 07:30am. Maritime Heritage Festival begins at 10:00am. They are currently looking for run participants, volunteers, and sponsors for the event with links to more information below. All proceeds to support the installation of the north coal dock railing! And awaaay we go!
Management Development
VP: Tom Badtke • bumhug2004@hotmail.com • 920·627·3451
Directors: Becca Miller • rebeccamiller350@gmail.com • 920·254·3684
& Amanda Kohls • k9bosco147@gmail.com • 920·287·9976

4th Annual Tourney of Taverns is Saturday, May 10

Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse!!??? Tourney of Taverns is 2 WEEKS AWAY! If you still wish to form a team, email or call Julie ASAP. We really need your support, so please volunteer to be a game monitor at the May chapter meeting!

Registration forms are available at TourneyofTaverns.com. We are looking for teams to represent the Jaycees! We are also looking for volunteers to serve as game monitors! Game monitors will receive free beer and dinner at the after party at Weimann's for their service. Sign up sheet will again be passed around at the May Chapter meeting. Available bars include: Frankies, the Walkabout, Sly's Midtown Salooon, What's Up, Penn Ave Pub, Vreeke's, Legend Larry's, and Talk of the Town. Sign up early to get the bar you want!

Julie Ann Turner • 920-918-2445
Golf Days 2014 is right around the corner! If you golf or have someone you know that likes to golf, please let them know about the golf tournament. This year the charities are Mental Health America and Bookworm Gardens! I am so excited for this event and hope to see many of you there as well! 

Golf Days is at Town and Country on Friday, June 6. If you would like to be on the committee or would like to help the day of the event please let me know. The registration form is available for download at SheboyganJaycees.com/GolfDays

Dustin Stielow, Golf Days 2014 Chairperson
Greetings All!
Brat Days planning continues to progress very well. It’s already May and although we have our fair share of tasks still needing completion, we are still moving along rather well. My sincerest thanks to the Brat Days committee for getting us this far along and for continuing to march onward!
So one of our Food guys, Mike Seehafer, is experimenting with a potential new food product to offer this year – the Corn Brat. What is that? Think corn dog but with a brat inside instead of a hot dog. If the experimentations go well, then we will certainly be offering this in the Main Food tent. Other food news – Schwann’s is back this year, offering the same frozen treats they provided last year. We are also looking to redesign the internals of the main food tent some to make for better and more convenient crowd flow.
You may recall from previous articles that we were considering experimenting with using an iPad app called Quiver to track food sales. Thanks to the research efforts of Kris Pluskat, we have instead purchased three Android-based tablets of which a point-of-sale app will be downloaded to each. We have ideas on where we will place them, but no solid assignments on that quite yet. We may consider giving one to a ticket stand, one to memorabilia, and one perhaps to main food for food order tracking. The reason for considering giving one to a ticket stand – we may very well consider accepting credit cards for ticket purchases. It’s one of those steps to take to modernize our operations and open the door to potentially greater sales. So again – these are not solid plans, but they will be discussed at the next Brat Days committee meeting.
Speaking of the next meeting, you should consider coming out to join us on Thursday, May 8, 7:00PM at Weimann’s! This is especially if you have thoughts you’d like to share on perhaps the two topics above or on anything at all related to making Brat Days operations a success. We are all in this together, so you truly are welcome to come to the meeting to see how things are going thus far and have the opportunity to express thoughts on our plans. You might even find that there is an area of operations you are interested in helping us with. We certainly have room for you if you want to join our most outstanding planning team!
You know, there is another great volunteer opportunity that awaits you. That being becoming a Stand Chair for either our ticket stands, food stands, or beer stands. Our Manpower team is happily accepting requests to Stand Chair an area of your choice. If you want in on a particular area, let Manpower know right away so you can secure your preference! Our Manpower folks are Megan Ohland, Mychal Seger, Jason Bohlman, and Kyle Aguirre. Feel free to contact any one of them to express your interest. What is a Stand Chair you ask? It is a position of which you are in charge of the operations of one of the areas I mentioned. Never been one before? No problem – we offer training to get you up to speed on the responsibilities involved. Plus we have people who have been stand chairs in the past of which I’m sure they would be happy to share their experiences with you plus guide you along the way. Please consider volunteering to be a Stand Chair to help with our operations. It’s a lot of fun and is a highly rewarding experience.
Hooray for Brats!

Chairman GF -->

Hello DOTers!

It’s never too early to start thinking how to scare the crap out of people! DOT 2014 is underway! We are so excited to be the chairpersons this year. And we are ready to tear down the current house and start building our new rooms!

One of our goals is to include more Jaycees in this awesome project. You don’t have to dress up and scare people, you don’t have to be in the dark, you don’t have to be afraid! There are plenty of ways you can help out without stepping foot upstairs in the “scare zone”. Yes, we just called it that.

