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CORRECTION: New polling data from June 16-24 UT/Texas Politics Project Poll coming Wednesday morning

Hi All,

[Some days just don't go quite right.  One last try: we'll be publishing the new polling data tomorrow morning, Wednesday, JULY 6, at 6:30 a.m. on the Texas Politics Project Website. I can't apologize enough that this has taken three tries to get right. But I think we're there.  Thanks, James - you know who you are.]

The Texas Politics Project will release the results from the latest University of Texas / Texas Politics Project statewide poll at the Texas Politics Project website Wednesday morning (July 6) at approximately 6:30 a.m CST.  An overview of the poll will be available in the blog section of the site, as well as complete documentation for the 15-minute poll conducted from June 16-24. (Apologies for the repeated email - the previous advisory had typos, h/t to folks who pointed them out.)

Subjects in the poll include: 
  • Multiple items assessing abortion attitudes on the eve of the June 24 announcement of the Dobbs decision.
  • A battery of questions checking in on some of our trend items on gun attitudes, as well as views of the factors causing mass shootings, and some specific policy proposals.
  • A check in on Texas attitudes about the legitimacy of the 2022 election and the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol.
  • Checking in on the Abbott-O’Rourke general election match-up, which seems to be tightening, as well as the Attorney General and Lt. Governor races.
  • Our usual most important problem and general mood items (e.g. right track/wrong track for U.S. and Texas, economic evaluations, etc), which revealed historically low estimations of the direction of the country and the state as well as the economy.
  • Job approval numbers for major political figures, including specific policy area approvals for President Biden and Governor Abbott
The release will include all items included in the poll. As always, we will make available a summary document, extensive crosstab file, and data files, as well as hundreds of free, downloadable graphics of overall and major subgroup results for most questions, all of which can be found at the Texas Politics Project website. Another email with an overview of the results and specific links will go out via the distribution list for our usual mailings at the time the results and accompanying files are published Wednesday morning.

I hope you find the preview below interesting - it show the wrong track number hitting the highest point since we started the polling project. We'll have more details for you tomorrow.


Jim Henson
Executive Director, The Texas Politics Project
College of Liberal Arts / Department of Government
The University of Texas at Austin
The Texas Politics Project
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