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Expression of Interest: Resources for 2023

Elevo Institute and ThinkPlus are inviting expressions of interest for complimentary teaching resources including a copy of the How to Grow Your Mind Journal, for each student in Year 6 or in Year 7, in the case of ThinkPlus secondary colleges. 

This offer also includes:

  • How to Grow Your Mind Journals (Hardcopy or Digital) for each Year 6 Student (Year 7 for Secondary Schools) and their teachers.

  • A set of four (4) Grow Your Mind : The Game for Year 5 (Year 7 for Secondary Schools).

  • A set of four (4) Find Your Feelings Games annually for Year 4 (Year 7 for Secondary Schools).

If you wish to express interest in this offer for 2023, please complete the EOI Form either online or via printable order form by 4pm Friday 2nd September 2022.

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ThinkPlus Schools also have access to:

  • Free participation in four quality professional learning Webinars per year.

  • Online and in school consultancy including support with implementation and professional learning for teachers new to teaching with ThinkPlus resources.

  • Access to the Interactive Journal App, which includes an easy to use Teacher and Student management system.

  • Access to ThinkPlus Teachers’ Portal includes all lesson plans, teaching resources, professional learning videos and readings.

New ThinkPlus Resources for Term 3

The Science of Learning Teacher Toolkit -

Find Your Feelings Game Teacher Resources -

How to Grow Your Mind Digital Journal and Teacher Portal –

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Term 3 Webinar 

ThinkPlus Schools are warmly invited to attend an Elevo Institute sponsored (no fee) Webinar at 1pm on Thursday 18th August exploring Principle-led Design with Dr James Marshall.

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Interactive Journal App for iPad

The How to Grow Your Mind Interactive Journal by ThinkPlus is an easy and accessible education resource and learning management system that teaches students how to become better, more confident learners, at home and in the classroom.

Designed for use with iPad and other touchscreen devices, The Journal provides an engaging, personalised way for young learners to understand neuroplasticity, mindsets and emotions, and how to better master their thoughts and feelings to develop emotional resilience.

The Interactive Journal complements the Australian Curriculum with a strong focus on Science, Literacy, Personal and Social Capabilities, and Critical and Creative Thinking.

Specific skills and benefits students can expect to gain from the Interactive Journal include:

  • Self-regulated learning with an emphasis on metacognition and motivation.

  • Design Thinking strategies and concepts to encourage and motivate children to think critically and creatively.

  • Emotional Granularity and Mindsets for Learning.

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About us

We’re making a difference to the lives of young Australians.

An initiative of the not-for-profit Elevo Institute, ThinkPlus teaches students not what to think, but how to think and learn, and how to change their thinking to keep up with a changing world.

The ThinkPlus metacurriculum is a teaching and learning toolkit designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing Australian Curriculum, promoting a genuine culture of learning to help students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

If you’d like to find out more about our resources or how to become a ThinkPlus school, visit or contact Celia Franzè at