We still have open director positions – you would be part of the committee to help get the house running, no acting or scariness necessary! We really need your help with this.. there are a lot of open spots and only a few Jaycees are involved. We promise you it'll be worth your time, all we ask is you come check it out!

To keep up-to-date of the happenings down at the house, check out the Wiki site: sheboyganjaycees.com/2014+DOT+Wiki OR Facebook Volunteer Page: facebook.com/groups/dotvolunteersonly/ - both of which include a calendar of events, important documents, and other sweet info.

Important Dates!
Teardown: May 4th @ 11am
Next Meeting: May 5th @ 6:30pm
Kick Off to Construction: May 11th @ 12pm
If you are interested in anything at all – please don’t hesitate to call/text/email us!

Jenna 920-254-2785
Nina 920-287-1807
Individual Development
VP: Kyle Aguirre • aguirrek08@gmail.com • 920·254·8850
Directors: Carmen Courtright • cacourtright321@yahoo.com • 920·627·0499
& Ashley Yurk • ayurk@hsabank.com • 920·207·0893

May Chapter Meeting Appetizer Contest!

Reminder that we will be having an appetizer contest during the May chapter meeting. Please bring an appetizer to share and we will have the awards for 1st and 2nd place. Any questions, see Julie Turner.

Dining Club

Get a taste of Chicago with authentic options like deep dish pizza, Chicago-style beef, Vienna beef hotdogs, spaghetti, farfalle, and more! Join us for Dining Club at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 21 at Pete's Little Chicago (1402 S. 8th St, Sheboygan). This event is open to all Jaycees and guests.
Membership Development
VP: Dustin Stielow • dusty1363@yahoo.com • 920·946·7971
Director: Kate Whitson • katewhitson87@gmail.com • 920·207·8704

View the membership roster:

Reminder: You must login to the wiki to view the roster.

Membership Referral Program

We need each and every one of our members to help promote and grow the Jaycees. As an added incentive we are offering a membership referral program that is easy and rewarding. YOU GET $20 in Chamber Cash when your friend joins and lists you as the person who referred them on their application. It’s as simple as that! So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends to our next event! (This program is available only to members in good standing)
Community Development
VP: Jenna Van Der Sande • jvanders623@gmail.com • 920·254·2785
Directors: Eric Leuck • leuckeric@gmail.com • 920·207·6062
& Greg Whitson • gregory313@sbcglobal.net • 920·627·3735
Hello My Fellow Do-Gooders!

WARM AND FUZZY!!!!! Doesn't that just sound nice?! We are bringing back the tradition of warm and fuzzy. Looking for pershiable goods at the May meeting to help offset costs for the DOT Terror in April food drive. Any persishable item would be much appreciated - looking for bread, milk, frozen foods, juice.. Please help Jodie make this food bank a success!

TIA MAY FOOD BANK!! With the proceeds from Terror in April - the Jaycees and DOT Crew will be running a food bank on May 3rd from 11-3 at the QVC. We will need help on May 2nd setting up and bringing in the food starting at 5pm. Then on the 3rd we will have 2 shifts - one from 10- 1 and the other from 1-4. I hope you can help out one of the days. Talk to Jodie Zajkowski if you want more information or see how you can help.

Big SHOUTOUT! To Kate Whitson, Eric Leuck and Angelee Rich for running successful Easter events last weekend. Easter Baskets and Lunch with Bunny were fantastic. Great job to you all!!

ADOPT-A-BEACH! SOMETHING NEW!!!!!! YES - new and exciting. May 17th starting at 12pm the Sheboygan Jaycees will be adopting King's Park Beach for the day. I have signed us up for a beach cleanup that day to help do our part in keeping the Great Lakes great. Please keep that afternoon open - we will get our tan on and help beautify our beach!

Remember...service to humanity is the BEST WORK OF LIFE.. so let's donate what time we got to better not only our lives, but the community at large


Various community activities

Jaycee Milestones
When you see your Jaycee friends, be sure to congratulate them!
If you would like anything included in this section, please
email pr@sheboyganjaycees.com prior to the Monthly Board Meeting.

Mari Rose - May 5
Ryan Zinkel - May 9
Dustin Stielow - May 15
Jodie Zajkowski - May 23
Keeli Johnson - May 26

Jaycees Anniversaries

Keeli Jonson - 8 years
Nina Pfiefer - 6 years
Scott Erdmann - 1 Year
Becca Miller - 1 Year

Congrats to Beth & Tim Harrison
on the birth of their son!

John Francis Harrison
April 1 • 7 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long

Congrats to Megan & Steve Ohland
on the birth of their son!

Henry Ohland • April 17

Congrats to Dr. Becky Mullane for completing her doctorate program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and receiving a PhD in Communication!
Business Spotlight

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