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Purim is less than two weeks away!

The festival celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman’s plot to ‘destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day.’

As we organise our mishloach manot for friends, tzedakah for the needy and costumes for this festive day, it is also an eerie reminder of events centuries past and their currency today.

It is not just the Middle East where wars rage, guns and voices raised. We fight in democratic cities. Paris. Copenhagen. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are tested.

As we listen to the Megillah and reflect on the Purim miracle, we can hope for miracles today, we can pray for peace and hope to practice our religion in safety, get a coffee, go to a conference.

Till then we wish all you Superheros, clowns, witches and princesses Purim Sameach and Shabbat Shalom
Updates on the election over the coming weeks, to stay informed click here 

Taglit Birthright Israel applications are open so apply here for the incredible 10 day FREE trip to the Holy Land

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The Shuk is coming to Sydney and Melbourne! It is the biggest Israel programs fair held in Australia and will showcase a wide range of gap year, study abroad, special interest, post-university and volunteer experiences for young adults aged 18-30.

The event provides you with the opportunity to meet program organisers, alumni and learn about the significant funding opportunities.

Internships with Google, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and working as a journalist for the Jerusalem Post are just some opportunities that can provide invaluable professional experience and life changing results.

ZFA President Dr Danny Lamm says: - “Israel can provide the framework for further study, with access to courses unavailable anywhere else in the world and internship opportunities with some of Israel’s most cutting edge companies that will set your CV apart from the rest. You can give back as you reach out to others through a myriad of volunteering options or simply take time away to discover Israel, explore your interests and live like a local.”

Masa offers generous support – a universal grant to all eligible applicants and means tested scholarships of up to $10 000 USD to assist with program costs. One option is to work as a Masa Teaching Fellow, an opportunity that offers Jewish university graduates a chance to address Israel’s educational achievement gap on a 10 month program. It is highly subsidised reducing the cost to US $1000.
Israel Program Coordinator, Sarit Braver says “For someone who has ever thought about going to Israel be it on a short or long term program The Shuk is a great opportunity to meet program organisers face to face, ask questions, hear from alumni and find out about the generous funding opportunities available'"

Rosie Sheb’a, recently returned from her Taglit Birthright trip she says: - “The Birthright Taglit experience has completely changed my life in so many ways. I always knew it would be an interesting, intense and possibly reconnecting experience for me, but I had no idea it would completely shake the core of my foundation and being, connect me to my ancestors and culture in a plethora of ways and give me a new spiritual foundation and moral compass with which to navigate the rest of my life.”

The ZFA invite you to explore the many prospects with a large number of programs bringing out representatives from Israel and if that’s not enough there’s a $500 travel voucher from FBI Travel to be won.

Dr Danny Lamm says: - “The Zionist Federation of Australia is proud to play a central role in sending over hundreds of Australian Jews on Israel programs each year. Participants return to Australia with a greater understanding of Israel and what it means to the Jewish people and also come back motivated and inspired with a stronger sense of personal and Jewish identity.”

Find the dates in your state:-

SYDNEY: Sunday 22 March, 11am-1pm. Shalom College UNSW. Barker St, Kensington

MELBOURNE: Sunday 29 March, 11am-1pm. Beth Weizmann Community Centre. 306 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield South

For more information please contact Sarit on (03) 9272 5584 or email israelprograms@zfa.com.au

The Israel programs Department are a team dedicated to helping find the perfect program for you

Taglit-Birthright Israel applications are OPEN!!! Like our facebook page 'ZFA Israel Programs'  for more information on how to apply. You can also email israelpograms@zfa.com.au Spread the word and tell your family and friends to apply, don't let them miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime to explore Israel and their Jewish heritage!

You have two programs to choose from:-

PROGRAM 1: Hagshama

Hagshama provides a vast array of Israel-Inspired events, initiatives and programs that are specifically crafted for young adults aged 18 to 35.

Dates: 3 -12 July
Age:  18-26
Departing Australia on the 2nd July and leaving Israel on the 12th of July.
Contact: Ittai (Sydney)  0421 238 339 Email: ittai@zfa.com.au
Mina (Melbourne) 03 9272 5678 Email: mina@zfa.com.au

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) has represented Jewish students on campus across Australia and New Zealand since 1948.

Dates: 10-19th July
Age: 20-24
Departing Australia on the 9th July and leaving Israel on the 19th of July.
Contact: Hagar on (02) 9381 4292 Email: ip@aujs.com.au




We have a fantastic event lined up on the 7th March, celebrate Shabbat Kalturai style!!


Call Anna on 0410 558 624 or email rsjc@zfa.com.au


We are very happy and excited to announce that Limmud FSU Australia registrations are now open!
Please, like our Facebook page, join our Facebook event, fill in the presenter and/or a participant registration form and visit our website.
We look forward to seeing you on the 8th of March


Hagshama Melbourne


Come and celebrate Purim in Persia with Hagshama Melbourne!!

Hurry and buy tickets now before we run out click here


Simply Hebrew

The Simply Hebrew studies commenced on the 9/2/15 at "HaBayit" at Beit Weizman. But you can still join!

Anyone interested in signing up for the year please contact Shira at 0432444921 as soon as possible or by email Shira@simplyhebrew.com.au




The Australia Arava Partnership hosted 150 Australian children from IBC on their Gap Year in Israel on Sunday 15 February 2015.

Participants partook in either agricultural activities, bike riding, cooking or art. It was a fun day all round!

In addition the group met with representatives from AICAT (Arava International Centre for Agricultural Training) and were shown what the agricultural training students from developing countries are exposed to in the Central Arava.

AICAT gives the representatives skills they can take back home with them, skills they can use to change lives of those in their countries just by implementing the new proficiencies they have learnt in the Arava. It was an incredible time for all involved.


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