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Let’s talk about Neuroscience and Lifelong Learning

Term 1 has been an interesting time for educators and schools. Facing more and more challenges, we have had to find creative ways to support our staff and students in constantly changing circumstances. In this newsletter, find out more about how ThinkPlus is supporting schools, students and families through webinars, teaching resources and education design research.

Never before has Lifelong Learning been as crucial to overcoming obstacles. In case you missed this term’s free webinar with Dr Sarah Tillott, we have a link to the recording below.

Read our Term 1 feature professional reading article What is The Science of Learning?

ThinkPlus has developed new teacher resources in Neuroplasticity including free Neural Connections Classroom Posters. They are available for download from

We hope to see you in Term 2 as we look ahead to what’s happening next at ThinkPlus!

Gamification Webinar

On Friday 20th May 2022 at 1pm, join colleagues and Dr Bron Stuckey aka "Princess Warrior" for an interactive webinar focussing on the importance of gamification in educating young minds.

Dr Bronwyn Stuckey (PhD, Med, BA) is a Global Consultant Specialist in Game Play, Gamification, Communities of Practice and Learning Communities.

Read more about Dr Stuckey here

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See Dr Tillott’s keynote about Lifelong Learning Mindsets

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What is ‘The Science of Learning’?

Neuroscience in education has faced some harsh critics in the past. Many commentators accounted that the concept would never amount to measurable improved learning outcomes (Bruer, 1997). Yet, others closer to classroom practice chose to forge ahead with research to explore successful impacts on learning by considering a multidisciplinary approach; Psychology, Education and Neuroscience…

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The Grow Your Mind Game

Empower your students through gameplay as they overcome emotional challenges and discomfort with increased confidence and resilience.

The Grow Your Mind Card Game is ideal for parents, teachers and students Ages 8+.
The versatile game be played by 2 – 8 players, and offers 4 different skill levels.

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We’re making a difference to the lives of young Australians.

An initiative of the not-for-profit Elevo Institute, ThinkPlus teaches students not what to think, but how to think and learn, and how to change their thinking to keep up with a changing world.

The ThinkPlus metacurriculum is a teaching and learning toolkit designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing Australian Curriculum, promoting a genuine culture of learning to help students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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