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It has been a tumultuous couple of months since we last ‘spoke.’ Sydney faced terror on its own shores, in France the offices of Charlie Hebdo were attacked, people were killed in a spree that saw Jewish customers gunned down in a kosher supermarket. Aliyah from France to Israel continues in record numbers as anti-Semitism continues to find more voices.

Just last week Maj. Yochai Kalangel and Staff Sgt, Dor Chaim Nini were killed by Hezbollah terrorists in Northern Israel, seven others were wounded in the same attack.

ZFA President Danny Lamm said:-

“We still have bitter memories of the kidnap and murder of two Israeli soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser z”l and Eldad Regev z”l by Hezbollah in 2006, and the incessant missile attacks, the harassment and threat to two million people in Israel’s north that followed.

We view the events of the last few days as a very grave development coming as it does with the death of two members of Israel’s Defence Force, Maj. Yochai Kalangel and Staff Sgt. Dor Chaim Nini and the seven others who were wounded. We are very concerned by the resumption of rocket attacks and the possibility that Hezbollah has followed the lead of its Gaza sibling, Hamas in digging terror tunnels into Northern Israel.

We support Israel’s commitment to stability in the region and recognise Israel’s duty to protect its citizens from attack.

It is way past time for the UNIFIL forces on the border to do at least part of the job required of them by UN Resolution 1701 and ensure that Hezbollah is not permitted to operate in Southern Lebanon. ”

In the face of terror and violence, where the publication of a cartoon featuring the prophet Mohammed incited violence and death in Muslim countries, French president Francois Hollande said: -

“We’ve supported these countries in the fight against terrorism… I still want to express my solidarity [towards them], but at the same time France has principles and values, in particular freedom of expression.”

On the 17th March it is time for Israel to express its democratic right and freely elect its new government.

We will have more updates on the election over the coming weeks, to stay informed click here

In local news, this past year we have sent a record number of young adults to Israel across all our programs - more than 400 to be exact! And just last week we farewelled 290 gap year participants as they boarded the plane for Israel. We wish them all Hatlacha Raba!

Taglit Birthright Israel applications are open so apply here for the incredible 10 day FREE trip to the Holy Land

We wish you all Shabbat Shalom and a peaceful 2015
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Taglit Birthright Israel

Taglit Birthright Israel applications are OPEN!!! Like our facebook page 'ZFA Israel Programs'  for more information on how to apply. You can also email israelpograms@zfa.com.au Spread the word and tell your family and friends to apply, don't let them miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime to explore Israel and their Jewish heritage!


2015 is an exciting year for our Israel Programs department! We are so excited to be sending a record breaking 400+ participants on Israel Programs in 2015 acoss gap year, youth movement Shnat, volunteer, Yesjhivat/Seminaries and study abroad and internship programs.

We are excited for our annual Israel Program Fairs THE SHUK in both Melbourne and Sydney in March (follow us on Facebook 'ZFA Israel Programs' for more information), we will also be revealing some new and exciting programs and opportunities for Australians. 
All 140 Youth Movement Shnatties and 150 Israel By Choice participants have embarked on their gap year in Israel - we can not be more excited for them! We wish them a Nesia Tovah and an amazing, meaningful year in Israel.



We are very happy and excited to announce that Limmud FSU Australia registrations are now open!
Please, like our Facebook page, join our Facebook event, fill in the presenter and/or a participant registration form and visit our website.
We look forward to seeing you on the 8th of March.


We have a fantastic event lined up on the 7th March, celebrate Shabbat KangaRusski style!!


Kangarusski has an official soccer team!

To come and cheer on the team, here are the details: 
Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre - Pit Building 3, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park.
Every Sunday, game times change weekly. To find out the times, see the ladder and results, visit their website 


Hagshama Melbourne


Come and celebrate Purim in Persia with Hagshama Melbourne!!

Hurry and buy tickets now before we run out click here


HeBrew Cafe is on this Monday! Don't miss out beer, coffee and lots of Hebrew. We look forward to seeing you there



Simply Hebrew

We would like to wish all our 2015 students a successful year ahead. 

The Simply Hebrew studies will commence on the 9/2/15 
at "HaBayit" at Beit Weizman.

Anyone interested in signing up for the year please contact Shira at 0432444921 as soon as possible or by email Shira@simplyhebrew.com.au



Living the Dream - An Aussie blogging in the Arava.

Loren Sabel, the previous coordinator of the Australia Arava Partnership, is documenting her time via a blog. Here is an excerpt from her latest entry:

'They say that one should take advantage of every opportunity that comes one's way and this is precisely what I am doing!  I am living in the Central Arava for 6 months.
There are two things in the Arava that have inspired the very deep relationship I have cultivated with this place: the people and the land. I have created strong friendships which continue to develop and have established meaningful bonds with some amazing people from all walks of life.'

To follow Loren's journey, visit her blog.



We are thrilled to welcome Anat Paz, the new shlicha for Hashomer Hatzair, who arrived just in time to jump straight into summer camp! She is busy busy busy already!

Stacy Hayman joined the ZFA at the end of last year as coordinator for the Australia Arava Partnership. Her first job was for the Aliyah Department in Cape Town, South Africa before her and her husband emigrated to Australia. She was very involved in Habonim during her youth. She has a daughter Talia, who is currently in year 10 at Mt Scopus College and Adam who just left on IBC

Stacy’s career highlight was working as part of the launch team of the FlyBuys program. She spent 5 years at Coles as a Business Relationship Manager for FlyBuys working with the key program participants, clients included NAB, Target, Kmart and Best Western Hotels.

Stacy says;- “I am very excited to take on the role of National Coordinator of the Arava Australia Partnership to connect people in Australia with our partner the Central Arava.  Our aim is for Australians visiting Israel to feel that the Arava is their home away from home."


Rinat Kedem Bart, Aliyah Slicha and Head of Mishlachat

Rinat and her family have recently arrived and are looking to furnish their place. If you have any basic furniture or appliances, toys for young kids or anything else that may be relevant, please let us know. 



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